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College FUMBBL Spring Random Events

Here is a run down of last nights College FUMBBL Event rolls. I've included the fluff piece that I wrote if you are interested in reading through it. Feel free to skip it.
You can scroll down to the bold parts to see the events that will take place this season.
Events in Red affect all College teams.

We begin as ever deep down in the bowels of the abandoned city of Mordheim. A pink mass writhes on the cool rocky floor, stretching and splitting with an ungodly squelch. The colour of the mass shifts from pink to blue as two misshapen forms rise sullenly from the floor. The two horrors stare at each other in abject disappointment, hissing and scratching at each other. One catches sight of something out of the corner of it's eye and nudges the other, gesturing in the direction of a hunched figure.

The horrors quieten and slowly approach the statue like form which looks to be resting on a bed of the blackest feathers. As they draw closer still the figure begins to move, slowly at first. Black wing stretch out, first to the right, then another to the left, before a beaked face turns to the horrors releasing a high piercing shriek, as the Lord of Change rises.

The two horrors uncharacteristically burst into gleeful laughter and start jumping for joy. One starts shouting "It's time, it's time, it's time." whilst the other stats clapping and spinning on the spot.

The Lord of Change looks eagerly skyward, towards a barely visible crack at the top of the deep cavern, which it had been waiting for the past six months. The Lord begins to flap its wings, slowly at first, getting faster with every beat. A light wind begins to swirl in an ever expanding spiral on the floor, quickly picking up speed, sucking up everything in it's path. Including the two horrors, who's glee has quickly turned to panic as they are swept up in the tornado.

The tornado rises and head swiftly towards the crack, smashing hard into the caverns ceiling, where some of the wind manages to work it's way into and through the crack. And as the wind finally reaches the outside world to do Tzeentchs' bidding, the two battered and bruised lifeless horrors drop to the floor, where they slowly start to change colour as they writhe and stretch and split.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring has yet to be decided.

The wind flows silently through the streets of Mordheim, startling a Skaven war band as they approach a cache of Wyrdstone. A Witch Hunter nestled unseen on the upper floor of a ruined building, lets fly a bolt from his crossbow aimed true at the head of a Night Runner below. The wind grasps the bolt as it passes, sending it scattering into the darkness, leaving the Hunter scratching his head at his misfortune. The wind continues swiftly out of Mordheim passing quickly over the Zombie Marshes and through the Dead Wood, traveling north, across the Bleak Moors, scattering the gathered herds of Sheep and Cattle. The wind finally finds it's first destination of the evening, behind the stone walls of Bechafen and into the grounds of Ostermark College. A student looks up from his studies as his candle flutters slightly before finally going out, plunging him into a subdued darkness.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Ostermark is...bb 1d100 - 10. Evil Eye
An old Gypsy witch has put the evil eye on your college. For one game this season your college loses a reroll.

Game - Roll 1d7 - 4. game 4

The wind whips and whirls into life again, leaving Bechafen behind it. North across the Upper Talabec, rocking the boats moored in the bustling boatyards below. North over the forest, shaking the trees violently below. North across the border into Kislev and over the great sweeping plains, onwards towards the massive walls of the great city of Kislev. The wind passes by the gargoyles and braziers atop the wall, blowing out a brazier as it passes and stirring a smirk from the once lifeless grotesque as it shudders into existence. The wind passes over clay rooftops and down along the Goromadny Prospekt rusting the topknots of stall holders packing up for the evening. The wind makes it's way to Geroyev Square, past the Palace of the Tzarina, the Ice Queen Katarin the Great and into the now silent campus of Kislev College. The wind whips and whirls again, wrapping and warping the flag of the dancing bear, ripping it free and forcing it up and out, into the evening sky.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Kislev is...bb 1d100 - 72. Nothing Happens

The wind takes it's leave and heads west now. The wind passes rapidly over the great plains of Kislev, finally reaching the wall of never ending trees that is the Forest of Shadows. The wind weaves and wends its way through the dense forest, past Giant Spiders spinning their giant webs. Past the blood-grounds of the horned and cloven Beastmen as they stalk an unwary group of travellers. Past a group of masked and hooded men as they carve the mark of Tzeentch onto the back of a screeching bull. The wind finds its way to the beautiful city of Wolfenburg, nestled cosily at the base of the Middle Mountains. The wind enters the city, ignoring the drunken revelries of the evening as it enters Ostland College.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Ostland is...bb 1d100 - 16. Witches Brew
Your opponent’s have spiked your colleges Kroxorades bottle with a witch's concoction!

