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2018-02-08 18:08:47
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Ye cramped client...
Something that occurs to me sometimes as I spend about 2minutes labeling skills on players at high tv, is how utterly inefficient labeling schemes can be at pointing out the key elements of a team. Here's what I tend to work with:

B = block
D = dodge
M = mighty blow
G = guard
C = claw
DP = Dirty player
Sg = Sneaky Git
gr = grab
bt = break tackle
F = frenzy
f = fend
J = juggernaut
SS = Sidestep
sh = Surehands
sf = Standfirm
L = leap
Le = Leader
Lo = Loner
W = Wrestle
dt = Diving tackle
Sb = Strip Ball
d = Dauntless
T = tackle
2h = two heads

% = blodge
$ = blodgestep
K = killstack (this now gets added to anyone with mb+ frenzy/tackle, effectively I just use it to notate probable blitzers)
+ = blodgefirm
! = blodgesf/blodgeSS + DT/DT + prehensile tail etc
& = Sacker (so wrestle/tackle or wrestle/sb with any other combination of skills)

Sometimes I just label an obvious ballcarrier "ball" rather than bother with the rest of his skills, and append anything important.

As TV rises, I stop labeling stuff like block and just assume everyone has it, with a quick glance at the player when picking block dice as a last-second check. Against say dwarves at high tv, I will stop labeling mb and guard, and just label positional skills. Players who do not have skills I assume to be there are marked with "-" and I check what they're missing as I play my turn.

I remember the "DukeTyrion labeling scheme" with some fondness on occasions - "I'm labeling that guy X, for kill first, that guy XX for kill second..." :D
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Posted by Wozzaa on 2018-02-08 18:17:36
Hold down shift and click on a player (for new coaches).

This is pretty awesome.
Posted by Kondor on 2018-02-08 18:17:53
Your scheme is much like mine. Where do you see it as inefficient. It seems to work well. However, I think I like the Duke's way just as much.
Posted by PurpleChest on 2018-02-08 18:23:26
I dont bother with a lot of those, but use some. And for common skills I use lower case, thinking more will easily fit. Capitals are for unuual skills and one i want to remember, so DT, F (frenzy).

For kill stack players i find four letters fits well, as 'Kill This' doesnt.

+stats. If the number is before any letters its +str or move(can usually tell which at a glance), if after its +ag so 4mbg or mbg4
Posted by ArrestedDevelopment on 2018-02-08 18:31:48
I just feel it's inefficient Kondor as over time you realise actually the vast majority of these skills have little bearing on the game - as PC has replied, he doesn't use most of them, but he keeps unusual skills.

I'd posit the best skills to label (and perhaps the only ones you need to bother with) are all positional.

Ah yeah, I should add, for +stats I tend to label:

Low TV:
S4, A4, M7 etc

Mid/high TV:
Number at front of label, check the stat during turn (for first 2 turns or so, then I'll just remember)

-stats are labled similarly, niggles get "n" :D
Posted by neubau on 2018-02-08 18:42:34
$ = +ST
& = +AG
? = +MA

i dont label +AV normally. single skills almost exactly as above, killers are X, blodgestep diving tacklers are !!! (less ! for every skill missing, only DT is !)
Posted by Antithesisoftime on 2018-02-08 18:42:47
That's exactly my labeling system, you been watching me play with a remote monitor?

Anyways, I tend to have to just name some of my Legends with marking, rather than labels, simply because labels won't fit.

Take for example a Block, Strip Ball, Juggernaut, Leap, +MA, +ST Gutter Runner.

