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Creating teams

Click HOME from the main navigation menu at the top of the page, this takes you to your homepage. Click 'Create a new team'.

At this point you will be asked to select a division for your team to play in, this is your first real decision to make. It's a good idea to read the introduction to divisions for a better understanding.

  • I'm completely new to blood bowl and/or FUMBBL: It's recommended that you start with the, 145 club. To make a team for the 145 club select 'league' and then 145 club and proceed to the next step below (selecting a race).
  • I've played a bit but I'm not that confident or I haven't played for a while or used the latest rules: You might want to ease yourself back into the game or build confidence in the 145 club, or you could jump into the Competitive division. If in doubt probably best to try the 145 club.
  • I just want to play a game now, take me to the field! The quickest way to get straight into the action is to make a team in the Competitive division or C for short and find a game using the Gamefinder.
  • There is a league that I want to play in or I want to make a league and play with my friends: This is a more advanced option. If you know the league and the sign up page then create your team there. Later in the user guide there is a page explaining how to discover existing leagues. If you want more information about creating your own league then read here

Once you have decided which division to make your team in you will be prompted to select one of the races in the game...

If you are completely new to blood bowl and have no idea which race to choose read the advice on which race to start with.

If you're not bothered about the details and just want a really solid team to start with, pick Orcs and crack on.

You can read more about the races available on FUMBBL - along with recommendations for starting rosters (how many and which type of player to buy)- on the team rosters and advice page.

Once you have chosen, brief team summary will be shown with a 'Create team' button.

... and enter a team name.

You must follow the rules regarding team and player names

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Last update: October 30, 2022