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NBFL Expansion Mock Draft
Ex-con's NBFL Expansion Mock Draft

Greetings! This year's NBFL expansion draft is a little different than in the past, now having three rounds for all the new, rebuilding, or beat-to-hell teams. There is a LOT of intrigue in the first few picks, as there are some absolute studs at the top of the board. Who will come off early? How many surprise picks will there be? We may not know for sure, but we can certainly guess!

Expan Round 1
1. Valen / San Fran / Orcs
2. Asteflix / Denver / Vamps
3. Amon / Arizona / Nurgle
4. Arc / Philly / High Elf
5. Baz / Houston / Lizards
6. Malkor / New England / Wood Elf

The obvious prize of the draft is an NCBB legend:
(Skilled) Herger [NIB] (ST+, B, ST+, AG+, SS // 91spp)

Nuffle decreed via dice that Orcs would have the first pick, setting up a dilemma: do they take the best player available knowing he wouldn't reach his full potential, do they simply take someone who is a better fit, or do they trade to trade down and acquire an extra pick to help build team depth?

In our opinion, as good a ball carrier (in the orc-thrower mold) as a 6/5/4/8 Block/Surehands/Sidestep monster is, it will be very difficult for the team to compete early on due to having later picks in all three other draft pools. For instance, due to having the 1st pick in Pool 1, Valen's Orcs will pick 6th in both Pools 2 and 3, as well as 14th overall in the Main Draft pool. Compounding that problem is that there will be teams in front of them looking to draft quality Strength players, such as both Baz and Amon (lizards and nurgle, respectively) in the expansion drafts.

Can an orc team compete with a team theoretically built around a stud carrier, two decent blitzers, and a decent BoB? Perhaps not initially, though a wise franchise may look beyond one or even two seasons to see the potential of a massive green wall of flesh, protecting an even larger green mass of muscle.

Still, it is a question that Valen will have to answer here shortly. Will that being said, here is our mock draft if NO TRADE is made for the first overall pick:

1. San Fran, Orcs: (Orc Thrower) Herger [NIB] (ST+, B, ST+, AG+, SS // 91spps)

An NCBB legend tries to carry an NBFL franchise yet again (several past incarnations didn't or couldn't get the job done), though he will be significantly slower than in his gutter days. Still, it will be quite the task to get the ball out of this beast's hands.

2. Denver, Vampires: (Vampire) Brooks "the Stampede" [CLE] (MA+, D, SS, ST+ // 74spps)

Thought about this one for quite a while but a 7/5/4/8 player that's a mere two spps away from being a blodger is probably the best option, even if it'll be an eternity before he gets tackle. Eh, no one's perfect I suppose.

3. Arizona, Nurgle: (Beast of Nurgle) Tim "Palooka" Fugger (B, T, Grab, BT // 75spps)

'Zona has their pick of all the strength players, and could even get a good ball carrier if the option was there. However no Nurgle team should be without a monster of a Big, and this selection is a toss up between two great ones on the board; our preference is Mr Fugger, who has a second double (tackle) and is one mere spp away from (likely) getting guard.

4. Philly, High Elves: (Lineman) Davie "Kroxkiller" Goldberg [PUR] (MB, ST+, ST+, B // 63spps)

While tempting to take an elite thrower here to lead the offense for years, you simply can't pass up a better player, even if it is a lineman. In fact there are TWO St5 linos available, and we elected to think that Davie could be the best strong safety/weakside linebacker in the league once he (presumably) gets tackle as his next skill.

5. Houston, Lizardmen: (Saurus) Devon Still (G, B, SF, T, MB // 84spps)

With all the Strength options left, in addition to some solid blitzer types, coach Baz has a multitude of options in which to choose from. Thus it comes down to his preference on what kind of mold his saurii will be, and you can't ask for a more complete player than Devon.

