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Joined: Nov 18, 2008

Post   Posted: Sep 26, 2017 - 13:03 Reply with quote Back to top

This forum thread is for anything relating to Season 70 of the SWL.


  • Divisional Structure
    1 Premier, 3 Conferences, 1 Regional
  • Season Commencement
    First round will begin on Monday 2nd October with a deadline of 16th October.
  • Axing
    PM to the swladmin FUMBBL account by 10pm Monday SWL (Sydney) time if your game has not yet been played. Check out the Guide for more information or check with someone else in chat. Refer to post below for more details about expectations. This is also the method for advising of parking at the end of a season.
  • General
    Please be aware that we rely on individual coaches to be active in checking this forum, arranging games against opponents (especially if not on east coast of Australia) and in communicating with Admins. The responsibility is on the coach to enquire, not the Admins to inform. Please feel free to ask any questions, anytime.
  • Trial of Blood
    Please be aware that the Trial of Blood is not a chance for teams to grow at the expense of competitive play. Play to win and keep the integrity of the SWL intact. If admins deem that a coach is not abiding by this then the team may have to retrial.

Rules to be brought in for Season 70:

  • No specific new rules are to be brough in for Season 70. However, with FUMBBL staying on the hybrid ruleset for L division, the admin team are looking at options to bring SWL more in line with BB16 rules. These will be announced at a later date, but with plenty of time for coaches/teams to prepare.

Commish's Comments:

  • Admin are keeping an eye on recent changes (particularly promotion/relegation and ToB) and will review/make changes as and when they deem necessary.
  • Admin reserve the right to change the divisional structure and drafting team's TV/TW limit whenever it is deemed to be in the best interests of the league.
  • Have fun, bring the Fluff and get those games played (I love to hear the Axeman cry!)


Joined: Sep 22, 2010

Post   Posted: Sep 26, 2017 - 13:10 Reply with quote Back to top

Read this and follow the protocols set in place. 5 mins effort is all it takes to avoid disappointment.

If you and your opponent are unable to play before the deadline,10pm Mondays, you may request an extension. To request an extension, invite the swladmin FUMBBL account into the PM thread between you and your opponent.

Note: This PM must include a pre-arranged time to play during the extension period between you and your opponent.

For example: Hi Mr Axeman, Bob_Borc and I haven't been able to get our match in, and I'm going to be away this weekend. We have arranged to play on Tuesday at 7.30pm. – MrSwan

Extensions are axed at 10pm Sydney time on the Wednesday after the original deadline. If you have not played before then, you must send another PM. If an additional PM is not received, you will not be awarded any points.

Unless a PM been sent by 10pm on the Monday night a game is due, a forfeit will occur. If neither party has communicated in this manner then -1 point will be awarded for each player. If one player has sent a PM requesting a forfeit, that player will be given the win.

A coach who forfeits two games in any given season without an acceptable reason may have the remainder of his games forfeited automatically for the current season and may be excluded from divisional play in subsequent seasons. The final decision on this will be made by The Commish.

To request a forfeit, send a PM to swladmin. The content should explain why you deserve points for the forfeit.

oryx wrote:
swladmin... now that's one mother#@*$er you don't mess with.


Joined: Aug 28, 2008

Post   Posted: Sep 26, 2017 - 13:45 Reply with quote Back to top

Reserved cause I will do predictions when I feel like it like last season (which apart from Sharper were pretty much bang on really cause I'm awesome).


Joined: Aug 21, 2015

Post   Posted: Sep 26, 2017 - 13:58 Reply with quote Back to top

Post is down, pending investigation.

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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Sep 26, 2017 - 19:47
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SWL Legends Season LXX

The Fun Police go on holiday and we lose 2 active Legends. But here are still plenty of players for us to look up to. Sixteen of them!

How many will step up and join them this season? I'm guessing zero.