Roll 1D6 - bb 1d6 - 4. Snake Oil! Bad taste, but no effect.

The wind flies up and onward, finding its way to along the mighty waters of the Wolfs Run. It follows the winding course of the river, all the way to Hochland and the city Hergig. The wind passes through the battle soaked ground of the Gate of the East Bridge, stirring memories of the long dead soldiers, whose blood have stained the land in battles from ages past. A group of hunters taste the wind as it passes and decide to head back to the city for the evening, muttering under their breath about ill omens. The wind pays them no mind and enters the city, passing by a fletcher packing up for the evening, scattering a bunch of unsecured arrows across the street, all the way to the gates of Hochland College.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Hochland is...bb 1d100 - 8. Postal Error
Your college courier has got in a muddle and sent your team’s playbook to one of your opposing colleges this season. A random opponent this season gets a free extra team training.

Opponent - bb 1d7 - 3. game 3

The wind set off once more, north west over the wild domes of the Weiss Hills. North west, back towards the Middle Mountains, where it climbs and cruises along the majestic mountain tops. Along the wind flows, finally running out peaks as it drops into Middenland and makes its way to the City of the White Wolf, Ulricsberg, the Fauschlag, or simply Middenheim. The wind enters the city through the East Gate, past the merrymaking of the patrons of the Singing Moon and on past the now empty training grounds of the Middenheim Marauders. The wind shifts north along The Great Park, before finding its way to eerily silent college grounds.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Middenland is...bb 1d100 - 34. Medical Trials
Medical Trials are being held at your college, offering large sums of money for anyone who is willing to participate.

Roll 1D6 - bb 1d6 - 1. Placebo - The player experiences no side effects.

The wind rushes on, unyielding, uncaring. The wind heads north towards Nordland, along the Great North Road, all the way to Silver Hills, past mines and castles nestled therein and through the narrow gap at Jutone's Nest, before settling into the city of Salzemund. The wind rattles the wooden boards of the ancient structure that is the Temple of Ulric, still standing strong these last 2000 years. The wind flutters along the great towers of Salzemund, seeking its next port of call, dislodging a loose stone which tumbles dangerously down. At last the wind settles slowly into the cities college grounds, where a lonely caretaker has just finished hanging some bunting in preparation for the students return.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Nordland is...bb 1d100 - 10. Evil Eye
An old Gypsy witch has put the evil eye on your college. For one game this season your college loses a reroll.

Opponent - bb 1d7 - 3. game 3

The wind burst forth once more, taking a stream of bunting with it, to the chagrin of the college caretaker. The wind travels east, back over the Silver Hills and through towards the borders of Laurelorn Forest, but only as far as the River Demst. Here the wind hits what seems like a wall as it starts prodding and probing at the forest edges, getting pushed north, as the forest or some being in it makes the forest thicker and thicker, giving no way to the wind as it tries desperately to penetrate into it. North it's pushed, all the way to the Sea of Claws, where dozens of ships are making their way from and to Marienburg. Through the all but impassable Manaans Teeth and around Wreckers Point, where the wind pushes another barely seaworthy vessel crashing into the rocks. Before travelling south all the way through the Manaanspoort Sea and into bustling port city Marienburg itself.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Wasteland is...bb 1d100. - 73. Nothing Happens

The wind swirls into action, spinning and dancing into the evening air. The wind heads west to Bretonnia, out over the bitter moors, past the entrance of the Landrel Barrow and through the Vale of Florida into the Duchy of Couronne. The wind picks up the River Sannez and follows it all the way to Fortress-City of Couronne Castle. The wind drives on, passing by a jousting arena where lances line the walls, ribbons fluttering wildly as it blows past. A squire curses as he slips whilst sharpening his lords blade, cutting his wrist deeply. The wind carries on all the way to the great college situated not far from the great temple of Shallya, where a new born babies cry breaks the silence of the evening.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Bretonnia is...bb 1d100 - 78. Multiplicity
A mad scientist has been experimenting with cloning. A positional player of your choice has been cloned 1d3+3 times. The player can be replaced when dead or injured until you run out of clones. All clones after the original player will start with deacy as they are not quite as resilient and will re-join the team with the same SPP, skills and age as the player now.

