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[Waterbowl 8] Ach Nein! B - 1st meet
[Waterbowl 8] Ach Nein! A - 1st meet
[Waterbowl 8] Pech! - 1st meet
[Waterbowl 8] Funkyzeit - 1st meet

[Waterbowl 8] Das Friendlies (Ach Nein!)
Max. THREE games per team!

(Show all rounds)
[A] Gorillas N the Fist                           
[B] Badland Cravens                        
[C] Las Pilis                           
[D] Pharonic Symphony                       
[E] Flying Peacocks                           
[F] [L] Warpstone Chewers                       
[G] [WB] tourney filler 1                     
[H] [WB] tourney filler 2                     
[I] Derby Bounty Jams                            
[J] Deadwood Raiders                         
[K] Skull Mountain Rams                           
[L] [WB] Chaos Wastes Crusaders                         
[M] Skillex El Cerrito                           
[N] Da Coppa Headz                           
[O] Dead but not buried  
[P] [WB] Witchking Reruns  

Tournament Members

1. Roster [L] [WB] tourney filler 2b4nshee220kOgre32105238713 
2. Roster [L] [WB] tourney filler 1b4nshee220kOgre300305-556-13 
3. Roster [L] Badland Cravens deeferdan1050kChaos Renegades220040434-12 
4. Roster [L] [L] Warpstone ChewersRakkzul1080kSkaven21104225502 
5. Roster [L] Pharonic SymphonyLittleleadperson1110kKhemri Tomb Kings200204-43302 
6. Roster [L] Deadwood Raidersfrogboy910kChaos Chosen11001012111 
7. Roster [L] [WB] Chaos Wastes Crusaderssmed19861080kChaos Chosen100101-12201 
8. Roster [L] Da Coppa Headzcampmark990kOrc00000000000 
9. Roster [L] Derby Bounty Jams longstride810kHalfling00000000000 
10. Roster [L] Flying PeacocksSkraggDAVE1000kHigh Elf00000000000 
11. Roster [L] Gorillas N the FistLeipziger_Waterbowl990kSimyin00000000000 
12. Roster [L] Las Pilissalinas551000kAmazon00000000000 
13. Roster [L] Skillex El CerritoBrionnebiletappers990kHigh Elf00000000000 
14. Roster [L] Skull Mountain Ramsfischer980kChaos Dwarf00000000000 

[Waterbowl 8] Das Friendlies (Pech!)
Max. TWO games per team!

(Show all rounds)
[A] North Bay Buccaneers           
[B] Long Island Longshots           
[C] Ardly 'itin a t'ing         
[D] [WB] Sachsenhausen Shamblers           
[E] [WB] A show about nothing         
[F] [WB] tourney filler 4       
[G] [WB] Nuln Cadets  

Tournament Members

1. Roster [L] [WB] tourney filler 4b4nshee220kOgre22004134402 
2. P [L] [WB] A show about nothingbigf1310kNurgle100102-22111 
3. P [L] Ardly 'itin a t'ingWidram1370kGoblin100112-123-11 
4. Roster [L] Long Island LongshotsSpitzberg1260kUnderworld Denizens00000000000 
5. Roster [L] North Bay BuccaneersMozza11450kElven Union00000000000 
6. P [L] [WB] Sachsenhausen Shamblerslauth811270kShambling Undead00000000000 

[Waterbowl 8] Das Friendlies (Funkyzeit)
Only ONE game per team!

(Show all rounds)
[A] Resurrection Roosters           
[B] [WB] tourney filler 5         
[C] [WB] tourney filler 6         
[D] Lancashire Wolverines           
[E] Cool An' Green An' Shady II           
[F] Uzkulak Raiders           
[G] Winters Tears  
[H] Karond Kar Panthers  

Tournament Members

1. Roster [L] [WB] tourney filler 6b4nshee220kOgre11003121101 
2. Roster [L] [WB] tourney filler 5b4nshee220kOgre100113-21101 
3. P [L] Cool An' Green An' Shady IIDalfort1670kOrc00000000000 
4. Roster [L] Lancashire WolverinesValen1630kShambling Undead00000000000 
5. P [L] Resurrection Roosterssquidalot2190kHuman00000000000 
6. Roster [L] Uzkulak Raidersneubau1520kChaos Dwarf00000000000