M10S3&JL will get truncated in the client, showing 0S3&J

At high TV, you get players with several skills that don't mark easily, or create unusual skill combinations that are harder to consolidate, add in stat boosts and perm injuries that some Super Stars and Legends often carry, and you end up losing a lot of information on a player despite being marked.
Posted by mrt1212 on 2018-02-08 19:45:09
My schema

T= Tackle
M= Mighty Blow
G= Guard
C= Claw
!= Claw+MB
Z= Frenzy
J= Juggernaut

B= Block
D= Dodge
$= Blodge
W= Wrestle
W$= Wrodge

s= Sidestep unless there is no blodge, then SS. Blodge SS = $s
Sf= standfirm
F= Fend
Dt= Diving Tackle
&= Shadowing
Ju= Jump Up
Sh= Surehands unless there is blodge, then $h
Sb= Strip Ball
L= Leap

Dp= Dirty Player
Sg= Sneaky Git

Stats are represented by their relative position to center of the tagging.

Block and Dodge are always central in tagging syntax. Skills preceding Block and Dodge in the above list appear ahead of Block and Dodge in tagging. Example A Tackle, Mighty Blow, Guard Blodger with Surehands would be represented as TMG$h

A similar player with +MA +ST +AG and +AV would read like this: 74TMG$h410 if space was available. I never mark +AV.

General syntax reads as

+MA,+ST, (Blocking Skills and ST Access Skills), Block, Wrestle, Dodge, (Block positioning counter skills), (Player following skills), (Ball Handling Skills), (Ball Popping Skills), +AG, +AV

But I never do +AV.
Posted by MattDakka on 2018-02-08 19:48:23
A bigger-sized client would help a lot, more space to write information.

About the Gutter Runner above: if you are going to carry the ball with a Sure Hands player then there is no need to mark Strip Ball, and Juggernaut might be not important as well if you have no Wrestle/Stand Firm/Fend.
At that point I would mark him like so: 10,3,b,L.
Posted by flashman1234 on 2018-02-08 20:19:41
Heh, I have almost the exact same system as PurpleChest, except the kill stack players are marked as KILL

if there are any niggling injuries I mark them with a *
Posted by Jeffro on 2018-02-08 21:13:15
I like the combos you have... but for the most part, I stick to three letters max and just try to differentiate. If both blitzers have blodge, MB, tackle and one has SB and the other ST4... those are what I notate. Multiple stat upgrades are usually on players that have some of the basics too (block, dodge) so a AG+ and ST+ player I'll just notate with a "4-5" or whatever.

That usually covers most instances so I can differentiate when - not unlike PC said - there are more unusual skills like Diving Tackle, Frenzy, Stand Firm, etc. If a Frenzy or DT player doesn't have block, Sidestep, or Stand Firm... I'll remember right away and punch them in the face early ;) But that's me...

In general, though... I don't like seeing more than 3 characters on an icon.
Posted by thoralf on 2018-02-08 22:31:24
I use something similar, except for the variables, which I should.

Three things I found useful that may not have been mentioned. First is to use uppercase for the major skills and lowercase for minor skills. Second is to indicate +ST as a suffix and +AG as a prefix. Third is to name legends by their names. Here are some examples:

BDT5 - Block, Dodge, Tackle, 5AG

9WSTd - +MA, Wrassle, Sidestep, Tackle, Dauntless (a War Dancer as you might guess)

GDSM - Guard, Dodge, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow (a Dorf blocker)

BCDM - Block, Claw, Dodge, Mighty Blow

4Bsh - +ST, Block, Sure Hands

If there's a possible ambiguity between Stand Firm and Sidestep, I use "ss" and "sf". I use "sh" because "H" is more important to note, but I don't like that.

I'm sure we can simplify this a bit.
Posted by Balle2000 on 2018-02-09 04:17:55
I just write their given name.
Posted by grunth on 2018-02-09 07:39:32
i mark all the skills (and only these ones) involved in the blocking processus : B, G, D, T, W, F, and eventually ss and sf for the surfs.... oh yes, and dt...

AND the +st...

nothing else :)
Posted by Throweck on 2018-02-09 14:37:08
Hang on...after over 2500 I find out you can mark players?!?!
Posted by happygrue on 2018-02-09 17:32:56
lol Throweck!
Posted by uzkulak on 2018-02-09 22:47:20
Too much planning takes the fun out of the game for me. Ive tried labelling a couple of times, but I found it didn't improve my game experience of performance.