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Revwë Larereta The First Legend of the Archers of Avelon
I have only built a couple of legends in my time on Fumbbl and this is my first outside of the Box. What follows are her records as of the time she reached legend status, and her bio.


The First Legend of the Archers of Avelon

Fumbbl Records Held

All Time Blitzer Records
8th All Time Scoring Blitzer
14th Top MVP Blitzer of All Time
20th Top Star Blitzer of All Time

Active Blitzer Records
4th top scorer
8th top star
17th top rusher
18th top MVP

SUBJECT: Official Dossier - Revwë Larereta
FOR: Client – Name Confidential

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Race – High Elf, Complexion – Pale, Hair – Auburn, Eyes – Green, Height – 188 cm, Weight 71 Kilos, Age – 103 years

BACKGROUND: Born in the High Elf metropolis of Fathnore to the house of Larereta. Mother, Esta Larereta is a Master Archer and Weaver. Father Castien Balyra is a Master Archer and the Captain of the Fathnore City Guard Force. Revwë Larereta is the third of seven siblings.

STORY: Revwë’s childhood was unremarkable except for the fact that she grew up in a large family. Two children is the norm for elves but Esta and Castien strongly believe that small family size is the only reason for the decline of the elven race.

Revwë began training with the bow at the age of six. Every one of her siblings is a master archer, and she grew up in a competitive environment. She has placed no less than second place in any archery competition since she began competing at the age of 18. In her four second place finishes, first place was always taken by her father Castien. There is some debate about if she purposefully took second place in the last two contests out of respect to him.

At the age of 33 she was the youngest elf to join the Fathnore City Guard Force. During her 48 years on the guard force she accumulated 612 confirmed kills with her bow while on patrol. The numbers are so prolific that her squad came to be known as the Kill-Team as it was rumored that rather than patrolling, they were actively hunting for lesser races in the region. Most of the kills were random orcs, goblins, skaven, beastmen, and occasional trolls. Yet, a few human, dwarven, and even halfling bandits fell under her bow.

Her final patrol was under the blood moon 20 years ago. She and her eight member Kill-Team went out to investigate reported dark elf raids to the farms on the Northern outskirts of Fathnore. The investigation led to a small ravine where the Kill-Team walked into an ambush. When the team did not report back to Fathnore, Captain Castien led the search party that eventually found the ravine. Pierced with 6 dark elf quarrels, Revwe was unconscious from loss of blood but with sword in hand and an empty quiver. She would have received every medal available to the Fathnore City Guard Force as every arrow in her quiver save one was recovered from a dark elf corpse.

Unfortunately, the last arrow was found in the throat of her lover and commanding officer Hoccar Daethana. Adding intrigue, no one knows why Hoccar joined the patrol that night as Revwë was the leader of the team.

As soon as Revwë was strong enough to walk she left the infirmary and the city of Fathnore. The military inquiry into the case was quietly closed with the death ruled an accident in the fog of war. Considering her reputation and skill with the bow the outcome of the inquiry was not well received by the larger part of the City Guard Force.

On a whim, 18 years ago she joined the practice squad of the Nandorians. At her suggestion, a few of the other elves pooled their resources and together they started the Blood Bowl franchise the Archers of Avelon.

POINTS OF INTEREST: Revwë’s family has a representative at every Archer of Avelon game. Normally her mother is present but from time to time it is one of her siblings. Only her father has never attended a match. Guild speculation is that he knows the truth of what happened on her final patrol and it caused a rift between the two of them.

Additionally, someone has placed a bounty on her head. Blood Bowl assassins throughout the realms salivate at the opportunity to bring down the “Kill-Team-Killer.”

SCOUTING REPORT: This elf is the Team Captain and clear leader of the Archers of Avelon. Her athleticism is incredible. Despite the use of full Blood Bowl armor, she is faster than most wood elves. Thus far she has caused 18 casualties and killed two combatants on the field. There is no weakness in her game.

HOBBIES: Revwë is addicted to the thrill of the kill. Upon arrival at a new location for a match she immediately stops at the sheriff’s office to consider the outstanding bounties in the region. She only completes dead or alive contracts, and has never brought in anyone alive.

Recently she began volunteering at halfling orphanages where she teaches archery and tracking lessons in order to provide the children with life ensuring skills.

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Posted by Garion on 2017-04-24 13:01:52
you should write a book :)
Posted by Ansgar on 2017-04-24 14:14:40
Posted by Rabe on 2017-04-24 14:51:46
Great stuff - and congratulations! :-)

The blog entry is lacking a link to her though... Or is that intentional?
Posted by Rabe on 2017-04-24 14:53:36
And she has caused 29 casualties! :-D
Posted by Kondor on 2017-04-24 15:01:08
Thanks Rabe. Fixed it.
Posted by Guardikai on 2017-04-24 17:09:18
Very nice write up! I love your blog too. Keep it up :)