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Dark Elf
Dark Elf
Win Percentage
Chaos Chosen
Emerging Star
Chaos Chosen
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Addams Family All Stars Shambling Undead 90k 15/9/7 2020k    
  Bad_medicine Chaos Chosen 120k 35/14/21 2390k    
  Berner 2010 Amazon 70k 24/7/3 1830k    
  Binford Tools Necromantic Horror 230k 15/7/6 1980k ±1010  
  Boston Legal Frogs Slann 140k 13/5/6 2150k ±920  
  Competitive Dancers Dark Elf 130k 20/6/7 2190k    
  Elf Physics Dark Elf 90k 11/7/17 2470k    
  Gacaca II Chaos Renegade 50k 23/9/12 2130k    
  German Beer Institute Chaos Dwarf 140k 34/16/11 2030k    
  In Rage Orc 70k 9/1/9 1870k ±620  
  Jim Knopf and Friends Shambling Undead 270k 9/7/4 2060k ±720  
  Karos Lizardmen 220k 13/1/1 1980k ±500  
  Munich air disaster Elven Union 110k 15/6/5 2200k ±1030  
  New England Patriots All Stars Dark Elf 90k 12/8/1 2050k ±760  
  Nordic flings! Norse 40k 14/4/8 2140k ±1010  
  Old New World Bosses Old World Alliance 40k 2/0/0 1170k ±120  
  Pants_Made_By Dark Elf 70k 15/3/9 2290k ±1120  
  Philosophers with Passion Dark Elf 20k 10/4/3 2040k ±590  
  Plague Pioneerz Nurgle 100k 24/20/17 2250k    
  Pulp Dogs Human 100k 13/5/12 2180k    
  Random Number Dark Elf 70k 14/1/4 1970k ±650  
  RaTTTomato Skaven 70k 16/1/5 2010k ±780  
  River_of_Blood Lizardmen 20k 9/3/7 1900k ±630  
  Sewer Army II Skaven 80k 13/3/4 2010k ±700  
  Sewer Fighters Skaven 170k 15/3/3 1780k ±660  
  Swiss Made High Elf 60k 16/4/9 2320k ±1230  
  Ulthuan Renegade Dark Elf 60k 11/2/1 2060k ±470  
  Warpstone War Rats Skaven 190k 8/6/4 2000k ±620  
  Wooden Revival Wood Elf 0 10/1/2 2050k ±430  
  Wooden_Dream Wood Elf 60k 15/4/6 2110k ±950  
  Wrath of the Pharao Tomb Kings 90k 6/6/10 1960k ±760  
Stunty Leeg
  A knife is a knife is a knife Forest Goblin 415k 13/2/2 1690k    
  Around the World!!! Chaos Halfling 320k 7/9/8 1890k    
  Hail to the machine Skryre Slaves 685k 26/8/8 2330k    
  Snots for the win! Snotling 255k 6/6/8 1720k    
  Tha Gnome Project Gnome 155k 12/1/15 1900k    
  [DBL] Death Brings Life Shambling Undead 140k 9/2/4 1830k    
  [DBL] Family Underwood Chaos Chosen 70k 11/8/17 2270k    
  [DFFL] Family Underwood Chaos Dwarf 540k 25/9/16 2110k    
League teams for College FUMBBL
  [Φ] Northern Hochland Huskies [Φ] Hochland 10740k 7/5/6 540k    
  Himalaya Crushers Orc 120k 4/6/1 1920k    
  Phamous Phails Nurgle 60k 3/0/1 1140k    
  Red Giants Chaos Dwarf 110k 14/8/10 1860k    
  Smoking...Kills! Chaos Chosen 100k 14/10/15 1960k    
  Sweeter Kitten Tomb Kings 75k 14/9/23 2030k    
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