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Bloodbowl Social Club
After watching this video it got me thinking about recent and past posts on this here website, and morehouse's World League.

I play in a local table top league and would highly recommend people who play on fumbbl reach out and see if there is a local table top league. If you do not have miniatures ask the local players. My league mate hooked me up so I could play in my first couple of seasons (cheers Geoffro). Meeting up with people with a similar interest is fun, and we have a few bevvies before the games (we play at a pub).

I don't know the Science behind it, I'm not a psychologist or anything like that, but I wonder if morehouses World League idea will go someway to bridging the gap between the artificial world and the real world. Will talking to someone, using voice chat in discord, while playing fumbbl, fire off the right connections in the brain to make us feel like we are socialising with others, rather than just moving our pixels against there's?

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Posted by MenonaLoco on 2019-02-17 21:29:59
WHL is better than any tt league I have been in. More fun, better competition, awesome feedback to any of my questions, bb related or not. But thats just me. I am sure there are such pub-leagues who play in a spirit I like - but not where I am. So, thanks to WHL I got some human interaction and good laughs without seeking dark places of the tt scene here....
Posted by razmus on 2019-02-17 22:39:11
TheNaf has a couple resources for finding real people with whom to play.

First, they have a coach locator (https://www.thenaf.net/members-area/coach-locator/) ... now granted, it costs $5, €5, or £5 at a tournament or twice that via paypal... but they give you dice and/or spiffy blood bowl swag. (And not a lot of folks are signed up on the locator... but finding one local-ish person will surely plug you into the local community.)

Second, is the list of NAF sanctioned Blood Bowl tournaments. (https://www.thenaf.net/tournaments/information/current-tournaments/) If you find one in your area, you're certain to find many other people from the nearby areas who obviously have an interest in Blood Bowl. :-)

More fun than a head knocking contest against Dwarfs!
Posted by Wozzaa on 2019-02-18 01:55:52
@menonaloco fumbbl leagues are indeed amazing. And it's awesome that the WHL gives us that. SWL is the same, very active chat room, Bantz, fluff, very tough competition. But I was wondering if their could be more? I think voice chat might be that. It was awesome listening to yours and morehouses game a lil while back (wood elves v skaven).
Posted by Christer on 2019-02-18 14:26:22
Voice chat is available to everyone on the FUMBBL Discord. It's unfortunately not used very much though, but I have hopes that some people will start using it and making it an active part of the community.

Being part of WHL to some degree, I can agree with MenonaLoco that it's indeed very cool to have the opportunity to talk to your opponent directly, or just "sit around the table" and talk while other people play the game.

I highly recommend it.