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* * * Did you know? The best rusher is debog with 8789 rushing yards.
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Group managers: Trickey, MrCushtie, RicardoGrande

Oceania Secret Blood Bowl League

What is OSBBL?

The Oceanic Secret Blood Bowl League, is an hilarious, fun filled, open blood bowl league based strictly on secret league rosters, and played to an New Zealand/Australian time zone preference With a bit of a lean towards NZ.

Anyone is welcome to join, as long as you can commit to the timezone, fortnightly rounds and league rules (easy).
We are all mates and hold each other in the highest regard, but there is zero tolerance for rude or unsporting behavior, bullying, racism, homophobia, transphobia or any biggotism.

How to Join

1. Come say hi! PM Trickey, and drop by #OSBBL on Discord.

2. Draft your team. Submit a list of races
in order of preference to Trickey. Though in general this happens on a first in first served basis.
With current teams having the first right to that race.

3. having been assigned your race, create you team using THIS LINK.

4. Play a few builder games, new teams are able to get to 1.5m including treasury. Only rookie teams may play builders. Teams that have taken part in a league season must trim to stay under the threshold of 1.8 including treasury.

5. Once your team is ready submit your team to OSBBL.

6. Thats it you're in!! Welcome to the OSBBL.

The Sweet 16

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Team Name Coach Race
Blood ShantiesBobsolUndead Pirates
Bloodlust BrigadeHaruHaruDaemons of Khorne
DSR team BblackcapsClan Eshin
MoistmushoomyWater Elemental
Harder Wetter Bluster SmoulderThe SquigadierAir Elementals
None More Black TeamangusosbourneBlack Dwarf
Prepubescence PutrescenceKranskyDemons of Nurgle
Troutmask ReplicaTrickeyNautican
Wydrioth Wild HuntersArthurWynneIsha
Condottieri ContentismeborgTilea
Anaxogoras' Diaper ServiceRicardoGrandeDaemons of Tzeentch
Living in an Ethereal WorldTrickeyEthereal
Snark MenBeefyGoodnessSons of Stromfels
Johnny Geode and the Rockslidewildfire1Earth Elemental
Tcharcoal_TchickensThe _SquigadierTzeentch
Slaaneshi Thunder!Felix17Slaanesh

Season XI Schedule:

Season XI schedule
Rounds due 1) 5/8,
Round 2) 19/8
Round 3) 2/9
Round 4) 16/9
Round 5) 30/9
Round 6) 14/10
Round 7) 28/10
Round 8) 11/11
Mullet Semi Sword Play off 18/11
Mullet Final Sword Semi 25/11
Sword Final 1/12
Sucker Cup Round 1) 1/12


There are many illustrious prizes available in OSBBL:

The Highest honour is the Wilkinson Sword.
This goes to the winner of the league play off final.

Season 1: Winner: Their Mothers Love 'Em
Season 2: Winner: We're Scum
Season 3: Winner: Mоurkain Kings
Season 4: Winner: Green_For_The_Green_God!
Season 5: Winner: Sisterwives
Season 6: Winner: Beards Beers and Bikinis
Season 7: Winner: Gaen Von Griffons
Season 8: Winner: Aldari Slaa
Season 9: Winner: The Scurfs
Season X: Winner: Anaxagoras’ Diaper Service

The Mullet
From season 3 the Mullet
Trophy was introduced this was for Silky to gain more Cabal vision revenue
as vociferous frothing fans tune in to watch what is usually a Slugfest.

Season 3 Winner: Underhive Vagabonds
Season 4 Winner: Shhhh its a secret
Season 5 Winner: DSR
Season 6 Winner: DSR
Season 7 Winner: Tallahassee Rattlers
Season 8 Winner: Albion Lions
Season 9 Winner: The Cheeze eating Blender Monkees
Season X Winner: Hanging with the Hung

The Sucker cup
This tournament see's teams of old mix with the new blood in a cup knock out of giant killing proportions.
It is another of the most coveted awards in the isles.

Season 2 Winner: We're Scum
Season 3 Winner: Maximum Samurai
Season 4 Winner: Gaen Vale Griffons
Season 5 Winner: Half-cut
Season 6 Winner: Delicious Heresy
Season 7 Winner: Punishing Wounders
Season 8 Winner: Stabbings
Season 9: Winner: The Scurfs (first ever Sword/Sucker double)

The Oceanic Tentacle secret Smack
Built under the nose of Silky, this unsanctioned tournament was brough
together by the legendary Ramchop.
Thrown together within a day this small tournament is meant to be used to help build a few of the teams.

