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Barboza barter - Season 1 [1/3]
Hard to win against, hard to win

These are my initial thoughts about season 2 in DLE (my 1st season).

Starshade made this team on 1st season of DLE. Someone was ahead of me in reserve-list but couldn't join in league at that point so i was made offer to join instead. I remember 1st seeing this team. I was still new to fumbbl and blood bowl (still am, only 8 months and around 300 games if cyanide is counted on top with my 213 fumbbl games, maybe less than 100 when i got the team) but i remember well that i was amazed how good this team was. Ma10 sprint catcher, str5 lino and st4 block lino.

I saw that i could do wonders with this team.

My personal goal was to do better than Starshade did. His record was 2-2-4 (37,5% winrate). After 14 games my record was 1-7-6 (32,1%). So my personal goal wasn't achieved this season but was close.

I watched every game Starshade played to learn strenghts and weaknesses of the team.

While my 2nd and 3rd blog are going into detail what went wrong and what i did right (in eyes of "GM Kummostern" and "coach Kummo"), i'm gonna summarize season with few words: hectic, dicey, enjoyable and tight.

I lost some games fair and square. Skill level in this league is wide: few rookies, few guys among top 100 fumbbl coaches and rest everything inbetween. Honestly i think i underperformed a bit. I ended last in my 4-player division. If i remember correctly on round 6 we had 1 point difference between 1st and 4th in our division.

Even when i still was new to the game and i wasn't familiar with humans, i think defense is my best quality in this league. No, i did not let least TD's overall.. i lost some bashes and sometimes dice and rain made it easier to opponent to score. And again, some coaches could easily outposition me. I'd still say that defense is my and this teams strength currently. Since i got 7 ties i wouldn't say that my team is easy to win. But because i'm still new and learning, i don't win much either it seems.

I'm setting same goal for next season too. My division is really tight and thus i believe i could have chance to even win it with turning my ties into actual wins (that i could have easily do with few of the games).

The league and community

Heck yeah, you heard it right! I'm gonna stay in this league! See you next season ;)

Usually when i'm into new games i tend to get bored at some point. I think i would have that wayyyy back without DLE.

I love sports manager games and combining exiting fantasyrpgfootball with "sport manager simulation" with DRAFT and PLAYERTRADE! I came to fumbbl just in the right time to experience all this and to really get hooked, not only in fumbbl/bloodbowl, but to this league aswell.

Not just the unique league mechanics but also the community. We see 3-12 specs nearly every game. We don't just sit there silently, we CHAT! We send PM's, not just about scheduling games, not just trades, i've received also messages asking how it's going. Not sure if i'd even say i have made friends but this is very close.. at least some of these i can call "mates".

We had huge migration from "regular league" to "custom league" and had to remake every team. So i joined to league staff (league admin, skill administrator, DLE awards committee) and tried to help as much as i can to make things quicker and easier for everyone :) The amount of "good work"'s and "thank you"'s was.. it was.. A JOY! People really appreciated my work.. i'm not sure but i think that some league staff members don't get thanked enough.. so much work and people are just "meh".. But the same thing happens in work- and hobby-environments a lot.


This was my 1st blog in fumbbl. Next up is match-by-match-analysis of what were my ("coaches"/teams) chances to win and how dice and other factors affected the results. Last blog is going to be about "GM"'s views of teams state, (past) draft-choices, preparation of next seasons and other such things "GM" works around with.

Thanks for reading.

If you play in DLE, see you on the pitch, on "warroom", on spec seat and all around.

All other fumbbl players: greetings when we have meetings :)
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Posted by darkwing2k6 on 2016-11-20 07:30:45
Gratz buddy :)
Posted by bghandras on 2016-11-20 07:53:37
For some reason i am looking forward to part3! :)
Posted by Meanandugl on 2016-11-20 11:56:11
Thanks for sharing, MATE!
Posted by SpecialOne on 2016-11-20 18:40:10
Very nice to hear your view on the format and the rest of us! Will be reading the next 2 intryes also!
Posted by kummo on 2016-11-20 18:44:56
Will take fe days to make 2nd one. Thanks for these comments ^^
Posted by ttorvatn on 2016-11-20 20:55:08
Thanks for sharing, and for the work you have put in to help making DLE the very best thing on FUMBBL :)