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Chaos Dwarf
Super Star
Chaos Dwarf
Win Percentage
Dark Elf
Dark Elf
Win Percentage
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Against the dice High Elf 10k 0/0/0 990k ±100  
Scheduled against Galad's Bloodbowl chaos (Seen 3y ago).
  Bad Behavior Orc 160k 11/1/4 1360k ±370  
  BashBashBash Orc 370k 6/0/2 1250k ±190  
  Beyond Reason Nurgle 0 0/0/0 1000k ±100  
Scheduled against ortu1975's ortu´s cardinals (Seen 2y ago).
  Black Album Dark Elf 50k 38/11/12 1910k    
  Blood Bowl Fever Nurgle 140k 9/6/2 1610k ±470  
  C l a w Chaos Chosen 250k 2/1/2 1150k ±170  
  Camelot Crows Dark Elf 60k 6/0/2 1320k ±200  
  Chaos and Anarchy Chaos Dwarf 105k 8/2/3 1360k ±290  
  Chaos Dwarf Theory Chaos Dwarf 150k 4/0/0 1150k ±170  
  Chaotic Commands Chaos Chosen 180k 5/1/1 1210k ±180  
  Charge of the Light Brigade Skaven 190k 7/3/4 1400k ±320  
  Clear eyes, full hearts Human 350k 7/1/2 1380k ±210  
  Crazy Pills High Elf 310k 12/2/0 1770k ±410  
  dicewise Dwarf 180k 4/1/1 1280k ±190  
  do you feel lucky punk Chaos Chosen 130k 3/1/1 1210k ±180  
  ghaellie sidhe Dark Elf 90k 7/3/4 1490k ±340  
  Greatest Blood Bowl Team High Elf 30k 6/0/1 1420k ±210  
  Greatest Show on Fumbbl High Elf 70k 1/1/0 1140k ±110  
Scheduled against Kalez's Powerviolence (Seen 3y ago).
  Hell Dorado Demons Nurgle 130k 4/5/1 1430k ±210  
  I cant get any lower than this Chaos Dwarf 30k 46/13/28 1580k    
  I H-A-T-E Fumbbl High Elf 10k 0/0/0 990k ±100  
Scheduled against andyh1677's brayherdz (Seen 3y ago).
  Insanitation Nurgle 60k 1/0/0 1030k ±100  
  JandJ Slann 150k 4/0/0 1110k ±170  
  Larger Scale Lizardmen 100k 1/2/0 1150k ±170  
  lil` butchers Chaos Dwarf 70k 2/0/0 1090k ±110  
  Love in the Time of Cholera Nurgle 20k 3/0/1 1210k ±180  
  Muuuuhtation Chaos Chosen 180k 4/1/2 1290k ±190  
  NEVER tell me the odds Dark Elf 50k 2/1/0 1190k ±180  
  Niflheimr Nightmares Nurgle 200k 3/1/1 1290k ±190  
  Noldokings Dark Elf 400k 23/8/8 1880k    
  Nottermoor Abominations Nurgle 140k 5/2/0 1330k ±200  
  Orcs will be Orcs Orc 450k 6/0/0 1140k ±170  
  Painful Beauty of Creation Nurgle 0 0/0/0 1000k ±100  
  Panta Rhei Nurgle 170k 4/3/0 1440k ±220  
  Pixels Pieces Pawns Orc 150k 3/0/1 1100k ±170  
  Red Hot Dicing Chaos Chosen 120k 6/0/1 1110k ±170  
  Sad Souls Dark Elf 150k 10/3/4 1500k ±440  
Scheduled against DarkyDark's Cattys Fighting (Seen 8y ago).
  Scheming Shadows Dark Elf 0 0/0/0 1000k ±100  
  Shake the Earth, Rock the Sky High Elf 20k 3/0/1 1140k ±170  
  Short and Sharp Chaos Dwarf 80k 15/5/3 1760k ±720  
  Starbearers High Elf 200k 22/2/10 2090k    
  Sweathearts Orc 290k 6/2/4 1440k ±270  
  Thalazar Eagles High Elf 60k 1/0/0 1030k ±100  
Scheduled against baldomero's chipotles (Seen 3y ago).
  Welcome to the Danger Zone Chaos Dwarf 120k 8/1/0 1390k ±210  
  You got Nurgled! Nurgle 80k 0/3/0 1150k ±170  
  You Know What Its About Chaos Dwarf 60k 17/5/4 1600k ±750  
  ☣Biohazadeurs☣ Nurgle 0 17/5/6 1560k ±800  
Stunty Leeg
  Nurgles Little ones Nurglings 80k 0/0/1 1000k    
  Goldjungen High Elf 110k 5/1/5 1630k    
  sixsixsixers Chaos Dwarf 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Ventnor Vectis Villains Dark Elf 90k 2/0/2 1180k    
League teams for CIBBL
  Thurak Termites Chaos Dwarf (CIBBL) 70k 1/0/0 1040k    
  Altburg Antifuns Dwarf 30k 4/1/1 1150k    
  arbitrary Chaos Dwarf 180k 6/2/7 1400k    
  Beyond Imagination Nurgle 230k 4/1/3 1270k    
  Black Box Fever Nurgle 110k 1/0/3 1080k    
  Black Box Lurkers Chaos Dwarf 140k 2/1/0 1100k    
  clawesome Chaos Dwarf 120k 2/0/2 1010k    
  Dark Box Elfs Dark Elf 60k 2/0/0 1090k    
  Famous Richards Chaos Dwarf 110k 1/1/1 1090k    
  green an mean Orc 0 0/0/0 1000k    
Scheduled against rubensoj100's RBN Wolf (Seen 2y ago).
  HellDorado Nurgle 0 0/0/0 1000k    
Scheduled against UncleMortimer's Grombrindal's Fans (Seen 3y ago).
  Just another Killer Team Chaos Dwarf 140k 0/2/1 1070k    
  Kraken Bremerhaven Nurgle 0 0/0/1 920k    
  Lil Monsters Chaos Dwarf 10k 11/4/7 1570k    
  Meatgame Orc 70k 1/0/1 1060k    
  Megabash Chaos Chosen 10k 1/0/1 1020k    
  Neue Deutsche Welle Chaos Chosen 180k 15/5/11 1940k    
  Nurghtmare Nurgle 350k 8/5/6 1390k    
  Nurgling Nurgle Nurgle 0 0/0/1 960k    
  Pest Beuler Nurgle 20k 0/0/0 980k    
  stupid strategies Orc 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Throw aways Chaos Dwarf 80k 1/0/1 1020k    
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