The rules are simple:
- Any secret league team can sign up
- TV has to be less than 1,111 k
- Stars are allowed
- Any race allowed

This is now run by the Mascara Snake and follows a format that suits his whim.

Season 1 Winner: Unbuilders
Season 2 Winner: shenron's defenders
Season 3 Winner: Sheikh it off
Season 4 Winner: Green_For_The_Green_God!
Season 5 Winner: Mezzo-Soprano Hunters
Season 6 Winner: Khalilah
Season 7 Winner: ZZ Zippy
Season 8 Winner: ZZ Zippy
Season 9 Winner: Harder Wetter Bluster Smoulder
Season X Winner: Half-cool
Season 11 Winner: Moist

Other prizes:

Silky Wilkinson and now in his wake The Mascara Snake are constantly looking to update things
and bring in revenue especially with their musical careers on the rocks.

The Splatterfest has it's own trophy:

The History. The First ever Splatterfest game was a brutal encounter the Kislev side the Pragg Punchers
arriving to the dead lands with their dancing bears playing Sorrow Not Sorrow the Ka-Sabar side hot favourites for by with the ghoulish audience.
The punchers clearly did not understand how bribes work in the world of the dead and any attempts to woo the ref were laughed at.
It wasn't until deep into the second half a much depleted Punchers side saw Alexander Fastfist score the only try. This led to rioting from the crowd and one of them took rookie Skeleton Mourning Glories hand.
This hand is stowed away safely and is awarded to the winner of Splatterfest.

Season 1 Winner: Hardcore LARPers
Season 2 Winner: Hardcore LARPers
Season 3 Winner: Pains in the Nec

The Ratt O Nine Tails

To celebrate the 4 skaven clans gracing the league Silky put them into a death match. Ths competition will happen everytime there is 4 or more Skaven clans compete in the OSbbl(Trophy on its way)

The Blender

The Osbbl Blender or the team with the Most casualties ever in the open season.
Currently held by Mr Cushtie and the
Cheese Eating Blender Monkees with 38 CAS.

Silky's Starfish

This goes to the player with the most SPP's

Season 1: Butch Hangtime, Jungle Boogaloo (30spp's)
Season 2: Scratchy, Wet Blankets (34)
Season 3: Laskarina Bouboulina, Gaen Vale Griffons (35)
Season 4: Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko,Gaen Vale Griffons (52)
Season 5: Aglaopheme, Siren Song (35)
Season 6: Ghost, All Up In Your Swayze (29)
Season 7: Kraken Black (Rum Rebeliion) Salvador (Banda Sagrada de Magritta) 32
Season 8: Aeldari Slaa, Aeldari Slaa (36)
Season 9: Kayden Gront, Dirty Zoggers (32)
Season X: Costache Paler, Mourkain Kings (33)

The Rampant Shag

This annoying bird was caught and stuffed by the Mercenaries of the Nightwing and given to Silky as a bizarre parting gift. The Shag goes to the player with the most TD's for the season. With it goes the Accolade of when they arrive in the tavern they are greeted with a hearty "alright Shagger".

Season 1: Mister Chuckles, Their Mothers Love 'Em (5)
Season 2: Silent, Mercenaries of the Dark Wings (7)
Season 3: Tequila Tess, Half-cut (9)
Season 4: Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko,Gaen Vale Griffons (12)
Season 5: April, Sisterwives (8)
Season 6: Ghost, All Up In Your Swayze (9)
Season 7: Salvador (7)
Season 8: Costache Paler, Mourkain Kings (10)
Season 9: Kayden Gront, Dirty Zoggers (9)
Season X: Costache Paler , Mourkain Kings (11)

The Moby Dick

Our own White Whale in Osbbl that player that cursed so many other teams driving them to distraction with the issuing of savage beatdowns (CAS) upon their opponents.