Amount of clones - bb 1d3 - 4 clones

The wind dances ever onwards, back south along the Sannez and up and over the Pale Sisters all the way to the Gisoreux Gap. Here the wind shifts east along the Grey Mountains and into Reikland, where it picks up the River Reik. The wind quickly follows the river south easterly as it winds its way to the Old Worlds Capital, Altdorf. As it enters the city, the wind sends a flock of gulls skyward, sending a dockhand tumbling into a path of an onrushing carriage. Screams could be heard above the breaking of bones as the wind flowed on, oblivious and uncaring into the University District and the great sprawling college therein.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Reikland is...bb 1d100 - 80. Blood Oath
A random player on your team has unwittingly saved the life of a Snotling fan. Until this player dies or leaves the squad, a Snotling will be available to join your college team. As the Snotling has sworn a blood oath, every Snotling in its family will give its life for this player.

The wind leaves Altdorf behind as it follows the flow of the River Talabec east for many miles. Each small town or village that's based upon the Talabec will wake the next morning to find a little gift left behind by the wind. Be it a two headed cow, an infestation of rats or still born babe come to life with the mark of tzeentch hidden beneath his scalp. The wind carries on passing from Reilkland into Talebecland and onwards still to the great crater Taalbaston. The wind works its way up the Wizards Way all the way to the High Tower, where it causes a slumbering guard to fall into the levers of the great iron portcullis, sending one of them plummeting down towards the now scattering crowds below. The wind blows on heedless and makes its way through the shaded streets of Talabheim to the college within.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Talabecland is...bb 1d100 - 5. Insult to Injury
Your college has printed an insulting story about one of the leagues referees. As a result this season one of the referees has it in for you. A random opponents this season gets a free bribe.

Opponent - bb 1d7 - game 4

The wind clambers and climbs and rises high up out of Talabheim. up and over the towering crater walls. It sets off south past trees and hills, along the much travelled Old Forest Road. A pack of wolves catch the winds scent and follow along for a while, before branching off and howling into the evening sky. A Vampire breaks off from its feasting to snarl at the wind as it passes, before greedily tearing back into the neck of the almost lifeless victim in its grasp. The wind eventually passes over the Grossweg Bridge and enters the city of Wurtbad. It passes by the Vinters Guild, where the wind dislodges a wheel from a cart that is unloading crates of fine Stirland wine, sending a small fortunes worth crashing to floor. The wind rushes on, leaving despairing shouts in its wake as it works its way to Stirland College.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Stirland is...bb 1d100 - 15. Old Dog, New Tricks
Your coaching skill has gotten a bit rusty. At the end of the college year lose 5 points in CR.

The wind keeps on keeping on, as it makes it way further south into Averland. South along the Old Dwarf Road, progressing steadily as a group of highwaymen waylay a lonely peddler, braving the evening roads. The wind whooshes by startling one of the horses, which throws its rider who lands awkwardly snapping his neck. On it flies all the way to Averheim where it rattles the pots and pans of a troupe of Halflings that are busy setting up tables and marquees on every street corner in sight. With the end of Winter now approaching a feast will be held to welcome the new and the old students back to Averland college, ready for the new year.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Averland is...bb 1d100 - 15. Old Dog, New Tricks
Your coaching skill has gotten a bit rusty. At the end of the college year lose 5 points in CR.

