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Q: What version of the rules does FUMBBL use
The current ruleset used by FUMBBL is BB2020 (aka Second Season). Most games are played using this ruleset, however BB2016 leagues are still active and supported too.

Q: Where can I download the rules for the game?
A: A copy of the rulebook can be purchased from https://www.games-workshop.com.

Q: Where do you download the game client?
A: All you need to download and install is Java. When you join a game as either a player or a spectator the program will download automatically and/or update to the latest version.

Q: How do I create a team?
A: Click here for instructions on team creation.

Q: When playing/spectating a game how can I change the window size.
A: Please use this guide to changing FFB window size

Q: What do the circled letters in front of my team name mean?
A: ready/roster, retired, post-match sequence, skills pending, (A) admin approval required, new team

Q: What about the circled letters in front of match report lists?
A: Details, and match has a coach written report

Q: Are there any other circled letters? What do they mean?
A: - Blocked. This is displayed to commissioners to let them know a particular game isn't blocked by a preceding game and can be played. That B is a button by which the commissioner can forfeit the game. BE CAREFUL, because once a game in a tournament is forfeited, that action can't be undone.
- Waiting. These two teams have not yet met in the current Open Round Robin tournament. This is only displayed to a commissioner, and selecting it allows the game to be forfeited. Again, be careful, because a forfeit can not be undone.

Q: I can't chat in game, how do I fix this?
A: This can happen if you're running on a smaller screen or with settings that prevent the whole game window fitting on your screen. Use this guide for adjusting window size for smaller screens. If that doesn't fix your issue, please try the solution here, the instructions for fixing this problem are half way down the page.

Q: My game got disconnected, how do I resume play?
A: Click the Resume button next to your team on your home page and the game will automatically re-load.

Q: My opponent dropped from the game and hasn't returned, what do I do?
A: Click here to find out what to do.

Q: How can I contact other coaches?
A: FUMBBL has an internal mailing system to send private messages to fellow coaches. Alternatively, joining the Discord allows direct conversations with other coaches online.

Q: How does the Random Number Generator (RNG) work and are the dice rolls really random?
A: In short yes, but click here to read how the RNG truly works and find out how it is actually more reliable and random than real dice!

Q: I have found a Bug, how do I report it?
A: Click here to report bugs. Make sure you check to see if there is already a bug report for this before you create a duplicate. Also make sure you pick the correct section in the drop down menu at the top of your report when you report the bug. FUMBBL is for site related bugs and Fantasy Football is for bugs in the game/with the client.

Q: What size are the player-images in the client? And team logos?
A: Player images should be 95*147 pixels. They can be gif, jpg or png and must be less than 30kb in filesize. Team logos shouln't exceed 390*450 pixels (the size of your half ot the pitch), and are limited to 100 kb. Tip, use the save for web feature if you are using photoshop to reduce the filesize.

Q: When using Linux with the Gnome Desktop, a white bar appears at the bottom of the screen, prohibiting the use of the chat.
A: This is a known issue with Gnome and the Java JDesktopPane (Internal Frames) in that Gnome renders a toolbar inside the application. One workaround is to use a different Desktop (e.g. KDE) or Windowmanager. Another way to set up a config-file to disable that part of gnome for Javaw can be found here which references this blog post (Jan 2022).

Last update: December 4, 2022