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 Issue 11- November 14th 2510

Throwing Team mates is Fun!
News & Views
Angry Man's Corner
by Purplegoo
One man's rant at the World. This issue; LRB6 - Don't Believe the Hype.
Museings of a GoldFish
by Macavity
Macavity considers Life, the Universe, and Everything (FUMBBL)
What does your team choice tell about you?
by SneakyFox
A study of the psychology of certain team coaches
Admin Corner
by Christer
Our benevolant dictator reveals the future of the site
HTML Basics
by James_Probert
A Beginners guide to HTML and it's uses on FUMBBL
Dear Prinzka
by Calthor
Everyone's least favourite agony aunt is back again
Coaches Couch
by Purplechest
5 Coaches, 1 Couch, 1 Topic. You know how this goes
Group/Tournament Reports
Major Tournament Statistics
by MadTias
A summary of the Lustrian Challenge, and the statistics from the Major Tournaments to date
GLN info
How to contribute
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