The wind flows quickly west along the River Aver all the way to the city-state of Nuln. The wind heads past Aver Isle and the line of cannons scattered over it and swiftly on to the imposing Iron Tower. The wind circles the tower rising with every turn, rattling the normally immovable bars of the cells within. Chaos cultists inside look out in awe and delight and begin to pound their heads into the iron walls, not stopping until all life has left them. The wind launches from the top of the tower and heads south, out of Nuln towards the nearby city of Wissenburg, which is in the midst of a grand fireworks display. Unbeknownst to those watching, the display morphs under the winds guidance. The eagle eyed among them may have noticed the sign of Tzeentch etched briefly in the nights sky.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Wissenland is...bb 1d100 - 51. Nothing Happens

The wind drifts off slowly at first, making it's way west towards the Grey Mountains. It gradually picks up speed, moving faster and faster as it races along the mountain side to the southern borders of the Old World where Grey meets Black. The wind howls straight on through the Black Mountains, through Winters Teeth Pass and into the vast wilderness that is the Border Princes. Passing by the tents of military camps of one of the many mercenary bands, that have been hired by this months warring lords. Past old battlefields, with half torn banners protruding from the ground, broken shields left lying where they fell and the stench of blood, which has seeped into the ground it has long become part of it. It time it finds its way to Khypris and the makeshift college that resides there.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Border Princes is...bb 1d100 - 61. Necronomicon
During a break in a cabin in the woods, one of your Linemen found a mysterious book bound in human flesh. After reading from it, a portal to the demon realm opened up leaving the player the only survivor of a brutal attack from his possessed friends.

Roll 1D6 - bb 1d6 - 2. The player gains 1d6 x 2 SPP from slaying his newly returned dead friends.
SPP Roll 1d6 - bb 1d6 - 2. 4 SPP

The wind departs from the Border Princes with purpose, not looking back, never looking back. It makes it's way south, bursting forth from Manaan's Maw into the Black Gulf. It follows the gulf south and then west along the southern edge of Tilea, before easing past Sartosa using the Pirates Current to push into the Tilean Sea. Waves form beneath the wind as it speeds towards the shore line causing minor flooding up and down the coastline of Tilea, before it breaks from the water and makes its way towards the city of Remas. The opulent, palatial like houses of the merchant princes watch the wind pass by as it winds its way through the streets seeking out the college within.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Tilea is...bb 1d100 - 7. Make Love not War
Your college’s apothecary is a pacifist and hates to see any kind of violence. He will try to patch up your opposing teams players as well as yours. All of your opponents for this season get a free wandering apothecary.

The wind speeds ever on, north west now, back out across the Tilean Sea. It enters the Gulf of Fodore and Estalia via the Tramato Pass, making its way swiftly through the Abasko Mountains. It travels westward along the Tobaro Road, all the way to the Bay of Quietude, where trade vessels flow in and out at all times of the day. The wind sweeps viciously across the bay, snapping masts, rocking boats and upturning a small fishing sloop. It enters the crowded port of Magritta, passing hawkers shouting over each other as they try to sell their wares to passers by. It moves on through the temple square and swishes the capes of a pair of Diestros as they face off, in one of many such duels that take place daily here in Estalia, before finding its way to the college campus.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Estalia is...bb 1d100 - 88. College Event - Roll on your Colleges Event Table
Roll 1d6 - bb 1d6 - 2. Private Practice
The rich and influential have bought up all the apothecaries. This has left the colleges struggling to find health care and all teams must do without an apothecary for the coming season.

The wind whips, whirls and whooshes south, back over the Bay of Quietude, south further still leaving the Old World behind as it makes its way across the vast Southern Sea. As the wind flies forth at great velocity it glides westward along the northern coastline of Araby heading out towards the Great Western Ocean, before sweeping back to south into the Bay of Corsairs. Here it finds its way into the beautiful city of Lashiek, where anything and everything can be purchased. The wind winds its way through the Great Slave Market, turning a whip back into the eyes of one of the slave traders, blinding him. This causes a mini revolt amongst the fettered men and women being shepherded to and from the auction block. The wind moves on indifferent towards the college, as a slave finds his way to freedom, with the mark of tzeentch branded on his back.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Lashiek is...bb 1d100 - 41. Mascot Heist
Your college has decided to steal the mascot one of their rival colleges. Pick an opposing college in your division this season.