Image Viola (Wings of the Condor), 279SPP
Image Damien "Shake it off" Halford (Blackwater Glee Club), 257SPP
Image Huge Axeman (Error 404 afterlife not found), 252SPP
Image Fish Oil Nilsson (Wonga Wonga Whalekillers), 232SPP
Image Dan "Asereje" Rollins (Blackwater Glee Club), 229SPP
Image Iolas (Griffon Gate Sentinels), 218SPP
Image Drew "Dr Jones" De La Rocha (Blackwater Glee Club), 204SPP
Image Roundabout I (Urban Nightmare), 200SPP
Image The Violent Tango (Public Service Announcement), 199SPP
Image Blue Suede Shoes (High Elvis), 188SPP
Image Andrew "Starships" Cornell (Blackwater Glee Club), 188SPP
Image Kai the Kobra (Public Service Announcement), 186SPP
Image Luke Skywalker (Prancing Unicorns, 185SPP
Image Lianna de la Castillas (Mexican Standoff), 180SPP
Image !Mbele Mummyslayer (Wonga Wonga Whalekillers), 178SPP
Image Tunnel I (Urban Nightmare), 178SPP


Team Challenge - Season LXX

Not quite a full draw. VILLAINS and DIBBL miss each other

But the 5 factions (HAND have disappeared) all have healthy numbers, 4+. So a good number of fixtures to decide this one.

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Joined: Oct 18, 2013

Post   Posted: Sep 26, 2017 - 20:16 Reply with quote Back to top


The Fantasy League is back! The SWL Fantasy League is the perfect opportunity to add flair, excitement and passion in following SWL. How does it work? Select 11 players from 11 different teams and watch as they give you their hard-earned SPP. The fantasy team with the most SPP by the end of the season will be awarded the Fantasy Cup (currently held by Mushoomy).



-You have a 1500 budget to buy players. A player's total cost is their positional price plus their skill cost.

-You may spend 1550 on your team if you include a big guy in your roster. A big guy includes Trolls, Ogres, Mummies Etc. This number does not increase if you were to choose more than one big guy.

-Rosters may only have 11 players. You can not go above or below this number

-Only one player from each SWL team. For example, you can not have two players from the SWL Fun Police.

-Maximum of one position type per race. This means you are unable to get 2 Undead ghouls, but you may get 1 Necromantic ghoul and 1 Undead Ghoul. (Yes, that means if you wish, you can field 3 types of Skaven Linemen.)

-Players must not be hired if they have earned spp in Season 70 of SWL. This means any player that has earned spp in season 70 is ineligible for your fantasy team.

-You may not choose a player from your own SWL team. This is to ensure full focus on SWL. This also means if you are not currently an SWL player, you may still participate in the Fantasy League.

-MVP's are not included in SPP Total.


Last Season's Winning Team

Image New Fish (Freezy Trees) - 33spp in 7 games
Image Volos (Styx and Warpstones) - 25spp in 7 games
Image Macaron (High Tea Party) - 14spp in 7 games
Image Grimnir Goldentoe (Karaz-a-Karak Krakens) - 15spp in 7 games
Image Eztletalpalli II (Pink 'n Scabby) - 39spp in 7 games
Image Iron Vlad (Minnesota Tombwolves) - 11spp in 6 games
Image Invisible Ork (Super Orks) - 18spp in 7 games
Image Lascivious Rexford (Wings of the Condor) - 12spp in 6 games
Image Ivsaar (Griffon Gate Sentinels) - 0spp in 1 games DEAD
Image Scchsh (Slumbering Skink) - 0spp in 7 games
Image Arthur II (Egon Schiele All Stars) - 2spp in 6 games
Total:169spp in 68 games


The team that has totalled the most SPP by the end of the season will be crowned the champ of the Fantasy League. League updates will be on the SWL Fantasy League Thread.

Please PM me your fantasy teams ASAP. Deadline is THE END OF ROUND 1 OF SWL. In your PM, please use this format:

Player Name - Cost - Team - Race + Position - Player ID

The longer you wait, the larger chance that your favourite players will have played their round 1 games so get those PM's rolling! Please ensure that your team complies with the rules before sending it to me. I've made my team - who will you choose?

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SO thought i'd utilize my position on the FRONT PAGE to do some really poor predictions of the upcoming season...

Premier LXX

HAVE WE GOT A DOOZEY HERE! 2 Chaos, 2 Lizards, 3 Elves and a Necro team to cap it off. This Premier will certainly have some fireworks!

