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2018-10-06 23:18:42
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2018-02-10 10:02:48
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2018-02-08 18:08:47
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2018-02-08 16:45:25
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2017-12-06 17:58:24
rating 5
2017-08-01 12:10:03
rating 4.8
2017-06-01 11:25:17
rating 5.3
2017-05-15 16:43:37
rating 4.9
2017-04-09 15:49:49
rating 5.2
2017-02-06 00:28:11
rating 5.4
2017-01-04 00:11:48
rating 4.6


2016-12-22 18:43:50
rating 5.4
2016-12-01 18:03:22
rating 5.4
2016-10-01 09:43:17
rating 5.4
2016-08-01 13:09:29
rating 5.5
2016-12-22 18:43:50
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Draw Coming Jan 4th 2017
Prepare Your Teams!
Enter Here!

Enter your
Human League Premier/Conference
ARR team
compete for the FUBAR cup & chance to be named:


Brought to you in association with:

So what's all this about then?

Last year FUMBBL hosted the first FUBAR cup as a unique special Brawl event for Human and ARR teams only. There is no TV limit/requirement. This year it's back again, giving your humans or your abandoned race a chance at some silverware! Last year, the humans took it in the end, with the Hacienda Heights Drifters storming the field.

The champs sadly look like they won't be returning to defend their title, but don't worry, we've still got the trophy to hand out again (courtesy of some goblin theft).

This is a winter centerpiece, an opportunity to take a break from seasonal idling to slug it out on the pitch and show the other side who rules the roost!

Bring your box survivors, your box shelved and your box smashed! Bring rookies, bring veterans, bring legends! But most of all bring a good attitude! Hell, bring rookie goblins and 12 pairs of malicious intent if you want...

The draw itself will take place in early January, so be careful not to get your chosen team tied up in any brawls or tournaments until the draw itself has been announced if you want to participate.

Since this is part of the Fundraiser, there will be an associated donation drive with it. I'd love it if everyone that entered did a "ranked amateurs" style donation ($5 + $1 for each round won), but that's not necessary and isn't expected at all. What's more important is lots and lots of teams entering!

But to get us underway in the right spirit - I pledge to donate $10 if the winner of this competition is an ARR or Human team (Shouldn't be too hard, right?)
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Posted by jdmickleburgh on 2016-12-22 20:05:53
Oooooh. What a rush!

£1 for every time an ARR team beats an HLP team
Posted by Doofr on 2016-12-22 20:56:07
Too hard to choose between my vamps and my humans...:o
Posted by Rabe on 2016-12-22 22:50:28
Awesome! :-)
Posted by The_Murker on 2016-12-22 23:42:46
Oh! Time to field the beloved humans once more. Thanks!
Posted by Balle2000 on 2016-12-23 00:12:52
Got antitode? Bringing Cobras.
Posted by JellyBelly on 2016-12-23 01:09:02
Yeaaagghhhh!! I'll do it! Where do I sign up? :)
Posted by ArrestedDevelopment on 2016-12-23 01:19:46
You can't yet :)

This is just the announcement so people have time to prep teams, dust off old ones, create new ones, or basically otherwise don't login in the second week of January and go "whaaat? I never knew! I totally would've entered..."
Posted by happygrue on 2016-12-23 02:13:53
It's ARR time to shine!
Posted by Doofr on 2016-12-23 02:17:21
Arrested you prefere that i enter a vamp team or an human one?

Cant decide..:o
Posted by ArrestedDevelopment on 2016-12-23 02:27:03
Haha, you have some time to decide Doofr! I will say that last time round the Vampire teams did really well (Harad's Counting on the Count were the losing finalists), but the human teams obviously were strong against a lot of opponents who don't have S access on normal players.

But you could always just play some "prep games" and see which team is left ;)
Posted by Doofr on 2016-12-23 02:33:32
héhé. ok, i was not asking you ich what team i had more chance, but more like, which side has less teams.

Buyt yeah i might play some games and see what happens.:)
Posted by ArrestedDevelopment on 2016-12-23 02:44:04
Ah, well I have no idea! And we won't for some time, however, last time there were significantly more ARR teams... but the numbers dropped fast D:
Posted by JellyBelly on 2016-12-23 15:49:26
Ok, I will wait patiently then (whilst prepping furiously) .. :D
Posted by ArrestedDevelopment on 2016-12-28 21:32:52
Since I posted this DonnyRainboe has actually been on FUMBBL again! Hopefully the champs will come back to defend!