Dice Roll will be made once opposing college is chosen
1-3. Your students fail in their attempt to steal the mascot losing face against your rival. Your college loses 10 PR and your rival college gains 10 PR and an extra reroll when they face you this season.
4-6. Your players pull off the heist of the century, embarrassing your opponents. Your college gains 10 PR and a reroll when you face your rival this season. Your rival college loses 10 PR.

The wind swirls into life once more, following the northern coast to the east. The further east the wind travels, the harsher the land becomes, lush green forests become sun drenched deserts. Here the wind enters the city of Copher through its port, a mile long stretch of coastline, piers and makeshift docks, capable of accommodating all manner of vessels. The wind enters the city, passing through the cities Spice Market, the largest of its kind in the world, it is larger than most cities and goes on for miles. Here the wind spins and turns violently, ripping at tents and grasping at the spices causing a disastrous dust storm, as great swathes spices are flung with great force throughout the city, causing much chaos and many injuries. Unperturbed the wind moves onwards, towards the great palaces and colleges of Copher.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Copher is...bb 1d100 - 93. Team Building Exercise
Your college has invited you to it's annual staff team building exercise this year.

Roll 1d6 - bb 1d6 - 3. You make a few new friends and impress some of the staff. For one game this season you can hire your colleges tier 1 star player for free.

The wind drifts on, east across the vast, foreboding desert. Past dust storms, tranquil oases and travelling caravans with their heavily laded camels. A tired group of nomads feel the wind briefly as it passes them by, enticing them with mirages of water and shelter. It doesn't slow for anything, not until it reaches the many tents strewn around the great city of Al Haikk. It moves briskly among the tents as if it looking for something, feeling at their walls as it pushes and pulls at them. It moves through a great circus tent, where a tight rope walker is practising his art on the high wire. The wind gives the performer a sharp nudge as it passes, sending him tumbling to the ground with a crash. Miraculously, the man walks away with only a few scrapes and cuts, as the wind exits the tent and finds its way to the cities large college.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Al Haikk is...bb 1d100 - 73. Nothing Happens

The wind floats on again, up and out of the city, south across the desert towards the great Atalan Mountains situated there. It brushes over the sandy ground at great speed as it approaches the city of Martek, nestled snugly in the mountains shadow. It passes through the black iron gates, normally impregnable to unwanted guests. Inside the wind twists and turns its way through maze like streets, where shadows can play tricks on the unwary. A muffled shout emanates from a nearby alley as the wind rushes by, a lifeless body left in the darkness, to be found at a later date. The wind bears witness, as it has and will always do, never judging, never revealing the secrets it carries with it. The wind passes through secret passages, running through and under the mountains surrounding the city, all the way to a passage passing beneath the cities college.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Martek is...bb 1d100 - 99. College Event - Roll on your Colleges Event Table
Roll 1d6 - 2. Poison Touch - Rumour has it that the Martek Hashishin have been lacing the gloves of players with deadly toxins. All Linemen gain weeping daggers for this season.

The wind makes it way from Araby now, heading far to the east. Over the desert the wind flies, through the barren Nehekhara, the Land of the Dead. Past Zandri, the Fleetport of Terror where the great Tomb Fleet resides. Past Numas where the living and the dead work side by side and over the Worlds Edge Mountains. Past the Cursed City of Lahmia where the first vampires walked the world, before passing over the sea of dread and making it's way to the wonderous shores of the Kingdom of Ind.

The wind enters Ind from the north, making its way across the Mountains of Heaven towards holy city of Purushapura which sits at its foot. It passes through this most sacred city, through temples packed with the many people of Ind, making their weekly pilgrimage from all over Gandharva. The wind joins a quartet of Kalites in performing a ritualistic dance to celebrate the end of winter, leaping from one Kalite to the next, before making its way to the college.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Gandharva is...bb 1d100 - 62. Waaagh!, I'm Uman Too
An Orc has been raised believing he is human. He has been enrolled at your college and has decided to join the college FUMBBL team. You can hire a 4/3/1/10 Orc Lineman for this season, before he works out that he doesn't quite fit in.