Other than Pink'n'Scabby I'm 90% sure every one of thes teams have wailed on my poor Hostile Kiddies in the past, and beaten them. anyway onto predictions:

Blackwater Glee Club 2350k with 210k banked
Going to be pretty hard task to topple these guys, 4 built Warriors, Tanya Mustaine AND Dr. Jones, They'll be dishing out a lot of hurt this season.
Prediction 3-1-3

Error 404 Afterlife not found 2130k with 880k banked
It took me about 10 minutes to scroll past their wall of trophies and accolades. 1 Premier win in LXI seems like a long time ago now, however I'm sure they will bounce back. With Huge Axeman leading the charge 404 are always dangerous. the supporting cast is there as well this season, maybe it's the time to hoist a second gold trophy??
Prediction 3-2-2

High Elvis 1840k with 200k banked
I dunno, I look at this roster and I don't feel it. However, piloted by expert coach Mushroomy High Elvis is certainly a contender! will they win it? probably not, but they might topple one of the big bads and ruin someone else's season in the process.
Prediction 2-1-4

Pink 'n' Scabby 2030k with 590k bankd
First time I've seen this team, looks like a solid roster with a few blodgey sarus and a superstar Skink in the backfield. definitely one to watch, my pick for season LXX!
Prediction 5-1-1

Public Service Announcement 2350k with 1.77mil banked
HOW DO YOU BANK 1.77 MILLION IN THE SWL! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! Commissioner needs to look into this! I swear coach Daudy is stealing funds from the league! Looking at the overpaid roster, lead by two pretty formidable beastmen, Violent Tango and Kai Kobra. there is plenty to like here. I have them finishing a close 2nd to P'n'S
Prediction 5-0-2

Slumbering Skink 1840k with 1.43mil banked
Another massive bank account... Although the Skinks have been playing longer than the internet has exhisted. Not the big bad roster of seasons past, however Faulcon has coached worse iterations of this team to the big time before, don't overlook him!
Prediction 2-3-2

Steaked 2260k with 310k banked
This is quite the team, half the roster has more than 30spp and all the players seem to be built with purpose. The most likely of the Elf teams to make a meaningful title run.
Prediction 4-1-2

Wings of the Condor 1770k with 230k banked
Wings I feel is the Elf team that could, out of Conference into the fire that is Premier. Provided they can get up in rnd 1 vs Steaked they could see a few teams off the title this season. I don't see them winning the championship though.
prediction 2-1-4


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Joined: May 25, 2009

Post   Posted: Sep 27, 2017 - 09:12 Reply with quote Back to top

WOOT Suttbutt is back!!!

Also reserved for some predictions...

SWL LXII Predictions Team Predictions

With a new (and supposedly competitive) team coach almic85 is returning to the SWL regionals once more with a renewed lust to dominate the Southern Wastes, crush all before him and take out the premier division with his new and improved brutal team of…errr… Elves??? Wait did someone make a mistake here? I thought I was trying to get something tougher than goblins, skaven and runts. Aahh well at least they have ST3 across the board and AV7. Lets see how well I do with a team that can actually pick u, pass and move the ball.

My season prediction is a top 3 finish (4-1-2) with some high scoring games and a quite a few CAS against.

Round 5 - 50 Shades of Dulux vs Students of Arcanum – 1130k Slann coached by pdarbs
Prediction 3-2 win
Coach pdarbs is a new coach to the SWL with a unique team that I struggle to play against. Given how much I hate playing against leap the main saving grace here is that they are a new team that is smaller than mine and are missing a blitzer for this match. With all that going for me I predict a win.

Round 6 - 50 Shades of Dulux vs RS Industrial – 1310k Skaven coached by suttbutt
Prediction 3-3 draw
He has a +MA, two headed gutter and block accurate thrower. I am guessing this will be a high scoring game and I better learn how to OTT just for this game alone. I have form against the coach with his old bloated Hostile Kiddies, but these guys look a lot leaner and harder to deal with. Should be a fun game with a lot of points and a lot of CAS on both sides.

Round 7 - 50 Shades of Dulux vs Horrors of Skye – 2390k Necromantic Horror coached by JoeKano
Prediction 1-2 loss
The largest team in the reggies this season and a good excuse to work on my inducement game with a new team. All the positionals are well skilled so it begs the question what are these mosters doing in reggies? They will certainly out bash me so I best work out how to outscore them and hope I have a team for the next game.

