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DLA - Press Conference
The newly-formed DLA, or Draft League Atlantic, is going to begin its inaugural season soon. One of the men fortunate enough to be involved in the league, ex-convict, was appointed a GM, or General Manager, position of a franchise. Recently, there was a press conference held after the team completed its draft:

Reporter A: Sir, how did you feel going into the draft with a brand new franchise, and what can you tell us about your strategy?

Ex-convict: Well, with a clean slate and a lot of talented players to pick from, there were many different directions that we could have gone. With four different draft pools, each one having different eligibility in terms of the number of years left for the players, from 1 to 4, we went into the draft with an open mind. Conceivably, teams could go for a 'win-now' strategy, taking experienced players with only a few seasons left, and not looking for young, albeit inexperienced, talent. Conversely, a team could have looked for players with the potential to grow with the franchise over the long-haul. I suppose we won't know what strategy worked best until much later.

Reporter B: With that being said, how did your draft plans unfold as the picks were being made? Did you have to adjust based on the picks made in front of you? Or were you able to mostly stick to your board?

Ex: A little of both, really. There were certain types of players you want to build your team around that weren't likely to be available for very long. And more than once during the draft we saw a 'run' start on a certain position or skill where teams felt the need to pick one or more of those players before they were all gone.

Rep. B: What can you tell us about the players that you did select? Are you happy with how the roster turned out?

Ex: Of course, we think that our roster came together very nicely. But a team on paper may not be as good as the one out on the field; it'll be exciting to see how players like Brandon Taylor (Blitzer: MightyBlow/Guard/Tackle/StandFirm) and Michael Floyd (Catcher: +STR/+AG/Block) perform for us.

Rep. B mutters to himself: Brandon Taylor? Floyd? Weren't they picked by -

Rep. A: What about the interesting coach-GM dynamic for your team? The league assigned you an open spot to a squad that already had a coach in place. Normally, a GM would be hired, and then he would find and select his ideal coach, right?

Ex: I suppose that is true, however I was brought in late during the process of the league formation, and thus gladly took whatever position they could find for me. Still, I think that I lucked out; there isn't another coach out there that I'd rather work with than Bazakastine. The man is a great coach, and I believe that a fast-paced league like this one will be a great fit for him. Together, I know that we will make this team into a powerhouse that always competes for the #1 spot.

Rep. A: Coach Baz? But...

Rep. B: Sir, you know that you are Houston's GM, correct?

Ex: Well, of course. What kind of question is that?

Rep. B: No...you're the GM of the other Houston franchise, the Gamblers.

Ex: ...the who? ...

All: ...

Ex: ...and the coach is?

Rep. A: Uh, Coach DrPoods.

Ex: Son of a....banshee.

Rep. A: Did you really not-

Ex: *Ahem* As I was saying, I think Coach Poods and I can probably sort of work together. The man is some sort of coach, and a fast-paced league like this will be a great challenge for him. Together, I know that we will make this team into a powderpuff that always competes for the #1 pick.

Rep. B: Thats...literally the opposite of what you said earlier.

Ex: Mmm?

Rep. B: Uh...thank you for your time today.
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Posted by spelledaren on 2018-09-20 17:53:27

This is great!
Posted by SpecialOne on 2018-09-21 10:34:01
Not part of the league, but man! Fun stuff!
Posted by DrPoods on 2018-09-25 18:40:06
I really didn't need that.