Season 1: Zoot, Sisters of Castle Anthrax (9)
Season 2: Dromo, Those Annoying Gits! (8)
Season 3: Libby Shuss, Brass Eyes SL (14)
Season 4: Houtik, Beards Beers and Bikinis (13)
Season 5: Odysseus, Siren Song (13)
Season 6: Tiger Warsaw, All Up In Your Swayze (7)
Season 7: Adala Ebner, Miras Mauraders (13)
Season 8: Aeldari Slaa, Aeldari Slaa (11)
Season 9: Scabby Scurf, The_Scurfs (7)
Season X: Kitava, Bloodlust Brigade (13

The Hand of Cod

This award is for the player with the most Completions in a season.

Season 1: Xenovia, House of the Rising Daughter (5)
Season 2: Neptune, Superior Slaanesh (9)
Season 3: Ostrich Plume, Gunboat, Diplomacy (8)
Season 4: Pearl, Trembling Tree-huggers (5)
Season 5: Aglaopheme, Siren Song (7)
Season 6: (Joint award) Kenshin, DSR Cocaine Carl, Delicious Heresy (3)
Season 7: Gwen Berry, Gaen Vale Griffons (5)
Season 8: Finn Russell, Albion Lions (10)
Season 9: Akatsuki, DSR B team (5)
Season X: Akatsuki, DSR B team (7)

The Orange Roughy

This award is for the player who stuck in the boot the most all season, though the Osbbl refs don't like it unless they are richly rewarded the crowd still love to see it.

Season 1: Otto, Mercenaries of the Dark Wings (9)
Season 2: Gharzth, Those Annoying Gits! (16)
Season 3: Jeffrey Voorhees, Larry Vaughn's Love Spawn (18)
Season 4: Skeggjöld, _The_Blimp_ (10)
Season 5: Grimy, Cheese Eating Blender Monkees (15)
Season 6: Black Dog, All Up In Your Swayze (16)
Season 7: Geoffrey "Big News" Cox, Shadows of Shadbolt (11)
Season 8: Tad, Punishing Wounders (15)
Season 9: Itchy Scurf, The_Scurfs (27)
Season X: Hatebeat, Bloodlust Brigade (29)

Salty Sea Blowhole

Brought to you by that twisted network of whispers that lies to feed our vanity, jealousy, and greed, not Tzeentch, but world wide warp based social media platform Metabo.

The Salty Sea blowhole, Also known as the Shiofuku for our Nipponese viewers, is for that player with the most rushing yards. That player that can never control their excitement to get to the finish line.

Season 9: Taylor Swift, Sheikh it Off (161 rushing yards)
Season X: Filipo Orsini, Diavoli BBC (194 rushing yards)

The Chum bucket for services to Chum production

As all of you know the Chum fiasco has haunted Silky in season 3 and the Stormfel have launched a protest nationwide disrupting Shipping throughout the Isles.
Silky found a solution using his cleaning services to reuse the dead players

Season 3: The Front Yarders
Season 4: Cheese Eating Blender Monkees
Season 5: DSR
Season 6:Siren Song
Season 7: Desperate House Husbands
Season 8: Da Dirty Zoggers
Season 9: (Joint Award) Rum Rebellion and Trout Mask replica (4)
Season X: (Joint Award) DSR and Mourkain Kings (4)

*** Did you know...

OSBBL History

The Oceanic Secret Blood Bowl League was founded by former WBBL captain of the Tentacles – Silky Wilkinson.

Silky (to his mates) was a top soul singer after his secret pact with a chaos god gave him the gift of a golden voice and silky moves. After going triple platinum with the Tentacles first album (Soft & Silky) Things started taking a huge downward tilt… Silky and the rest of the band started being ravaged with terrible physical hygiene issues, and after a year of developing hideous mutations, bloated pustules and revolting stench, the band started losing their flame. Was it the drugs? The non-stop parties? No, Silky had made a pact with Grandfather Nurgle himself, and now he wanted their souls (and tentacles) for eternity…

Fast forward three decades and the Tentacles had fled from their former lives and were now plying their trade as a mediocre blood bowl team after their manager (Damone Le Funk) spotted a gap in the sporting industry for teams cursed with Nurgle’s rot.

After displaying his silky skills on the gridiron, captaining the Tentacles to numerous small titles, shields, cups and spoons, Silky retired from playing and became a NAF official.

Surprisingly, Silky never paid any tax in his life and managed to stash a lot of cash during his career as an artist, and has now put together his old connections, crossed a few zeros and called in a few favours to start his own blood bowl league in the furthest reaches of the world.

Nobody knows what further plan Grandfather Nurgle has in store for Silky Wilkinson, but one thing is for sure, it will always be very entertaining.

