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 Team Coach Rating Race Score  
1. Roster [L] Admin Fullahesses(5d)DustBunny330k/330kSnotling99 
2. Roster [L] Admin Fullahs(5d)DustBunny330k/330kSnotling99 
3. Roster [L] Admin Fillahs(5d)DustBunny330k/330kSnotling99 
4. P [L] Prancing Pegasus(123d)Keothi1600k/1670kForest Goblin95 
5. Roster [L] Don't Hate the Weapons(445d)Oldmate78861050k/1050kGoblin Cheaters94 
6. Roster [L] CoM - Loan Squigs SW Outfit(299d)Pjj1800k/1800kSquig Herders94 
7. Roster [L] Hostile Kiddies Revenge(196d)suttbutt980k/980kStrigoyan93 
8. P [L] Creepy Little Pink Banjos(12h)Sharper1160k/1190kForest Goblin93 
9. P [L] Atomika Hoppa(6h)Karnov1150k/1150kSquig Herders91 
10. P [L] Knee-High Elvis(9h)mushoomy910k/1130kPro Halflings91 
11. P [L] Ituri Warband(12h)Sharper1480k/1520kPygmy1 
12. P [L] Urban Decay-dence(2d)Wex1660k/1660kNurglings1 
13. Retired [L] Soil Not Fair Maiden's Hands(10h)bigbullies1420k/1420kPygmy1 
14. P [L] Overcooked(6h)jevouse1760k/1810kHorrors of Tzeentch1 
15. Roster [L] Bakery and Cheesecakes(5d)tussock1670k/1670kForest Goblin1 
16. P [L] New World BBQ and Brew Crew(340d)m0gw411500k/1550kStrigoyan1 
17. P [L] Cheesy Fleas(48m)ramchop1520k/1580kChaos Halfling1 
18. P [L] Madness Molehill Misery(5d)DustBunny1740k/1780kNurglings1