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Chaos Dwarf
Chaos Dwarf
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  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
Ulthuan Invitational is accepting applications.
Choose your side, Light or Dark.
  Django Style Human 0 20/14/23 1930k    
  Dwarfish Paradies Dwarf 0 19/8/7 2210k    
  For Those About To Rot Nurgle 40k 23/7/15 1810k    
  Graveslaves' Cruelty Necromantic Horror 50k 16/8/21 1830k    
  Nagerlfar's Crusade Pt. 2 Skaven 70k 24/14/15 2010k    
  Scholars of Utter Darkness Dark Elf 90k 12/3/9 1770k ±760  
  Symbiosis of Nature Wood Elf 100k 8/1/3 1970k ±370  
  Weird 'n' Twisted Chaos Dwarf 30k 16/6/15 2060k    
Stunty Leeg
  Bombenhagel Gnome 0 12/3/8 2090k    
  Boogie Jumps Squig Herders 60k 18/4/6 1570k    
  Dear Fluff! Skryre Slaves 160k 13/8/6 1720k    
  Face-Contraception Horrors of Tzeentch 70k 12/3/11 1350k    
  I can feel ...! Chaos Halfling 30k 12/4/2 1620k    
  I can feel more ...! Chaos Halfling 140k 6/1/3 1420k    
  Ngnobo Ngnobo Gnoblar 40k 6/1/4 1700k    
  Operation Fleshpoint Nurglings 160k 4/0/2 1400k    
  Slimy Itchy Thingy Nurglings 60k 13/4/4 2020k    
  Spurn 'em, while they're down! Goblin Cheaters 30k 19/6/5 1490k    
  To Conquer the World Strigoyan 95k 11/3/8 1740k    
  Tribe of Madness Pygmy 20k 6/0/3 1710k    
  Under ConTroll Snotling 50k 11/5/5 1800k    
  Aarvik Nagerlfar Skaven 115k 10/1/1 1550k    
  Darling I'm fabulous! Amazon 130k 3/0/0 1110k    
  Descendants Of Dannoura Human 30k 6/2/2 1440k    
  Fight for Kisses Chaos Dwarf 60k 5/3/1 1620k    
  Graveslaves Necromantic Horror 260k 5/1/0 1430k    
  Graveslaves' [L] Cruelty Necromantic Horror 710k 11/6/4 1670k    
  R.o.C.K. 'n' Rot Nurgle 420k 17/3/3 1840k    
Scheduled against RivFader's Sour Sea Shoggoths (Seen 1y ago).
  [DFFL] Nagerlfar's Alliance Underworld Denizens 540k 17/6/14 1620k    
  Dwarven Paradise Dwarf 820k 50/20/41 1630k    
  For Those A[B]out To Rot Nurgle 1210k 42/21/27 2130k    
  Graveslaves' [B] Cruelty Necromantic Horror 690k 40/13/25 2100k    
  Just to destroy you! Chaos Chosen 740k 50/28/39 1490k    
  Nagerlfar's [B] Alliance Underworld Denizens 870k 30/6/33 1670k    
  Nagerlfar's [B] Crusade Skaven 430k 15/10/18 1310k    
  [B] 21st Century Norse Norse 20k 30/14/24 1680k    
  [B] Fight for Kisses Chaos Dwarf 2980k 106/41/61 1410k    
  [B] Grüne Häute Meute Orc 990k 14/11/11 1610k    
  [B] Hearthstone Legends Chaos Renegades 850k 11/6/7 1470k    
  [B] Scholars of Utter Darkness Dark Elf 110k 18/10/11 1590k    
Transfer division 2
  1. FC Kick-Euch-Amun Khemri 170k 9/5/8 2060k    
  Kick 'em, while they're down! Goblin Cheaters 0 2/0/4 1140k    
  This will destroy you! Chaos 30k 3/5/5 1770k    
Scheduled against Morrana's AJ Angels (Seen 1y ago).
  [DBL] 21st Century Norse Norse 0 19/8/18 2100k    
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