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ARC Power Rankings- NBFL Season 20, Week 3
The NBFL is in full swing. Now in Week 4 I decided to put out some Power Rankings through week 3. So any games that were played in Week 4 already, were not considered in these rankings.

A Poll was sent out to many. Seven coaches and One Fan sent in Top 10. So those Top 10s were totalled and any receiving votes are considered the Top half of the league and those that weren't on any lists were compiled by me to make up the bottom half of the list. From the commentary you might see that I don't necessarily agree with these rankings myself, but it is what the polls decided.

So without further ado... Here are the Power Rankings through week 3:

32.) New Engerland Cheatriots: Gobbos in the NBFL? This still baffles me.

31.) Los Angeles Scrams: New Coach, New Skaven Team in a Super Bashy Conference.... 0-3 so far

30.) Buffalo Psycho Billies: New Coach, New Necro Team... 0-3 so far

29.) Atlanta Falchions: New Coach, New Lizard Team... Only non-loss is due to a forfeit tie.

28.) Pittsburgh Squeakers: This team has been sold. The team will no longer be rats, but will be Woodies, with a new coach. But based on the first 3 weeks as Rats, they only didn't lose 1 game they played (a draw) and were on the other side of the forfeit tie.

27.) Keg City Barbeque Chiefs: 0-3 to start the season. Only won 1 match last season. But the team is developing!

26.) Chicagovania Provocatuers: Also 0-3 to start. But this is Relezite. And I expect very soon these new Vamps will start to get it together and will be climbing these rankings.

25.) Khleveland Krowns: Like Relezite, I imagine the 'Fro will get this team going in the right direction, but for now they are just new Khemri.

24.) Miasma Dolphlegms: New Nurgz can be tough. 0-2-1 is probably about right. But it gets you ranked mid 20s.

23.) Oakland Elf Raiders: Only win was versus underwhelming opponent otherwise the Raiders have not looked very impressive.

22.) Weaklington Frailskins: Only victory is over the before mentioned Elf Raiders. Otherwise not a lot of success thus far.

21.) Jacksonvville Jag√Ęs: 3 Ties in 3 games. 2 were versus Top teams. The other versus a new team. That's a headscratcher.

20.) Indianapolis Bolts: New team with a Win over the Vamps and a draw with a more developed CD team. Better than I would have expected!

19.) Nawlins Lost Saints: Relocated Pact Team is undefeated through 3 games, But the tie with the new Skaven team brings their ranking down a bit.

18.) San Foulcisco 69'ers: Undefeated at 1/2/0 as well, but the competition hasn't exactly been stiff.


17.) Ivalice Plowboys(1) The win over Denvork was a surprise. But the others results not nearly as impressive.

15T.) Detroilet Sewer Lions(2): The Sewer Lions have 2 wins and a close loss to MIN. Not too shabby.

15T.) Baltimore Mavens(2): BIG Win over Division stalwart CIN earned this team a couple votes.

13T.) Tennesse Titanz(6): As the author of these rankings, this one makes me scratch my head. But the poll places them here, so here they are.

13T.) NY Deviants(6): The loss to Philly really seems to have hurt this team in the polls.

12.) Cincinatti Bludgeoners(7): The loss the Baltimore seems to have the pollsters doubting these Nurgz.

11.) Minnesota High Kings(12): Tying the Champs and having no losses the High Kings land just outside the top 10.

10.) San Dogo Chompers(16): Two victories and a loss, all to Elves....

9.) Seattle Werehawks(28): Two wins and a tie versus Goblins and 2 new teams. Doesn't sound impressive, but enough to convince pollsters to put them at 9.

8.) Tampa Bowl Smokeaneers(30): The draw with the Bludgeoners must have impressed the voters, because the victories over the new teams... not that impressive.

7.) Denvork Bronkorks(31): After the loss to Ivalice, the Bronkorks still manage to get the votes.

6.) Carolina Panzers(37): Beat the same teams as TB did, but the Panzers draw came against Nawlins... And they are ranked above TB?

5.) PhilaWAAAGHphia Iggles(38): The HUGE victory over divisional favorite NY has obviously given the Iggles a huge boost in the polls.

4.) Warpston Oilers(42): The defending AFC Champs relocated and haven't been exactly hot out of the blocks, but still have the confidence of the voters.

3.) Arizona Kill 'Em All(49): 3/0/0... albeit vs 3 new teams. But perfect is perfect regardless of the competition.

2.) New York Wrecks(65[2]): Receiving 2 first place votes in the polls, and having a perfect record through 3 weeks. Wrecks are living up to their name.

1.) Green Ball Attackers (73[6]): To be the Champs you gotta beat the champs. Grue gonna Grue. And all that Jazz.
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Posted by MenonaLoco on 2018-02-27 05:47:02
OMG, thanks for the votes, my goats will train double in order to try to justify this high ranking... :-o
Posted by robocoyote on 2018-02-27 07:30:36
Wrecks and Arizona tried to kill each other in week 4 a true 2 vs 3 game
Posted by Jeffro on 2018-02-27 15:13:17
Polls are for strippers... so sayeth downtown Khleveland. The river will be a glorious desert when it stops burning.