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NBFL Season 19 Pre-Season ARC Power Rankings
Hey there NBFL fans, As season 19 of North America's Premiere Blood Bowl League gets ready to kick-off, I present you with the ARC Pre-Season Rankings. These are based mostly on metrics, with a little subjectivity thrown in for good measure.

So with no more Delay, I present the 1st ever ARC Pre-Season Rankings for the NBFL.

32.) Keg City Barbeque Chiefs: (TW=28th) Rookie Chaos Team will likely find rough going against the NBFL's 3rd toughest schedule. PROJECTED FINISH: 4th in AFC-W.

31.) Da'Kwago Kodiaks: (TW=16th) After going 1/0/13 last season, these Bears have lots to prove. And the 2nd toughest schedule in the league to prove it against. PROJECTED FINISH: 4th in NFC-N

30.) Jacksonville Jagas: (TW=25th) With a newcomer of a coach, the Jagas are on a "Show Me First" Ranking. Coach Asteflix has started his DLE career at 2/2/5 and I believe the competition on this side of the pond might be a little more stiff. PROJECTED FINISH:4th in AFC-S.

29.) New England Cheatriots: (TW=32nd) GOBLINS?!? In the NBFL??? What is coach Valen thinking? PROJECTED FINISH: 4th in AFC-E

28.) Miami Dauphins: (TW=28th) Strewth! This team is Way out to Billy-O. DrPoods is gonna be Mad as a cut snake at this. But if you take a squizz at this team you'll see that they are up the creek and just a bunch of ankle biting elves. PROJECTED FINISH: 3rd in AFC-E

27.) Lincoln Financiers: (TW=31st) Only the Goblins have a weaker roster in the entire league. Could be a rough season for the Philly Franchise. PROJECTED FINISH: 4th in NFC-E

26.) Baltimore Stompers: (TW=19th) Playing in the AFC-N can be rough, I know this first hand. Going 2/0/12 last season, and losing almost 150 SPP to deaths last season, doesn't exactly give me high hopes for this one either. Neither does playing the toughest schedule in the League.PROJECTED FINISH: 4th in AFC-N

25.) San Foulcisco 69ers: (TW=22nd) Last season the Niners regressed to just 4 wins after having more than that the previous season. Don't see lots of improvement here for this season either. PROJECTED FINISH: 4th in NFC-W

24.) Carolina Panzers: (TW=28th) In my short experience with this long lasting league, I've not seen much success from the short, bearded ones. I think the lack of speed and lack of balling ability makes life difficult for them in this league. As such the Panzers go here. PROJECTED FINISH: 4th in NFC-S

23.) Houstovania Wolfens: (TW=10th) This is where is starts to get tough for me. I wanted to put the Wolfens higher... But this is the Big Leagues and they've not proved anything yet, like going 3/4/5 in the division in 2 seasons there. PROJECTED FINISH: 3rd in AFC-S

22.) Weaklington Frailskins: (TW=11th) Again an example of "Prove to me what you've got". Weaklington has gone 21/12/28 in the games played in their 4+ seasons. The team seems stronger, and played pretty well last season. Can they build upon that? PROJECTED FINISH: 3rd in NFC-E

21.) Arizona Kill 'Em All: (TW=27th) This team will have No Remorse, as they Jump In The Fire to Seek and Destroy all opponents. Sadly for them, most of their games will probably feel like they are getting Whiplash and finding wins will be like Pulling Teeth. PROJECTED FINISH: 3rd in NFC-W

20.) New York Deviants: (TW=21st) Those are some nice Witches, Especially Ndamukong Suh. But AV7 in this league... They may not be around long. And this team does not have much beyond that. PROJECTED FINISH: 2nd in NFC-E.

19.) Detroilet Sewer Lions: (TW=17th) This could be a rough season for these Lions facing the league's 7th toughest schedule. And facing around a dozen players with Claws, kinda makes all that high armor obsolete. PROJECTED FINISH: 3rd in NFC-N

18.) Seattle Werehawks: (TW=4th) These 'Hawks will remove opposing players from the pitch. But I do not believe that they have enough skilled players to play the ball game. PROJECTED FINISH: 2nd in NFC-W

17.) New Oldheim Saints: (TW=23rd) This team is too light in the skills category to really compete. Not enough Balling skills to score alot and not enough removal skills to do lots of damage. Fouling seems to be their niche with 4 Dirty Players on the 15 man roster. PROJECTED FINISH: 3rd in NFC-S

15-T.) Indianapolis Crypts: (TW=26th) Since Season 15 the AFC-S crown has bounced back and forth between Indy and Tennessee. This is an odd # Season plus the Titanz appear to have the better team, so the Crypts fall here. PROJECTED FINISH: 2nd in AFC-S

15-T.) Oakland Elf Raiders: (TW=11th) Last season was the first since season 12 that Oakland did not make the postseason. That becomes a trend as it will happen again this season. PROJECTED FINISH: 3rd in AFC-W

14.) Tennessee Titanz: (TW=3rd) Adding KGB to an already strong roster puts the Titanz over the top and into the post-season with an AFC-S division crown. PROJECTED FINISH: 4th in AFC

13.) Atlatl 'n' Falchions: (TW=2nd) Great Roster, combined with playing in the weaker NFC puts these Reptiles in the post-season again. PROJECTED FINISH: 6th in NFC.