The wind moves on, to the west it travels, to the banks of the great Ganga River where many people of Ind can be found bathing. It joins the river and follows the masses of trade boats as they make their way south through Bhallukha towards the expansive city of Delehi. Here the wind makes its way through the intricate, tangled streets as they zigzag their way through the city. Passing by hagglers vying for the best prices at the busy market places. Passing by the pick pockets and street kids trying to make themselves a bit of coin. Passing by the college grounds being made ready for Spring term ahead.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Bhallukha is...bb 1d100 - 80. Blood Oath
A random player on your team has unwittingly saved the life of a Snotling fan. Until this player dies or leaves the squad, a Snotling will be available to join your college team. As the Snotling has sworn a blood oath, every Snotling in its family will give its life for this player.

The wind rejoins the River Ganga now, following it further south, to the rivers mouth. Here the wind moves through the Kamyak Jungle, where a group of young Vanaras play joyfully, leaping from tree to tree. The wind causes one to lose its grip, where it agilely twists and turns grabbing another branch and laughing loudly. A wise Ganeshan looks on as the wind moves past, it lets forth a great toot from its trunk, which is followed by more toots all through the jungle. Onward it flows, out of the jungle and into the decadent city of Lakshana and on to college campus situated therein.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Lakshana is...bb 1d100 - 3. Clerical Error
The administrative department at your college have gotten your most talented players age wrong. Your player with most SPP ages up a year. If this takes the player above senior then that player must retire.

The wind jerks up and out of Lakshana, moving east into Kosala and over the dense canopy of the Dandaka Jungle. Over the Shambani Foothills, passing by the entrance of the Eye of the Tiger, where two Rakshakas grapple and claw at each other in a show a strength. East all the way to the large trading city of Sravasti, where the wind sends merchants scrambling after their wares as its current scatters them haphazardly around. The college gates yawn wide and welcoming as the wind enters through it, making its way to the colleges FUMBBL field.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Kosala is...bb 1d100 - 68. Nothing Happens

The wind picks up again speeding north, back over the Dandaka Jungle, back along the River Ganga, back up the Mountians of Heaven and over the border into Cathay. Over the peaks of the great mountain range it flies, passing by the home of the fabled Monkey Warriors, who are practising their martial arts, under the tutelage of the great monkey king Měi Hóuwáng. His astute gaze follows the wind, as it makes its way towards the Jade River and the raucous city situated on its banks. A group of sky lanterns get caught in the winds blast, blowing into the sides of buildings, setting one implausibly ablaze. Unyielding, the wind blows into and through Yuanjins streets, giving a group of revellers a wide berth as they release fire crackers to ward off chaos. Up the steps of the entrance of Yuanjins college campus the wind travels, sending a stack of papers scattering across the thoroughfare.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Yuanjin is...bb 1d100 - 46. Nothing Happens

The wind stirs into motion, moving north following the base of the Mountains of Mourn along Cathays western border. It gathers speed as it circles around the yawning chasm of the Great Maw and finds its way to the Silk Road, with its never ending stream of traders pouring in and out the mountain pass. Here the wind whips by make-shift tents of merchant stalls and mercenary camps which surround the bustling trade city of Shang Yang. The great bronze gates sit silent and unmoving as the wind pushes past, catching the cloak of a well to do lord, hooking it onto the back of a passing wagon. The lord is yanked forcibly to the floor, dragging him into the path of some speeding messengers on horseback. Oblivious, the wind carries on, flowing into the grounds of the awaiting college.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Shang Yang is...bb 1d100 - 38. That Boys got Talent
A fan has been showing off some amazing skills that has caught your eye. You invite him to join your team.

Roll 1D6 - bb 1d6 - 3. The fan is eager to play and show of his skills. Replace one of your Linemen with a new Lineman, the new Lineman starts of with 1D6+2 SPP.

