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Game of the Century! (NBFL)
That's right folks! Tonight at 8p eastern / 7p central / 6p mt / 5p pacific / 2:00 bb time, the Game of the Century will take place in the NBFL! The league that seeks to recreate the NFL's pro football in Blood Bowl form blesses us with a regular season finale like no other:

In this corner, we have the 7-6-0 Houston Tie-Rexans, lead by coach Bazakastine and super-skink Doug Bloodwin [SEA], who was literally cut mid-season from a playoff power a few seasons back due to "performance reasons". Needless to say, Mr Bloodwin has resurrected his career after being an expansion pick last year for the Houston franchise, evening being voted as the 'league darling' in the offseason.

Opposing them are the arch-rival Jakesonville Jortles, the 5-7-0 High Elf power-house coached by mrt1212. Armed with studs like Rhys Llyod [MIN] and several odd-ball players (who takes Juggs and Frenzy on a HE thrower?!?), the Jortles have unfinished business after losing the last two Super Bowls!

Not only are both teams undefeated after thirteen weeks of play, and not only will the winner of this game claim the AFC South crown, but they will also secure the #1 seed in the AFC playoff bracket! To top if off, it will force their arch-rival to play through the entire playoff gauntlet, starting in the Wildcard round!

So if you want a ticket to the Game of the Century, you can listen to my live stream on twitch, as I will be providing commentary (along with 1-2 other people) for the epic contest. And if you somehow miss the show, or simply want to relive the glory, I will post a video link so that you can watch and/or listen at your leisure once it is over.

We hope to see you there!

Disclaimer: Houston wins the division and #1 seed if the result is a tie, and in their head-to-head matchups, Baz and mrt have reportedly gone 17-11-16, with Baz holding the slim lead. However, acknowledging a possible tie in a hype-blog isn't very awesome blossom.


Video replay with commentary
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Posted by FRSHMN on 2019-11-27 00:00:46
2019 - Game of the Century...

That makes some boring 80 years to come :(
So you better don't miss out on this one !!!
Posted by Lorebass on 2019-11-27 03:08:34
Don't worry, it was a boring game. Only one elf got splooshed.