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Knights of Albion


These teams were first mentioned in the 1st Edition expansion, Deadzone. They were called Albion Wanderers and were made up of a mixture of knights and peasants. In fact, they were a precursor to the Bretonnian Teams.

At the time, the team was made up of 5 knights and 10 peasants. The knights always played in their full plate armour. The rules said that this reduced there MA and that they can only take ST upgrades.

The peasants are generally better bloodbowl players due to their enjoyment of other violent games they play in the mud.

One key problem with this team was the Forelock Syndrome. This was where the knights considered themselves to be vastly superior to the peasants. This meant that there was animosity between the knights and peasants.

The roster also allows for one peasant to be considered the 'peasants' ringleader'. They do not suffer from animosity.

The roster was re-published by the MidgardBB league who developed a team more akin to the current Bretonnian team. However, they did include a treeman as a Big Guy. Interestingly, a 2nd Edition Did You Know pointed out that most Albion teams had treemen.

In recreating this roster, I wanted to reflect the 1st edition team in the modern rules rather than rehash the Bretonnian roster. I also wanted to create a new challenge for a more experienced coach.

Famous teams

The most famous Knights of Albion team was the Albion Wanderers. They are known throughout the Blood Bowl World as the self-proclaimed gentlemen of the sport. Throughout multiple interviews with players, there was never a recorded instance of badmouthing or smack-talk. Their willingness to blame themselves or bad luck after losing a game, combined with their magnanimity and humility when they won, sent stadiums of fans into riots.


Albion Knights

These knights are not as professional as their Bretonnian contemporaries. They wear military grade plate mail armour, which is pretty useless for BB. Not only does it impede their movement, but restricts their vision and ability to react quickly to a bouncing ball. They are really just slow lumbering human tanks. In order to represent this, their MA is reduced to 5 and their agility down to 2. Due to the strength of their armour, they have AV 9. They also have the Stand Firm skill and Thick Skull. With the weight in their heavy armour, the Piling On skill gives the knight an opportunity to fall on their opponent.

Albion Peasant

These are the linemen position in the team. They have low armour, though unlike the Bretonnian peasants, they have AG3. The lore seems to suggest they used to playing games just as violent as BB, so they are accustomed to rolling around in the mud with an inflated pig's bladder. They do not get on with the upper classes and so have animosity towards the knights. They can't afford decent armour, so have AV7.

Albion Peasant Ringleader

The ringleader is the key player of the team. Apart from the Treemen, he is the only other player without animosity. Also having the agility access as a single skill, means they can develop into a reasonable ball carrier.

Albion Treemen

A treemen is not included in the 1st Edition roster. However, when the Albion Wanderers were developed in the MidgardBB league, one was included. The fluff says that traditionally Albion teams have at least one treemen, so it would be logical to include one with the roster. The position is the same as the Wood Elf Treeman


Originally, the team had access to 2 treemen as it was felt the disadvantages of the team were pretty large. However, two treemen was too much of an advantage and so one treemen is now only available. The Knights are pretty tough, but without access to general skills on a single means the first skill was normally guard. This provides for a very strong line. The Piling On skill was rarely used by the coaches, but has been kept in as most roster do not have a player who starts with the skill.

The peasant ringleader was given agility skill access on a single, to allow for a more efficient ball carrier.


0-12 Evil Albion Peasant6/3/3/7G/ASPAnimosty40,000
0-1 Peasant Ringleader6/3/3/7GA/SPLeader 60,000
0-5 Albion Knight5/3/2/9S/GAPStand Firm, Piling On, Thick Skull, Animosity70,000
0-1 Albion Treeman2/6/1/10S/GAPLoner, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Take Root, Throw Team Mate, Stand Firm, Strong Arm120,000

Rerolls 60K (120k after team creation)

Apothecary Yes
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Posted by Jopotzuki on 2021-03-29 16:59:24
The leader is too much on the ringleader. The knights are too cheap for what they get. Otherwise I really like the concept of the team.
Posted by Apus on 2021-03-29 17:07:41
Thanks for the feedback.

Though I assure you, the knights are pretty poor.

They are like dwarf long beards without block and tackle. In fact, they only get those on a double. And Piling On was rarely ever used. Overall, they aren’t great.
Posted by Foremole on 2021-03-29 19:07:16
It seems like a lineman team with poor positionals.
Posted by Apus on 2021-03-29 19:43:53
Yep. You are right. A challenging team to play. That is why I gave them 2 treemen, but that made them 'too good'.

I was aiming at bottom of tier 2 for this team.
Posted by Thresh on 2021-03-29 20:55:29
I think maybe 2 treemen with the knight's getting hit to 4 MA might be cool
Posted by Apus on 2021-03-29 21:12:37

Though we did notice that with 2 Treemen, they seemed to remove their opponents very effectively.
Posted by Apus on 2021-03-29 21:15:40
Might be worth experimenting with.

Though if I reduced the knights to MA 4, I feel I need to give them another skill to compensate. I’m not sure what that skill would be.
Posted by BeanBelly on 2021-03-29 22:27:51
Nice write up, and a nice design. Great stuff