SPP - bb 1d6 - 1. 3 SPP

The wind flickers, flying, free and fast, following the mountain north to where it meets the Great Bastion, which guards Cathays northern borders from the raiding Hung. The wall stretches on, further than the eye can see and the wind rides it full length to great city at its end. It travels through Weijin, past the imposing and wonderous Imperial Palace, guarded on all sides by mighty Foo Statues. Through the world renowned Paradise Gardens it sweeps, a swarm of dragonflies dances along beside it chasing the daily visitors away. Into Weijin college it advances, disturbing a sleeping dog, who's bark rings out into the night, loud enough to wake the dead.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Weijin is...bb 1d100 - 85. Inklorious Bastards
Whilst on a tear up at the college frat party one of your players drunkenly got a tattoo from a dangerous looking Dwarf. The college are not happy and have asked the college of magic to send a wizard to remove it. A random player on your team gains a dwarven rune tattoo for the first 1d3 games of this season.

Player - bb 1d15 - 2. Ripples On Water
Tattoo - bb 1d10 - 9. Rune of Striking - Mighty Blow, Tackle
Amount of games - bb 1d3 - 1 game

The wind gets moving yet again, advancing quickly south along the eastern coastline of Cathay. The wind joins the Red River and ventures into the great city of Fu Chow. It passes by the river junks and makes its way past opium houses as it wends its way through the much used streets. It passes by the High Elf Quarter and into the College Quarter of the city, which is making preparations for its students return. A passer by looks towards the wind and for a second glimpses an ungodly image, blinding them and turning their eyes milk white.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Fu Chow is...bb 1d100 - 63. The Chosen One
A student in your college has been prophesized to be the next big thing in FUMBBL. You immediately get him into your squad replacing one of your current positional players.

bb 1d6 - 3. The player is no better than your average college FUMBBL player.

The wind sets its sights east to the far off island of Nippon, where the great Daimyos rule with iron fists. Across the choppy waves of the Far Sea it journeys, past the rocking boats where fisherman desperately pull in their nets. Before long the wind has reached a woody inlet and moves along a picturesque river path, where a group of Macaques are playing happily. The path carries the wind all of the way to the imposing Castle Okakama, overlooking the impressive city below. From the battlements the wind dives down fast, scattering a sedge of red-crowned cranes over the college campus below.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Uruchi is...bb 1d100 - 25. Nothing Happens

The wind rises high to the east over the Okakama Forest travelling fast. Up and over the Kanto-Sanchi Mountians, passing by the dormant volcano Shirani-San. At the far side of the mountains the wind finds its way to the devout city of Kumao, where a cluster of deadly warrior monks have been tirelessly going through their kata in perfect unity and synchronisation since the break of dawn. An venerable monk moves smoothly into crane stance upon the plum blossom poles, he neither bends nor bows to the wind as it pushes past him on its way to the Horumi college.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Horumi is...bb 1d100 - 95. Prestos Magical Emporium
A wandering magician has arrived at your college selling some weird and wonderful trinkets, some of which he claims have magical properties.

bb 1d6 - 6. The magical items are all useless, but one, which is bursting with power. Give a single player on your team a permanent positive minor magical item.

bb 1d20 - 11. Knutt's Spell Of Awesome Strength - A selected player on your team gains +1 ST.

The wind bobs gently over hills heading eastward, past the paddy fields where farmers get ready to plant the first of this years crops. The wind follows the winding course of the River Hita to the majestic city of Izumo. Where street performers line the wide streets of the city, with the graceful Kabuki Dolls in their elaborate make up and costumes performing complex dance moves, as the wind passes on through. On to the always immaculate college the wind flies where a lone Kunoichi makes her way unseen across the the rooftops, stalking her unwary quarry below.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Daimatzu is...bb 1d100 - 71. Nothing Happens

The wind starts up again as it heads north along the eastern coast of Nippon. It passes the many islets as it makes its way to the large island of Haikido, the home of Daemons, Beastmen and the hordes of Undead. To the great Mountain Kiroshima it travels, to the impenetrable fortress of the Shinzei Clan. Through the great many tunnels the wind howls, passing by the shadowed training rooms of young Ninja, where countless razor sharp shuriken protrude from the many training dummies sprinkled around the hall. Out onto a large plateau where the college FUMBBL team play, the wind flies to its final destination this evening.

The Winds of Change are upon us, what they will bring to Sninzei is...bb 1d100 - 50. Nothing Happens

The wind shoots off across the Far Sea to the east now, to lush jungles of Lustria and the new world, leaving behind the changes it has wrought this fateful night.
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