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The owners of Pro-Wrestling Entertainment have been looking for new markets in which to sell their brand for a while. A recent rip in the fabric of reality and a powerful warlock, looking to relieve some boredom, has given the Pro-Wrestlers on Earth a chance to join in the fun of Bloodbowl.

The owners see this as a great opportunity to increase their market share and make more money. The wrestlers see it as a chance to show off their awesome skills.



These are the common and garden wrestlers. It makes sense to give pro-wrestlers the skills, Pro and Wrestle, as they are pro-wrestlers. They don't wear much armour as they feel it impedes them, so they have AV 7. They also have single general access.


BabyFace players are the 'good guys'. They play by the rules and work hard for the win, but will always show grace to their opponents.

They are the fans' favourite player, and therefore they have the Fan Favourite trait.

As they concentrate on the agility part of the game, they only have a single access to the agility skills. This could cause problems with developing these players, but as long as they can show of their leaps and complex wrestling moves, they don't really care.


Heels are the 'bad guys' in pro-wrestling, the villains of the piece. They will do anything to win. Whether that be by cheating, cheating again and if that fails, cheat, cheat and cheat again. The more boos they get from the crowd, the more it encourages them!

Along with the skills, Pro and Wrestle, they have Dirty Player too. Simply because, they are dirty players.

They have single access to strength skills only. They aren't interested in the namby-pamby, hoity-toity, lily-livered prancing about as displayed by the babyfaces. They just want to knock their opponent to the ground and make sure they never get up.


As part of the deal with the NAF League Commissioners, the team can bring their own referee to the match. Obviously they are completely 'impartial', apart from the fact that they pass instructions from the head coach to the wrestlers during the game and they like to get the boot in like a sneaky git.

They have a new trait, '12th Man', which means they have Sneaky Git and Swarming as starting skills.

Swarming means the pro-wrestlers can have the referee join them on the pitch and effectively give them 12 players.

The referee doesn't wear any armour, hence they have AV6. The referee is free to the team.


0-12 Pro Wrestler6/3/3/7G ASPPro, Wrestle70,000
0-4 BabyFace6/3/3/7A GSPPro, Wrestle, Fan Favourite80,000
0-4 Heel6/3/3/7S GAPPro, Wrestle, Dirty Player80,000
0-1 Referee6/3/3/6G ASP12th Man (Sneaky Git, Swarming)0

Rerolls: 50K

Apothecary: Yes

Star Players

Andrew the Giant

He is huge. Huger than huge! In fact, he is 13 feet tall of hugeness. Though he appears rather rotund, he can be surprisingly quick, breaking tackles and wrestle the ball carrier to the ground.

Andrew the Giant5/6/2/8Loner, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Break Tackle, Throw Team Mate, Wrestle330,000

The Fun-Dertaker

He spends his time on and off the pitch putting the FUN into funeral! Wherever he goes, he never removes his large red nose or his rainbow afro-wig.

In order to take the FUN to the next level, he is quite happy to show off his trademark move, The Tombstone. It normally ends with the opponent heading very quickly towards to the injury box.

The Fun-Dertaker6/4/3/8Loner, Wrestle Tomb Stone (Piling On, Mighty Blow)230,000

John 'The Pebble' Dwayneson

This halfling has won the most number of wrestling belts of any pro-wrestler. Some say it is his special ankle biter attack, but others think it's a marketing ploy to sell more tickets.

John 'The Pebble' Dwayneson5/3/3/6Loner, Dodge, Stunty, Wrestle, Right Stuff120,000

Biggest Daddy

You may have heard children say in the school playground, that there daddy was bigger than your daddy. Well here is the biggest daddy. He is one of the longest serving pro-wrestlers and he knows a few tricks to get the crowd on their feet, screaming for more.

Biggest Daddy5/5/2/8Loner, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team Mate, Sneaky Git, Jump Up, Wrestle 300,000

* * * APRIL FOOLS * * *
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Posted by Bloodfeast on 2021-04-01 10:01:09
Even thou (or just because of it) it is 1:april, it made me laugh :)
Posted by stej on 2021-04-01 10:07:13
No Hulkamaniac? ☹
Posted by Apus on 2021-04-01 10:11:25
Thanks :D

I think the prank is really on me, as I spent two weeks writing it. :D
Posted by Apus on 2021-04-01 10:16:08
Oh No! I forgot about Hulk.

I was going to put in Randy Savage or Ultimate Warrior - but I thought that would have showed by age. :D
Posted by stej on 2021-04-01 16:48:53
I do wonder if there should be more teams with blanket skills. E.g. an all fend team or an all grab team. Skills that you wouldnt normally pick very often