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2nd year at fumbbl (and bb overall)
Since i did similar blog last year why not continue the tradition.

What did i do in this year:
- entered to few more leagues (Dle2, suomiliiga at fumbbl and gman/rebbl at bb2)
- played my 1st table top games (2 different tournaments, 10 games total, with positive record 4-3-3, all with skaven)
- few more 1ttd's one of which happened at tabletop (sidestepping gutterrunner)
- although i did not achieve much at leagues this year i did win a cup where all voluntary bottom half teams went on that league (8 bottom coaches out of 16) and i got to finals on following season on same league in same cup (small win is still a win isn't it?)
- finally got to play also goblins and halflings (so currently have played with all current crp races available at fumbbl except simyin if that counts as crp)

I had planned some things to happen to this day like getting 10 games per each race played per division (both ranked/box). This is because of rankings changed few months back and i did not like to see "rookie" on my rankings (it says that you are "rookie" on that race if you have less than 10 games played with that said race).

I did join box run too which made the 10-games-per-race challenge a tad harder to accomplish.

I did not finish this "challenge" i gave to myself.

Then lets look at the plans i had for this year if i accomplished them or not.

These i accomplished or nearly got done:
- "Try out gobbos and halflings" (Yes, only a few games but yes i did try them)
- "Play more secret league games" (Few more yes.. but not as much i would had liked because of 10-g-p-r challenge)
- "Trying to have 730 games before/during 2 year anniversary (hopefully with increased win%, currently at 42-43%)" (694 games at fumbbl, 10 at Tabletop and rest at bb2.. and i did increase win% to 47-48%. Most of which comes from box with 49% and i believe nearly 200 of the 300-ish games i played this year came from box)
- "Hunt some badges" (I have not checked how many of these i have had but at least i got the -2d against blodger and get 2x pows.. a rotter without any stat increase and dodge skill did that with crazy dodgingrolls too)
- "Build some more funny and fluffy teams" (I started a few but haven't gotten time to develop them yet)

These i didn't finish:
- "Developing teams for majors and cups" (box run and the 10-g-p-r took too much time)

For next year i will not give same 365 games in 365 days i did last year and i tried to accomplish last year. Too much pressure to catch up in case i have had some breaks and playing many games in a row i think for me causes me to get zoned out too much.. like even if i try to focus games are so long i will do more mistakes.. so... i'll just play like normal and when i have time and will/focus for it.

But what i will do on the following year is:
- Finish 10-games-per-race-per-division-challenge
- Finish box run with 200 games with squad
- Join following box run too
- Finally develop teams for majors.. maybe the box run teams become good enough.. if not i have potential skaven and dark elf team already which i just haven't had time to play with
- Increase win% above 50%
- Hunt even more badges
- Join even more tt tournaments
- Improve and develop the fun and fluffy teams (themed teams) i have started (like prehensive-tail-chaos and mostly-gobbos-uw)
- If i have time i will pick few races i have bad record and try to increase winrate and ranking with them (like orcs.. 5/11/21 and 28 win%... really? Box lizzies have fine win% but ranked lizzies are 1/1/6 with 19 win% which i can improve on). I might also pick races i have better record with than it seems on rankings currently like 85% with UW on ranked.. just so that page would represent my skill with each race in a bit more realistic way.. just have to pick equal opponents instead of cherrypickings)

Lets see if i will write somewhat similar blog next season too.
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Posted by SpecialOne on 2018-03-30 22:57:51
you have a lot going on. cool!
Posted by kummo on 2018-03-31 00:05:40
I do. Mostly because of DLE made things fresh enough. I might had dropped bb after maybe 3-5 months of playing without it. And some following leagues gave me much more motivation and more appreciation towards game ^^ Thanks :)
Posted by Nightbird on 2018-03-31 18:23:03
Cool, keep it going. I've been at BB since 1987!
It's a great game that's survived purely due to those that love it.
Try some table top now. =P
Posted by MenonaLoco on 2018-04-01 22:05:00
If you need another challenge, try the amateur thing!


Just make a team made up of exclusively linemen (0-16/0-12 type of players) and only ever buy journeymen. And buy all journeymen unless they get a permanent injury and you dont want them like that. It keeps things interesting even after having tried out a lot of stuff and after powergaming, etc. :-)
Posted by dorfeus on 2018-04-02 21:41:09
No Sullahan on enemmän pelejä parissa vuodessa kuin minulla yli kymmenessä.

Jos ei vielä ole liikaa liigaa niin CIBBLssa saa niitä Secret League pelejä ja saat hyvän syyn temaattisen joukkueen kasaamiseen koska sitä edellytetään.