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Joined: Sep 12, 2014

Post   Posted: Feb 26, 2018 - 12:01 Reply with quote Back to top

Congratulations to Smegish for making it to the semifinals. Maybe High Elves will be unforlorned at the last opportunity!!

The Southern Survivalists League
La grande peur des bien-pensants. The end of an age...the beginning of another.

Joined: Oct 29, 2013

Post   Posted: Feb 26, 2018 - 13:21 Reply with quote Back to top

Top work Smegish.
Two more games, keep it up.

Proud member of the SWL HEROES

Bio template here.

Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Mar 01, 2018 - 10:58 Reply with quote Back to top

More games here this coming weekend, Quarter finals.

9.00pm Sat Sydney time: Blackwater Glee Club (chaos) vs Wonga Wonga Whalekillers (norse).
9.30am Sun Sydney time: Striking Thunder Beards! (dwarf) vs Styx and Warpstones (underworld)

There's also a semi-final ready to go some time.

Public Service Announcement (chaos) vs Mexican Standoff (high elf).


Those are mostly some very old teams, filling up the roster space for a very long time indeed. There's a few rosters were often full up at the drafts, and others no one really even tried (for good reason, no doubt). Will this sort of thing be reflected in the upcoming (March 19th!) mega-draft for S71?

Image Thirteen High Elf teams totalled 98 seasons, Mexican Standoff with 25, Griffon Gate Sentinels with 21, High Elvis with 12, and [SWL] Jeagers with 10.
Image Fourteen Chaos teams totalled 91 seasons, Public Service Announcement with 22, Morte Volente and Blackwater Glee Club with 13 each, and Urban Nightmare with 12.
Image Ten Dark Elf teams totalled 89 seasons, Blackwater Sting with 19, and Black Swans and Steaked with 17 each.
Image Thirteen Orc teams totalled 86 seasons, Intoxicated Mayhem with 23, Wāŋa Warriors with 14, and Quad's Grunts and Prancing Unicorns with 12 each.
Image Eleven Norse teams totalled 81 seasons, Wonga Wonga Whalekillers with 32, Freezy Trees with 15, and Banner of the Black Stag with 11.
Image Twelve Skaven teams totalled 81 seasons, Psych Lab with 28 and Redgum's Rodents with 15.
Image Eleven Lizardman teams totalled 77 seasons, Slumbering Skink with 34 (all of them), Sacred Spawning of Sotek with 17, and SWL Hunting Crocs with 10.
Image Fourteen Chaos Dwarf teams totalled 72 seasons, Large Head-On Colliders with 24 and Malaproprism Mania with 10.
Image Fifteen Necromantic teams totalled 72 seasons, Horrors of Skye with 27 and Error 404 afterlife not found with 11.
Image Thirteen Chaos Pact teams totalled 70 seasons, Chaos All Sorts with 13.
Image Fourteen Nurgle teams totalled 70 seasons, SWL Fun Police with 16, Madness Mountain Misery with 11, and Eau De Toilet with 10.
Image Thirteen Dwarf teams totalled 69 seasons, Ashamaniac with 14, Redgum's Ruffians with 11, and Striking Thunder Beards! with 10.
Image Eleven Wood Elf teams totalled 64 seasons, Autumn's Leaves with 16 and Port Macquarie Snowleopards with 15.
Image Thirteen Elf teams totalled 64 seasons, Wings of the Condor with 13.
Image Fourteen Human teams totalled 56 seasons, We are Ninjah and Hostile Kiddies IV with 10 each.
Image Ten Undead teams totalled 52 seasons, Crypt-O-Night with 11, and Macabre Morticians with 10.
Image Nine Slann teams totalled 47 seasons, Tribute to Alan Parsons with 17, and Elektric Boogaloo with 10.
Image Eleven Amazon teams totalled 41 seasons.
Image Five Khemri teams totalled 36 seasons, Sphinxes From Mars with 17.
Image Four Goblin teams totalled 27 seasons, Bribery and Corruption with 13 and Colour of Money with 11.
Image Five Underworld teams totalled 22 seasons.
Image Three Vampire teams totalled 16 seasons, New World Winers and Diners with 10.
Image Three Ogre teams totalled 7 seasons.
Image The Bakersfield Butchers played 1 season.

That's 31% Rock, 32% Scissors, 32% Paper, and 5% Dynamite. Not a bad mix.

Apologies for leaving out the new teams with the 10-season limit there, S65 start for Redgum's Revolutionaries is just too late, and not like he needs a third team on this list anyway. Very Happy


Joined: Sep 02, 2007

Post   Posted: Mar 03, 2018 - 15:19 Reply with quote Back to top

For those teams that are out and who are interested in getting some more games played (especially those interested in Thunderdome), I'm kicking off a meta-league for legacy teams. Looking to start in the next week or so...

Bring out your old DIBBL/SWL/SSL teams that don't get games!!!

Discussion here.

Sign ups here.

They see me Trollin', they hatin'...

Joined: Aug 28, 2008

Post   Posted: Mar 11, 2018 - 03:33 Reply with quote Back to top

You're all cordially invited to witness the final between everyone's favourite teams - PSA vs Glee Club.

Grand Final - Tomorrow (Monday, 12th March) - 7pm SWL time.

We have picked this time so most of you may be free to watch. Please come along and throw a rock at Foad's players.

P.S Villain power.


Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Mar 11, 2018 - 05:12 Reply with quote Back to top

36 Players have made it to 100 games in SWL. Here they all are:

195 ImageFish Oil Nilsson (Wonga Wonga Whalekillers)
187 Image!Mbele Mummyslayer (Wonga Wonga Whalekillers)
179 ImageFrançois Englert (Large Head-on Colliders)
166 Imagesneutrino (Large Head-on Colliders)
157 ImageEth'el (Citadel Ancients)
153 ImageMasochist (Public Service Announcement)
151 ImageKegman Eigil (Wonga Wonga Whalekillers)
151 ImageDisciple Shariputra (Zen Adepts)
147 ImageThe Violent Tango (Public Service Announcement)
144 ImageRobert Brout (Large Head-on Colliders)
143 ImageUzthug Chivas Regal (Intoxicated Mayhem)
141 ImageGobslag Glenmorangie (Intoxicated Mayhem)
135 ImageStrdthm (Slumbering Skink)
134 ImageLlstrr (Slumbering Skink)
125 ImageBlue Lord (Horrors Of Skye)
123 ImageFlippers Jonasson (Wonga Wonga Whalekillers)
119 ImageDavid "Tight Lips" Gambino (Blackwater Sting)
118 ImageMickey "The Don" Marino (Blackwater Sting)
116 ImageRed Knight II (Horrors Of Skye)
114 ImageSkumsnaga Dewars (Intoxicated Mayhem)
110 ImageSdlss (Slumbering Skink)
109 ImageXies-ler-aym (Slumbering Skink)
108 ImageJetta (Black Swans)
108 ImageRotting Roger (SWL Fun Police)
108 ImageTerry the Tainted Tentacle (SWL Fun Police)
107 ImageVrong Glenfiddich (Intoxicated Mayhem)
107 ImageCu (Sacred Spawning of Sotek)
107 ImageStndsteoeo (Slumbering Skink)
106 ImageChuhui (Sacred Spawning of Sotek)
106 ImageHalloween Jack (Sphinxes from Mars)
103 ImageDan "Big Daddy Cool" Guido (Blackwater Sting)
103 ImageRancid RedMaul (SWL Fun Police)
102 ImageNight Patrol (Public Service Announcement)
102 ImageSancho (Mexican Standoff)
102 ImageThe Sound of Silence (Public Service Announcement)
101 ImageClark (Freezy Trees)

Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Mar 15, 2018 - 07:06 Reply with quote Back to top

A belated Congratulations, outside discord at least, to Daudy, coach of the All Southern Wastes CRP Championship Champions:

Public Service Announcement

Great yearbook, that. Never trust the trolls, indeed. Well done to the littler of the big Chaos, and of course the unbeatable as always, Grashnak Blackhoof. Yet to see that Mino lose a game, don't want to either, such a good star player.


Joined: Sep 25, 2008

Post   Posted: Mar 15, 2018 - 13:07 Reply with quote Back to top

ramchop wrote:
36 Players have made it to 100 games in SWL.

List nicely sandwiched by two Norse linos and an AV6 Snow Troll.

Joined: Aug 28, 2008

Post   Posted: Mar 15, 2018 - 15:28 Reply with quote Back to top

tussock wrote:
...and of course the unbeatable as always, Grashnak Blackhoof. Yet to see that Mino lose a game, don't want to either, such a good star player.

You're going to see Grashnak lose to Headsplitter in the Big Stars Cup Grand Final on Monday 8pm SWL time! I selected him in the last hurrah to study his weaknesses. Team Headsplitter rules! Grashnak drools!

But actually, probably not because it's a low TV game and Grashnak has cdorfs around him - the cheater!


Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Mar 18, 2018 - 06:16 Reply with quote Back to top


And as the CRP era drew its last breath a few Records tumbled, new entrants are listed below:


High Elf Catcher, Blue Suede Shoes (High Elvis) joined Iolas as all time leader in this position with 227spp

Nicholas Clumsytree (Horrors of Skye) stepped into outright 2nd placed fouler (194 fouls).

SPP per Game. A massive effort to break this long standing record. Volos (Styx and Warpstones) with 215spp in a mere 44 games (4.89spp/game) overtakes Superfly Sam at the top.


All time worst kill margin, goes to Mexican Standoff (-40)

One of Chaos All Sorts' claims to fame was their record proportion of draws. Perhaps overtime rules in the Hurrah stymied this, and they slipped off the pace. This Record returns to Fraud Squad (Underworld) with 16 draws in 48 games (0.33 draws/game)

Most Carnage (for+against) per Game, a tight race this one with two teams vying for the title. Macabre Morticians overtakes Blackwater Glee Club in the end. 362cas in 56games (6.46 per game). Glee Club ends on 6.39

And finaly, a belated Congratulations to Volos and Forrest Gump for possibly becoming SWL's last Legends.


The new era changes things as far as records go. Whatever happens, time will be needed to build up some decent totals under the new ruleset. I'll revisit things at the end of the year. o/

Joined: Mar 06, 2016

Post   Posted: Mar 18, 2018 - 06:22 Reply with quote Back to top

Nice post, Rambo.

All due kudos to all record holders, new and well established.

One SWL era is dead - long live the new SWL era.

"Goodneth Gwaythuth -
Gwate Bullth of Fire!"

Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Mar 18, 2018 - 09:47 Reply with quote Back to top

As happy as I am with most cas against (per game) for a team, and that is really quite chuffed as a state of happiness, I will have to aim for a somewhat different record or three next up.

Thought I might have lost that one, really, was gradually coming down as I had a few seasons with missing all the Chorfs and Dorfs. Those early three games against Easy Mode Maniacs helped though. Credit where it's due, 4x TPOMB hanging out in reggies, gave me the boost I needed there.

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