6. New England, Wood Elf: (Wardancer) Chad Henne (AG+, S.Feet, Sprint // 50spps)

A bit of a surprise, to be sure. However coach Malkor does have the #1 overall pick in the regular draft, so he can afford to bit a little different here. While there are other players he could take, they overlap too much with base-wardancer skills for our tastes. Thus we believe a leaping, Ag5 blodger who can reach a ball from 11 squares away safely could be a good investment (and hes one point away from another skill).

With the cool picks out of the way, let's quickly run through the next two expansion pools:

1. NE, Wood Elf: (Thrower) Alex Tanney (B, S.Arm, Acc, [Double] // 55spps) - the new front office may not even want a thrower on the team, but Tanney would have no shortage of targets and has all the tools to get it there.

2. Hou, Lizard: (Skink) Doug Bloodwin (AG+, B, SH, KOR // 69spps) - while there are good saurus options available, a two-double+one-stat skink is literally impossible to pass up. Houston's ability to compete this season just increased substantially.

3. Philly, High Elf: (Blitzer) Zabron the Merciless (T, MB, G, JU // 67spps) - a few different blitzer options available, but this one has two-doubles and is close to another skill.

4. Ari, Nurgle: (Pestigor) Ran'and Fell (MB, B, T, G // 53spps) - while a bloater or ball carrier is prefered, this hitter-style 'gore is simply better.

5. Den, Vampire: (Vampire) Michael Vick (AV+, B, D, T // 70spps) - a solid player close to another skill.

6. SF, Orcs: (Blitzer) Josie "Witchdwarf" Skull [CHI][PAIN] (T, MB, SF, G, SB // 82spps) - Valen gets a battle-tested blitzer to clear the way for the aforementioned Herger

7. Tennessee, Nurgle: (Pestigor) Mark Clayton (D, B, [Double] // 41spps) - a compensation pick, Tenn has four solid Bloaters already; thus the improvement needs to be either a Beast or a Gore. A Block/Guard Beast would be a slight improvement...but this Pestigor can mutate into any roll that the team wants him to fullfill, so he gets the nod.

8. Oakland, Dark Elves: (Blitzer) Brandon Marshall (MB, T, G, MA+, SH // 83spps) - another compensatory pick, Oakland has several needs but is unable to find a better apothecary on the draft board. Thus it will happily upgrade a blitzer spot, giving their entire corps the ability to guard each other as they cower together in the corner.

And now for round 3:

1. NE, Wood Elf: (Catcher) Brandon LaFail (B, SS, [Skill] // 35spps) - a target for their new thrower

2. Hou, Lizard: (Saurus) Dewz MkKallister (MB, T // 30spps) - one point away from being a solid saurus

3. Philly, High Elf: (Catcher) Thurman Thomas (T, SS, W // 44spps) - a defensive sweeper/sacker

4. Ari, Nurgle: (Pestigor) Allen Robinson (D, B, SH // 50spps) - no Bloater worth taking so a decent ball carrier it is

5. Den, Vampire: (Vampire) Long Legs [KAR] (B, T, SB, Fend // 71spps) - best available Vamp

6. SF, Orcs: (Blitzer) CJ Sprinter (D, G // 24spps) - no BoBs are worthy so a support blitzer gets the call

7. New Orleans, Chaos Renegades: (Marauder) Maxwell "Silver" Hammer (B, G // 24spps) - lots of options but the team needs more guard

8. Baltimore, Dark Elves: (Blitzer) Pepp (MB, D // 21spps) - they need two blitzers, so now they're halfway to fulfilling that goal

9. Oak, Dark Elves: (Witch Elf) Bob Ross (B, MB // 22spps) - a hitter-style witch to complement their sacker-style one on hand

10. Carolina, Undead: (Skeleton) Bryan "Red-Breasted Goose" Heaps [O] (W, D, T // 42spps) - no blitzer or ghoul worth it, and no mummy needed...so take something interesting!

There you have it folks! So many players to chose from, yet so few picks. We'll see how it all unfolds for real in the next week or so!
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