12.) Lost Angels of the NBFL: (TW=18th) Coach BillBrasky (8th) looks for his Lost Angels to repeat as NFC-W Champs. I believe they will. PROJECTED FINISH: 4th in NFC

11.) Cincinnati Bludgeoners: (TW=5th) Sutherlands (9th) and his Nurgz have been a staple in the NBFL post season. Since joining in season 12, they've only missed the post-season once (Season 13). That will change this season as they will narrowly miss out. PROJECTED FINISH: 3rd in AFC-N

10.) New York Wrecks: (TW=19th) The Wrecks look for their second division title, in just their second season. I think they fall short, but still see the post season. PROJECTED FINISH: 5th in AFC

9.) San Dogo Chompers: (TW=24th) While the roster doesn't appear to be the strongest, Kryten (2nd) can never be counted out. PROJECTED FINISH: 6th in AFC

8.) Blitzburgh Seers: (TW=13th) This is a hard pill to swallow... Bazakastine (3rd) and his Rats have, in 2 seasons, lost in the Super Bowl and lost in the AFC Championship. Now I'm gonna tell you they are gonna miss the post season??? My metrics tell me that there is a better team, with an almost as good coach that will take the division, and that SD and NY will edge them out for WC because they play easier schedules.... PROJECTED FINISH: 2nd in AFC-N

7.) Tampa Bay Smokeaneers: (TW=7th) Reading the smoke signals, I see Tampa Bay repeating as division champs. PROJECTED FINISH: 3rd in NFC

6.) Minnesota High Kings: (TW=9th) Coach Stimme(4th) is a great coach with a great team... They just happen to play in the same division as Green Ball. Again no division title for the High Kings, but they should get back to the post-season. PROJECTED FINISH: 5th in NFC

5.) Ball Fellow Thrills: (TW=6th) Coach Morehouse(6th) enters the NBFL for his first season. Looks like he has had lots of success in Ranked... will that equate to wins in the NBFL?? Well he is getting the League's easiest schedule to get his feet wet. This should be enough to reach the post-season at the least. PROJECTED FINISH: 3rd in AFC

4.) Green Ball Attackers: (TW=14th) Since joining the NBFL in Season 9 Happygrue(1st) and his Frogs have appeared in 5 SuperBowls, going 4-1. Last season was only the 2nd time they have missed the post-season. I don't expect a drought to start here. PROJECTED FINISH: 2nd in NFC

3.) Denvork Bronkorks: (TW=8th) Defending Champion Denvork and their coach, JackassRampant (7th) look to defend their title. Last season they had to come from the Wild Card slot to claim the title. This season they should take the division and a bye. PROJECTED FINISH: 2nd in AFC

2.) Kljufaland Brunns: (TW=1st) Returning to the ranks of the NBFL coach Relezite (5th) knows what it takes to win. Reskinning his Arni gives him the heaviest TW in the league. In his last NBFL season, they were 9/4/1. Will he have some rust to shake off? We shall see. PROJECTED FINISH 1st in AFC

1.) Malice Cow-Boys: (TW=15th) Last season's Runner-up coached by OTS (10th) takes the Top spot. Mainly because they play the next to easiest schedule in the league much easier than the schedules of the other TOP 5 teams. Point to Ponder... If Philhala had never set sail and left the NBFL, would Malice have climbed to the top? PROJECTED FINISH: 1st in NFC
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Posted by DrPoods on 2017-08-28 06:11:31
Miami too high.
Posted by Arktoris on 2017-08-28 06:19:59
I like this format much better. Concise and to the point. And doesn't take you the entire season to get through all the teams.

Very nicely done, Arcayn.
Posted by Mr_Foulscumm on 2017-08-28 12:01:27
New Oldheim doesn't skilled enough to compete?! The exact same roster (without the brand new catcher) went 7/1/5 last season and only missed out on a play off spot because of one missed game right at the end of the season (a game that they would have won vs the worst team of the season).

Ridiculous power-rating! >:(
Posted by JackassRampant on 2017-08-28 15:30:52
17th isn't bad. Not in this league.
Posted by Antithesisoftime on 2017-08-28 21:16:38
Finished 2nd in my division last season by half a game. Only ranked 22nd.

No respect
Posted by ryanfitz on 2017-08-28 22:01:20
Top notch stuff buddy, great read
Posted by JackassRampant on 2017-08-29 15:20:17
When's the top half coming out?
Posted by Valen on 2017-08-29 15:54:20
29th??????? With goblins, ridiculous lol
Posted by Mr_Foulscumm on 2017-08-29 17:02:31
I hope to see Valens gobbos in the Superbowl!
Posted by JackassRampant on 2017-08-30 15:54:14
Bye round, huh? At least half the rosters I face will feature one or more Claws.