Round 8 - 50 Shades of Dulux vs Filler 9 (SWL Filler) – TBC coached by TBC
Prediction 3-1 win!!!
More unknown than what is actually in your Big Mac. Less identifiable than what they sell at KFC. It is the mystery filler…. Just what we face no one knows, but being the big loud mouth that I am I am sure that I can beat it harder than a red headed step child.

Round 9 - 50 Shades of Dulux vs Filler 6 – TBC coached by James Fynmore
Prediction 4-2 win
Slightly less known than the mystery filler is what JamesFynmore is actually bringing to the table. If I had paid attention more during the Trial of Blood I might have a better clue about this one, but I didn’t. What I do know is that JF appears to be a decent coach as long as he has a decent team he has a decent chance to win, but I think he has gobbos so I should romp it home.

Round 10 - 50 Shades of Dulux vs Racket – 1350k Underworld Denizens coached by Wozzaa
Prediction 2-1 win
An Underworld team that looks to be going the can opener route. Good for me my elves don’t wear cans so it should be a bit easier for me to take them on. I am expecting a somewhat brutal affair, but we should be able to get across the line against a team made up of mostly goblins.

Round 11 - 50 Shades of Dulux vs Criminal Code 1899 – 1300k Lizardmen coached byexefokker
Prediction 2-3 loss
All 6 saurii with block, an +AG sking and a +MA skink is apretty good starting point for a team given how well the lizards seem to do in the SWL. It must be all that sun down here in the desert because I am sure they are meant to be slower than that. Anyway if this team continues with its growth through the season it could end up as a real contender.

Those lucky few…
For those that have been around a while it is quite common to see a giant reggies division that includes a few byes which means that there are some teams that won’t have the glory of being beaten by yours truly. For the purpose of documenting these lucky few they are listed below:
Death Leopards – Dark Elf coached byArcade
Bribery and Corruption – Goblins coached by Tussock
Filler 5 – TBC coached by clayinfinity
Pharee Markhet – Khemri coached by HandyKaufman

SWL the place to be.

If you're interested join the Fringe

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Post   Posted: Sep 29, 2017 - 12:04 Reply with quote Back to top

There may be a need for a filler team in the Regional division of SWL LXX, if you're an active SWL coach, not stuck in the regions yourself, with a league team suitable to chew on our stack of new squads, message me (PM here, or PM on discord) with a link to the squad and the admins will consider as the need arises.

Please do not over-commit, it takes time to arrange league games as well as play them, but if you're itching for a few more games and have something you'd enjoy fielding, let us know.


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Post   Posted: Sep 30, 2017 - 00:00 Reply with quote Back to top

Confs and Prem are now drawn.

A sign of flings to come...
Templates & BBCode

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Post   Posted: Oct 01, 2017 - 07:26 Reply with quote Back to top

Noises were being made... T'LO of the Revolutionaries was chasing the most glorious Pact Ogre in SWL history in the looming form of Bedlam of C*A*S....

The response, let Bedlam at him and he'd soon put down the pretendor...

The ever benevolent SWL admins have heard and answered! Rd 6 - Season 70! Pact v Pact! Very Happy

NAF Regional TT Tourney Organiser (AUS/ NZ)
TT Bloodbowl in AUS - www.ausbowl.com
Ausbowl on FB
NZ BB Community on FB

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Post   Posted: Oct 01, 2017 - 07:58
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Round 6? will they both live that long?

and where were the benevolent admin for the Zower vs Vileorc foul off?

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Post   Posted: Oct 01, 2017 - 23:43 Reply with quote Back to top

Busy setting up a PSA -v- Glee Club season opener?

They see me Trollin', they hatin'...

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Post   Posted: Oct 02, 2017 - 00:34 Reply with quote Back to top

The Regional is up.

We're still waiting for 4 teams ...
filler4 almic85
filler5 clayinfinity
filler6 jamesfynmore
filler9 swl filler

Please finish up your teams and apply them to SWL within the day.

A sign of flings to come...
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Post   Posted: Oct 03, 2017 - 02:51 Reply with quote Back to top

Thanks to the Commish and SWL admin team and all the other coaches who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the SWL wagon wheels rolling smoothly and add the right amount of depth, flavour and fluff to a most enjoyable and competitive League.

*Hoists a Glass*

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