OSBBL is a league of the most cruel, twisted and outright wrong outfits that any blood bowl league has ever seen, and long may it continue!

Praise Nuffle!

Other tournaments

The secret Splatterfest is an offset of Oceania Secret Blood bowl league.

Here the dead rise again to feed on the blood of their victims. This competition starts on the week of Halloween:
The following teams are allowed in only their virgin (Rookie form). This is either a straight Knock out or a double elimination dependent on numbers.

Ka-Sabar Teams Lybaras Teams

Mahrak Teams Numas Teams

Rasetra Teams Zandri Teams

Necrarch Teams Lahmian Teams

Blood Dragons Undead Pirates

Strigoi Teams Von Carstein Teams

Sylvania Pact Were Teams

Golem Teams Ethereal Teams

Dust Goblin Teams

Rules: All teams must induce a Wizard
All teams must induce a Chainsaw
All teams must take 2 Bribes
No other inducements an be used

The first round must be played on or before Halloween unless prior arrangement has been made and explained to Trickey. Further rounds should be fired every 3 days at a maximum unless prior notice has been made.

On request losers in this tournament can play in one off Frog off matches.

Enjoy the Blood.

The Festive Beat down

This Tournament commences sometime in December and ends ideally before the 23rd.

The festive beat down teams are to be 1.2 TV or less. All teams as it is Yule tide are gifted 200,000 to spend as it is the season to throw money around an aw that. This money is on top of any other inducement money you have.You must try and spend as much of it as you can but in any way you feel fit.

Generally this is in two open round robin groups with the top 4 going into the Black Friday Berserker with 200,000 to spend on cards and 200000 to spend on inducements plus what ever else they have. If there are enough teams for 2 groups it is the top 4 unique coaches that go Berserk. It is the most wonderful time of the year we hear.

Matariki Mayhem

Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in midwinter and for many Māori, it heralds the start of a new year.

Matariki literally means the ‘eyes of god’ (mata ariki) or ‘little eyes’ (mata riki). According to myth, when Ranginui, the sky father, and Papatūānuku, the earth mother, were separated by their children, the god of the winds, Tāwhirimātea, became so angry that he tore out his eyes and threw them into the heavens.
Cycles of life and death

Traditionally, Matariki was a time to remember those who had died in the last year. But it was also a happy event – crops had been harvested and seafood and birds had been collected. With plenty of food in the storehouses, Matariki was a time for singing, dancing and feasting.

At the moment the way Osbbl will celebrate this is a little hazy. But we plan to bring in the brightest and best from Osbbl.

League Rules

- From season II there will be two conferences of 7/8 teams. These two conferences will be randomly drawn from all readied and confirmed teams with no seeding.
Each team will play each of the other teams in their division to a predetermined schedule within the normal league season. Once this stage is complete, the top team in each division will playoff for the ultimate award, "Wilkinson's Sword"
Both coaches winner and loser will have the following season conferences named after their teams.
For the bottom-feeders among you (the bottom two teams in each conference) Get to playoff against each other for the fabled MULLET trophy!
Once this stage is complete and the sword holder announced, there will then be a knockout tournament and league cup (The Silky Sucker Cup) which will pit all available teams against each other to battle it out for the coveted cup. NOTE you may enter ANY team that has completed a full league season of OSBBL but there are also 2 wild card rookie spots/
We always fill to 16. This means you may switch out your current league team for one you have used before.

Once the Sucker cup is complete the league will commence with another smack. New teams can enter the league at 1.3 TV and returning teams will redraft at 1.8 TV (both figures include treasury). There are no agent fees as silky takes all.Players can temporarily retire during a post match sequence they will return either in the cup or the league.

Should there be any questions regarding rules query or other related stuff please PM your lovely league commissioner Trickey.

- Only one team of each race is permitted.

-Tie breakers are set to default settings

-Wizards are allowed

-Specific criteria on each tournament is outlined in the tournaments tab.

- Rookie teams may play any amount of builder games against any opposition as long as they are competing against other coaches with secret league rosters, and keep their entry TV and treasury below 1.3m etc.

- Returning teams are maxed at 1.8m including treasury (fan factor also free).

- Teams that have played in the season proper at any stage, may not be allowed "builder games" of any kind or play outside of the league, though they may re-enter the league or cup after absence."Builder Games
do not include any sanctioned Osbbl Events.