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FUMBBL Birthday is the 3rd of January.

Article: "Ball Security"

Left Coast US. (UTC -7, as of March 8)

Used to play tabletop many (many!) years ago, found FUMBBL for a while (during LRB 4), left, and am now more recently returned here after some (fewer) years. My games tend to move slower than most - let me know before the game if you're in a hurry!

Can (usually) start games between 2100 - 0600 UTC (1 PM - 10:00 PM Pacific), and sometimes a bit earlier/later depending on my schedule. Also many Saturdays and Sundays will be out, tbd.

    For League Games, I don't usually hang out waiting for a PM saying "I can play now" - I schedule my League games, preferably at least 48 hrs in advance, so there (probably) won't be any interruptions. If you think I'm online, I may be doing paid work on my computer, and/or I may not have time to "play now" - so schedule via PM (then confirm time via the Scheduler), in advance, please.

    When I schedule, I use UTC (aka GMT), or North American Timezones - UTC doesn't change with the seasons, and, sorry, I decline to keep track of what time it is in Lichtenstein and Beijing and Sydney and Sao Paolo and every other location in the world - or even just one proprietary server in Belgium - and whether they are on Daylight Time or not (including Western Europe*). If I know what time it is where I live, and what my current local UTC offset is - and you know that for your location - that's all we need.
    1. (* And, no, Daylight Savings for Western Europe does not change the same as in North America! UTC doesn't change.)

    If you can't do timzone math, use this and/or this timezone map.



    Was solidly a "Veteran" when I returned to FUMBBL at the end of Nov, '12, so... for whatever that's worth.

    I prefer to chat during games about tactics and choices, and hear opponent's observations about what mistakes I'm making, but that's not necessary.

    1. CR Graph

      o Dec '12 - ~1200
      o May 28 '13 - 666 (474 Ranked, 169 Rkd Lizard)
      o July - CR 155+ for the first time (ranking sim to above)
      o Dec '13 - back up ~720, (555 R, Liz 160 R)
      o (early) March '14 - 570 (~444 R, Liz 170 R)
      o (late) March '14 - 443 (332 R, Liz 133 R) (been playing R again)
      o May 31 - CR 159.48, 410 (310 R, Liz 107 R)
      o Aug 14 - CR 153.61, 771 (664 R, Liz 210 R) (string of 9/14 really bad games, inc. 2 pussy concessions.)
      o Sep _1 - CR 158.92, 412 (321 R, Liz 127 R) (Paying closer attention)
      o Sep 17 - CR 160.27, 350 (266 R, Liz 116 R) Lifetime Win % = 50%!
      o Sep 23 - CR 161.65, 272 (203 R (58/17/28) 161.81; Liz 85 R)
      o Nov 17 - CR 151.5, 921(!) (Heinous run of luck, + trying to figure out Slann) o.O
      o March 23, '15 - CR 157.71, 497 (452 Ranked 157.11, Liz 99 R 157.37)

    (Under "Matches", my first return game, Nov 29 '12, is the concession-win of Dark City vs. Caroline's Panthers. Literally a handful in early '11, then not another since Feb '07 for the rest.

    Since my return I had been batting around .500 (or very close), but just lately have been much better - 38 W / 10 T / 24 L in last 72, or 61%.

    Overall, since return ~94 W/ 35 T/ 72 L (not including admin-ruled concessions, friendly coaching (inc. 145 League games), or builder games*) as of 1-3 loss v. coach Freekster (early June '14).

    (* Or ~12 straight losses w/ Stunty - I suck at Stunty, apparently.)

    (W/L record should not reflect 7 thrown league "builder" games (4-1-2), from NBFL league, Feb 20, Mar 13, and April 13, '13.)

    ~Doomsday Warning~
    Don't like foulers who foul for no purpose except to hear the squish. You don't get SPP's for those injures (or for causing crowd-surfs!), so if the game is over (one way or the other), a late foul is just poor sportsmanship and assholio-ism unless we're in a league and it actually means something down the road. So don't just to say you did it.

    1. Strangelove:
      "Yes, but the... whole point of the doomsday machine... is lost... if you keep it a secret! Why didn't you tell the world, eh?"

      "It was to be announced at the Party Congress on Monday. As you know, the Premier loves surprises."

    And taken to the extreme, foul-spamming is just a weak excuse for not coaching. If you want to just roll dice and see who wins, go play craps.

    On the lighter side, there's nothing like a well-planned and organized gang-foul.



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    Here are some rules of thumb:
    o Blodge ~ 60% save over rookie to avoid pow from Block/no Tackle.
    o Either Block or Dodge ~ 25% save.
    o AV 8: 1/3 save to avoid injury over AV7.
    o AV 9: 40% save over AV8, 60% over AV7.
    o MB/DP ~ double damage.
    o Block/Frenzy: at best, re-rolls 89% of all fails vs rookie (from 12 to 15 out of 16 to pow), 94% vs Dodge (from 60 to 85 out of 108), 75% vs Block (from 60 to 80 out of 108), 84% vs Blodge (from 132 to 209 out of 432).

    o Fouling is 1/6 if no armour break, 11/36 if break (30.5%) to result in ejection. Even with DP, ejection odds always beat Cas odds (though with DP it can get close). When considering KO, the threshold for even or better odds of favorable removal (ko/cas vs ejection) is more or less net AV 5, after assists and DP, except against Thick Skull, where it's more or less net AV 5 after assists only, only for DPs. Obviously, player or situational value can make bad prospects seem better. Critically, a big-assist DP foul vs a non-Thick Skull player is likely to be >50% to remove (including KO) and ~25% to Cas, so kick them 'Dancers to your heart's content.

