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2016-12-22 18:43:50
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2016-12-21 19:14:59
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A True BelievARR! (ARR Fundraiser pt1 Complete!)
The Purple one had languished now for days in the box, trapped in the castings of his hot pot helmet, looking at the bundle of twigs beside him and pleading with it to throw him - he could get to the ball. From time to time, he dropped the armour and picked up a large kettlebell, swinging it around himself with vigour, and cackling about visiting "whirling death" to those who dare oppose him. During these times, he looked upon the overgrown fungus on the walls as friends, and found himself shaking in knee-knocking, insurmountable terror when he caught a glimpse of his once favoured and celebrated Dwarven Helm...

And then something changed...

Slowly but surely, he became emboldened, having initially mistrusted his armour and pleaded for a doctor every time he bumped into a wall in the room, he began to embrace the reality of his trappings. Enraptured, he understood his task, and he... enjoyed it? From time to time he still called for medical assistance on a minor bump, much to the annoyance of the twigs, but he was grasping things now. And when he picked up his kettlebell, he found himself more devious than before, and even glimpsed a vision that would allow him to swing the kettlebell for longer, so long as he didn't wrap it round his neck!

But all things must come to an end, and eventually the Purple one, out the corner of his eye, glimpsed the Dwarven Helm once more. Revulsion and terror almost overcame him, but there was another feeling this time. Was that... familiarity? He quelled his knocking knees and shaking hands and crept slowly, but purposefully towards it. A ray of errant sunlight hit it, at what seemed to the Purple one to be an odiously kitsch and twee moment. He stood and looked at it. Close up now, it no longer looked so menacing, a bit battered in fact, worn from use. He could even make out some of the markings, names of clans long retired, and there in the middle a big purple gemstone, with the word "negative" engraved simply. He shrugged, took of his hot pot, and tried it on...Sanity prevailed.


Yeah guys! As he earlier blogged, PurpleChest has now completed the ARR unbelievARR sprint! And do you know I rather think he enjoyed it. Actually, I know he did, because he said so many times. Aside from understandable woes with halflings. And completely unfathomable impulses to apoth flings. You can check his recaps of the games here.

This is the first time we've actually had someone do two sprints for the ARR Fundraiser, and PC did them at such a rate there was never any question he would complete them, so long as the teams held up. I think that in itself is creditable, but his results were pretty damn good too.

PC's Halflings ended up 6/4/6, a good record, and strong enough for 2nd place in the halfling sprint so far (behind Miceycraft's Mighty Mootlings). 50% is really good for halflings, for whom games 1-3 can be fairly competitive in the box depending on opponent, but afterwards they begin to really struggle with increasing age. The initial donation drive was based on having PC sprint with an ARR race (preferably stunty), and it was probably in the mind of most that it would be halflings. I'm sure a few more sadistic minded were hoping there'd be more than 1 dwarf (and 2 chaos dwarf) opponents in that 16 games, but there's something to be celebrated there too: the sprint should go as testimony to the variety present in the low tv box.

PC's Goblins went 9/4/3 (!), and were initially in the sort of form that makes cdassak's goblin record shelf twitch. He just fell short of what looks sometimes to be an untouchable sprint, but his goblins are currently first in the goblin sprint, and first overall in the main ARR sprint. And of course that means they lead the stunty sprint. The goblins were a "stretch goal" that PC kindly offered up in efforts to get more money donated, and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't begrudge me saying he took to them with a bit more relish. Well, it's hard not to when you're winning. The goblins similarly only faced 1 dwarf team and 1 chaos dwarf team, and managed to beat the CDs, although the dastardly dwarfs were coached by none other than cdassak... No doubt protecting his records ;)

I think after those results, it's fair to say PC is less an unbelievARR and more


Final Pledges were:
Jdmickleburgh ($20)
Jellybelly ($15)
cdassak ($20)
happygrue ($10)
keggiemckill ($50) (!)
Timetis (10€)
Bigf ($10)
DrPoods ($5)
Miceycraft ($10)
c9805222 ($5)
Superlynx ($10)
thebursar ($12)
Verminardo ($10)
Valen ($30)
pokrjax (£5)
SpecialOne ($10)
BlackOrc ($10)
ArrestedDevelopment ($10)
Lorebass ($8-$10)
Thoralf ($11)

Conditional Pledges
Jdmickleburgh $10 for every dorf team the flings face (final count: 1)
Manzoo has placed a $10 bounty on PC's fanatic! (fanatic was merely hit for mng, so no bounty eligible, unless Manzoo is feeling charitable)

By my count that's ~$281 raised for the site (may be slightly more with exchange rate on some + the variable of Lorebass's donation) once everyone pays up! (A few did in advance)

If you donated to the site over this, feel free to put a donatARR badge in your coach profile (or ARR team profiles, or both!):

code for that is:


That folks rounds up the UnbelievARR sprint! However, I will be posting some more news tomorrow for another fundraiser event! And one in which your team can be involved too ;)

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Posted by keggiemckill on 2016-12-21 19:58:47
Mission accomplished. I'm happy to pay the $50.
Posted by keggiemckill on 2016-12-21 20:03:42
On a side note, PC is one win away from tying record of least amount of Goblin games to win 10. That would tie okistomi with 18.
Posted by Lorebass on 2016-12-21 20:10:41
dang! I wanna do this now.
Posted by ArrestedDevelopment on 2016-12-21 20:25:56
Well you know Lorebass, there's still another challenge for you if you want it:


Posted by Lorebass on 2016-12-21 20:36:39
Thing Is, PC is a good coach. Dunno how many would donate if I run a new goblin team with the one troll like you hate so much AD
Posted by ben_awesome on 2016-12-21 21:32:15
Congrats, although I kept getting AD in the box instead of PC (not that it would of made a differeence but I wanted my money's worth).
Posted by DrPoods on 2016-12-30 12:23:45
I paid my donation.

Good job all.