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2021-04-10 10:16:06
rating 5.8
2021-04-03 23:30:09
rating 5.6
2021-04-02 12:05:03
rating 5.9
2021-03-01 09:15:23
rating 5.8
2021-02-26 15:47:40
rating 5.9
2021-01-02 12:57:09
rating 5.8


2020-12-12 21:46:02
rating 4.6
2020-12-10 10:20:09
rating 5.6
2020-11-16 11:30:48
rating 5.6
2020-11-07 17:32:17
rating 5.4
2020-08-20 23:04:03
rating 5.2
2020-08-02 23:09:58
rating 5.7
2020-06-25 09:38:43
rating 5.9
2020-06-22 11:33:34
rating 5.2
2020-04-18 15:02:28
rating 5.8
2020-04-16 09:39:37
rating 5.9
2020-04-09 12:43:57
rating 4.4


2016-12-17 09:45:00
rating 5.1
2016-07-20 18:00:24
rating 6
2016-07-20 17:59:37
rating 6
2016-06-30 13:40:34
rating 5.6
2016-06-24 10:12:45
rating 5.1
2016-06-20 08:34:34
rating 5.7


2015-09-10 09:54:29
rating 5.6


2014-10-06 23:21:18
rating 4.7
2014-06-24 08:33:49
rating 4.2


2013-07-06 00:22:26
rating 5.8
2013-06-15 13:54:04
rating 5.6
2013-06-14 11:30:05
rating 5.5


2012-06-08 19:33:19
rating 4.4
2012-03-14 22:37:49
rating 4.5
2012-03-13 10:36:06
rating 4.6
2012-03-07 08:43:43
rating 5.6
2016-06-20 08:34:34
15 votes, rating 5.7
College FUMBBL is Recruiting

With the Custom League rosters now available College FUMBBL is now actively recruiting.

College FUMBBL is a European based League and Coaches will be expected to be able to play their games between 20.00 and 00.00.

I'm looking for 16 reliable coaches or possibly 32 if there is enough interest.

I have a little bit of work ahead of me sorting out the teams, I hope to have everything done by next Monday the latest.
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Posted by bghandras on 2016-06-20 08:57:55
Did you actually try creating a roster? It failed me when i tried. Gave an error message and showed no sign of any operation.
Posted by the_Sage on 2016-06-20 09:13:31
Ooh, nice!
btw: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/misspelling
Posted by pokrjax on 2016-06-20 09:21:56
Yes, please.
Posted by cowhead on 2016-06-20 09:29:02
@ bghandras - Yes I'm able to create rosters.

@ the_Sage - thanks for pointing out the mistake, I was half asleep when I posted this.
Posted by bghandras on 2016-06-20 09:41:33
How did you manage to create? The one at custom ruleset did not work for me.
Posted by cowhead on 2016-06-20 09:46:41

Didn't do anything special just followed the link above and made a ruleset
Posted by Throweck on 2016-06-20 09:57:20
oooooh, yes.
Posted by zhraia on 2016-06-20 10:03:03
I'm interested
Posted by Verminardo on 2016-06-20 10:37:38
I am awed by the amount of work and skill already gone into this. You, sir, are a mad genius! Unfortunately I can't commit to this though it's definitely looking great.
Posted by mister__joshua on 2016-06-20 11:11:37
I've wanted to play in this since we first spoke about it years ago. Now it's come around I'm not sure I have time :/
Posted by awambawamb on 2016-06-20 11:13:20
sounds like the perfect time. randomly assigned races? I'm looking for a league to play norse/human.
Posted by K2 on 2016-06-20 11:27:38
I'm definitely IN!!! Looks awesome :o)
Posted by Goblinslayer on 2016-06-20 11:48:43
I am very interested. Please keep me up to date.
Posted by zakatan on 2016-06-20 12:53:23
nice league page, make sure to add it to the bbcode wonders!
Posted by Jim_Fear on 2016-06-20 14:08:08
Great job on the player icons, as always.
Posted by mekutata on 2016-06-20 15:05:27
i could be the unreliable coach
Posted by knightsweats on 2016-06-20 15:45:28
fantastic amount of work you've done there, i'm game. amazing icons, fluff and bbcode. you are, as verm says, "a mad genius!"
Posted by awambawamb on 2016-06-20 16:01:03
Oooh. Tilea!
Posted by grunth on 2016-06-20 16:10:28
I join ! Waiting for that since soooo long ... ;)
Posted by Subs on 2016-06-20 17:21:43
Any spaces left! :)
Look cooool!
Posted by Nightbird on 2016-06-20 17:53:07
Is this some kinda euro college human stunty league???
I say this because I see LOTS of ST2 positionals...
Great effort & work, but nah.
Posted by CastleMan on 2016-06-20 19:03:29
looks cool, but i am no euro... :(
Posted by Victor_Vermis on 2016-06-20 19:12:04
I remember looking this over and thinking it would be a lot of fun! My timezone is off but I can do those hours on 2 weekdays and all weekend at the very least. Hope that's sufficient =D
Posted by DatMonsta on 2016-06-20 21:40:32
Cowhead, I am in!
Please drop me a PM with the details!
Amazing work!
Posted by cowhead on 2016-06-20 21:45:35
@ pokrjax, Throweck, zhraia, awambawamb, K2, Goblinslayer, mekutata, knightsweats, grunth, Subs & DatMonsta- I'll add you to the list, you can all expect a pm with details some time later in the week.

@the_Sage - not sure if your comment meant you were interested, let me know either way.

@ awambawamb - teams wont be randomly assigned, there will be a draft where everyone gives me a list of their team preferences. If you are the only Coach to have a team as your 1st preference you will get that team. Otherwise names will be drawn out of a hat working down everyone's list.

@ Nightbird - Not some kind of human stunty league, the teams in College FUMBBL are made up of younger players just starting college. Hence they are weaker than the well trained brutes we normally se taking to the blood bowl field.

@ Castleman & any other non euro - If you are able to get on at euro times 3/4 times a week I'll be more than happy to have you.

@ Victor_Vermis - That is more than sufficient in my book, I'll add you to the list, you can expect a pm with details some time later in the week.

Thanks to everyone else who commented.
Posted by Threepac on 2016-06-20 21:58:56
I'm in :)
Posted by Jim_Fear on 2016-06-21 05:16:07
After looking at it again, and seeing how well thought out the College system is, and how it all supports the fluff, I'm speechless. Awesome. Simply awesome.
Posted by Victor_Vermis on 2016-06-21 08:39:32
I noticed that one of the Slayer Tattoo results grants Frenzy, but Slayers have Frenzy already and no other positions can get access to them (granting access to tattoos for other teams might make for a neat Ostermark College event?)

Will Random Rolls (events, items, talented players, job-keeping) be done in an IRC channel? Orokos?

I've already got my top teams picked out and am eager to see what I wind up with so I can get started on fluff!

Again, great job on this!

Posted by cowhead on 2016-06-21 09:21:39
@ Victor_Vermis - Damnit I thought I'd removed Frenzy from the Slayer, thanks for spotting that.

And yes Random events will be done IRC.

@ Jim_Fear - Thanks, I appreciate the comments. It took me a long time to get it to where it is. You haven't claimed a spot yet, do you want in?
Posted by Matthueycamo on 2016-06-21 19:14:44
Looks awesome. Love to have a spot if there are still a few going!
Posted by Meanandugl on 2016-06-21 20:46:26
Great job. I am definitely interested but need to know more details, especially with regard to the timetable (start?) and the frequency of games.