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    thread - "Best" coaches by Race (& Endzone and Tarabaralla)
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    Apes of Wrath


    There are 3 main types of hobgoblins:

    1. Ballcarrier (the most important: Example)
    - Regular skills: Block, Sure Hands, Fend, KO Return
    - Doubles: Dodge, Sidestep
    - Stats: Want all possible +stats

    Some people use bulls as their ballcarriers - and this is fine, although I much prefer a hobgoblin - higher stating AG and less opportunity cost using a hobgoblin compared to one of your 2 key bulls.

    2. Fodder (the most abundant)
    - Regular skills: Dirty Player

    Basic fodder are just dirty players, they do not need any other skill. If they get a second skill I wlll go Kick or on a doubles Sneaky Git.

    3. Utility player
    - Regular skills: Block, Tackle, Wrestle, Kick (in any order)
    - Double skills: Dodge, DT, Leader, Guard (in any order)

    I have not had much sucess with utility players - but certainly if you have no DT on your blockers, having some DT hobgoblins is helpful.

    Long story short: leader is okay, but iffy. I generally go dodge (trying to build a ballcarrier) or DT (for a utility marking player) - generally only go sneaky git on hobgoblins that are already DPs.

    1. The standard DE playbook is really quite simple...screen, swamp the cage with blodgesteppers, hit the ball carrier when he makes a break for it. You might need a 3+ or 4+ dodge in there, but you can usually do it without a 5+.

    1. A solid strategy vs. any elf (and rat) team is to simply remove their players. If they score in the first 5 turns but are down players, then your job is still done.

    1. ...Now: In ALL games, a blodging ball carrier is better than a Dump Off (or even Block/DO) ball carrier.

      But... the ONLY reason to have (a Runner) is for ball carrying; otherwise, you'd just take a linemen. But if the Runner is ball carrying, then the Blitzer is NOT being skilled. Which means it takes between 3 and 5 games to get a blodging ball carrier, instead of 1-2 games.%0

      How to retire your DElf Team #1
      How to retire your DElf Team #2
      Ag 4 is never done (skip to 2nd half)

    forum thread

    1. "Random thing about Rat Ogres -

      By using one, you basically commit to using your blitz with them. If you use it 'right', I also think that you'll be forcing your opponent to use THEIR blitz on him (tailing the center of a cage). For a team with lots of squishies, forcing them to blitz your ST 5 AV 8 Thick Skull can drastically increase the life expectancy of your gutters."

    Movement bug - H2T5 etc. https://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=3675491

    > gamelsetlmatch Posted: Jan 20, 2014 - 09:19

    Chaos Mino->Block->Dodge->JU (Tents normal)
    CD Mino-Claws->Tents->Block
    Chaos Pact Ogre->Block->Tents->Claw
    Chaos Pact Mino->Claw->Tents->Block
    Chaos Pact Troll->Block->Tents->Claw
    Dwarf Roller->Block->Dodge->Sure Feet
    Goblin Troll->Pass->Pro->Dodge
    Goblin B&C->Block->Sure Feet->Sprint
    Halfling Tree->JU->Block->Pass
    Human Ogre-Block->Dodge->SS
    Khemri TG's->Block->Dodge->Tackle
    Lizardman Krox->Block->Dodge->Frenzy
    Norse Snow Troll->Block->JU->Tackle
    Nurgle BoN->Block->Claw->Dodge
    Ogre Team Ogres...you are on your own
    Orc Troll-Block->Dodge->Pro
    Skaven Rat Ogre->Claw->Block->JU
    Slann Krox->Block->Dodge->Tackle
    Undead Mummies->Block->Dodge->Tackle
    Underworld Troll->Block->Pass->Dodge
    Wood Elf Tree->JU->Block->Dodge

    a winning Nurgle team
    Best Nurgle Coaches

    how to beat dwarfs & this thread

    > Garion - re "what team for short-term league?"
    1. Undead, Orc, Zons (as long as there are no dwarves or Chaos Dwarves), Humans, Norse and Wood Elves, Pro Elves.

      I think these are all top draw starter teams and very very good in the short length league

      edit: oh and skaven are awesome too.

    elf on elf
    Ape stars~

    [url=rhttps://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&op=view&id=2088482r]"Conservative play" (old game)

    Best Human Coaches

    re HELfs

    Never quit (C-Pact clears pitch 1st half, Rats clear pitch to tie)

    o https://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=26020&start=0
    o https://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=10304&start=45 (thread starts LRB 4, necro'd p 4)
    o https://fumbbl.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Sections&file=index&req=viewarticle&artid=7&page=8 (LRB 4)
    o https://www.fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=9524 (LRB 4)
    o https://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&p=166065 (LRB 4)

    CD's https://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=26095