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Emerging Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Goose is Loose Gnome 0 0/0/0 950k ±100  
  Mighty Mighty Blocktonnes Norse 10k 1/1/0 1075k ±110  
  Sandshoe Shuffle Tomb Kings 65k 2/0/0 1050k ±110  
  Sorry Not Sorry Imperial Nobility 35k 1/1/1 1065k ±160  
  Blue Green Envy Slann 210k 21/13/15 1910k    
  Doughy Dunkers Dwarf 0 2/1/1 1150k    
  Farqwads Fools Wood Elf 95k 15/3/0 1890k    
  Filthy Dawgs Nurgle 178k 4/0/3 1490k    
  Flitter Mice Wood Elf 10k 32/13/20 1980k    
  Food for Thawt Shambling Undead 60k 22/7/5 2170k    
  Sir Beefys soldats Tomb Kings 80k 2/3/0 1320k    
  Street Fighting All Stars Human 90k 2/1/1 1170k    
  Succulent Morsels Halfling 550k 5/3/3 600k    
  Ugly tripods Dwarf 40k 13/5/5 1720k    
  WC_Open_Gaming_Lice Necromantic Horror 0 4/3/1 1150k    
  WC_Training_Dummiez Orc 0 4/0/2 1150k    
  WCow_Griff Old World Alliance 285k 2/0/0 865k    
  Wollongong Warriors Human 85k 17/7/9 1790k    
  Ye Olde Browne Streakes Skaven 90k 7/1/5 1940k    
League teams for Big Vegetables 2023
  blocklepow testers Orc 125k 1/0/0 1195k    
  Frying Scotsmen Halfling 550k 5/0/3 550k    
League teams for Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg
  Budget Superheros Chaos Renegade 165k 4/1/3 1260k    
  Chainsaw Masochist Goblin 185k 3/0/1 670k    
  Khornish Kold Kuts Khorne 215k 3/4/6 1820k    
  Lawn Pawn Dwarf 125k 10/2/7 1510k    
  Reach Around Simyin 145k 2/1/0 1090k    
  Skill Gap Development Skaven 0 0/0/0 950k    
  Slippery Nibbles Slann 140k 9/1/6 1300k    
  Suppository of all Wisdom Necromantic Horror 85k 1/0/0 1035k    
League teams for OSBBL 2020 2.0
  Blood Drag Racing Blood Dragon 60k 0/1/0 970k    
  Fasta Pasta Strigoi 115k 0/0/2 830k    
  Snark Men Sons of Stromfels 440k 11/7/15 1790k    
  You Want Sumo This Northern Nippon 90k 3/2/3 1340k    
League teams for Southern Survivalists League
  Chaotic Dentistry Chaos Survivalists 90k 4/1/1 1280k    
  Underworld Molars Underworld Survivalists 20k 2/3/7 1240k    
League teams for Southern Wastes League
  Blooder Buccaneers Human 250k 4/1/4 1315k    
  Born to Rock Norse 1310k 18/6/4 1275k    
  Gits and Shiggles Old World Alliance 195k 11/6/18 1330k    
  Malapropisms Relieved Tomb Kings 25k 24/14/12 1540k    
Scheduled against Reggiesson's Killer Heelz (Seen 2h ago).
  Ulthuan Ultimatum High Elf 185k 4/3/4 1180k    
League teams for SWL Fringe
  Bin Night Old World Alliance 20k 0/0/0 1080k    
  Malapropism Mania Chaos Dwarf 100k 40/21/19 1690k    
  More Food for Thawt Chaos Chosen 490k 28/12/17 1860k    
  Play Fetch Necromantic Horror 70k 14/4/5 1750k    
  Völsung into Deity Norse 80k 0/1/3 1250k    
League teams for Team Australia EB Test League
  Elvenesses Dark Elf 350k 1/0/1 1150k    
Scheduled against 21 possible opponents.
  Funderwurst Underworld Denizens 550k 0/0/0 950k    
Scheduled against 23 possible opponents.
  Poseidon's Crabby Boys Human 330k 0/0/1 1170k    
Scheduled against 22 possible opponents.
  Wampire Fever Vampire 330k 0/0/2 1170k    
Scheduled against 21 possible opponents.
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Quick Stats
Member SinceNovember 21, 2003
Matches Played1164
Match Record571/232/361
Tournament Wins
The Sucker cup XI
DIBBL 34: Crouching Saurus Hidden Skink Division
DIBBL: Crap Bowl IX
Secret Tentacle Smack - Verner Hishog's Lucid drea
SWL Stuart the End Level Guy Conference LXXXVII
SWL Tinkerbell Conference LXXXIV
Red Mountains S17
SWL Woodistan State Dance Squad Conference LXXXI
Black Swans Conference LVII
Imperial Outsiders Conference
Touring Leg Group D
Mort Avaritia Conference XLV
I-House Regional XLIII
Blax Landric Regional League XXII
Mr Whippy's Donut Emporium Regional League XII
Maniac Mammallian Conference League XIV
06 Madness
The Underground Cup
Lil Leeg Seeson Neen
SWL Off Season - The Chunkathon
East Conference VIII