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2020-03-25 02:35:09
rating 3.1


2019-11-23 03:14:32
rating 2.9
2019-10-20 14:54:58
rating 1.3
2019-10-10 02:20:12
rating 5.7


2013-10-24 03:40:06
rating 3.1
2013-10-17 04:24:49
rating 1.9
2013-10-01 09:29:39
rating 2
2013-09-24 11:27:03
rating 2.1
2013-09-18 06:37:56
rating 2.5
2013-09-01 06:21:33
rating 3.3
2013-06-24 08:35:02
rating 2.1
2013-09-01 06:21:33
53 votes, rating 3.3
Take +AG on ST4 blodge marauder?
Hmmm was planning to get Tentacles, Standfirm and Guard as my last 3 skills, but maybe I should take +AG.

I look forward to all the legitimate assistance postings :P

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Posted by pythrr on 2013-09-01 06:27:40
Posted by pythrr on 2013-09-01 06:27:47
Posted by pythrr on 2013-09-01 06:27:53
Posted by pythrr on 2013-09-01 06:28:05
/laugh (at you losing to rats)
Posted by pythrr on 2013-09-01 06:29:17
Posted by Dunenzed on 2013-09-01 06:42:13
+Ag. A blodging vampire without bloodlust is great, and would allow you to use the dark elf as a receiver to avoid animosity issues. This is of course on the provision that you are ready to play your team at a higher TV average. In addition at a higher TV average you should also grab an extra man on the bench and a couple of rerolls.

If you're still looking to play the team at low TV levels then you probably need to sack everyone except pete and larry, because everyone else is bloat, especially jenga and pinecone. The draw back with that strategy is you'll never get closer to your dream pact team.

Rated 6 for considering inflating your TV, engaging the community to consider the (strategy) opinions of others (it's a step), and so that when everyone else rates it a 1 it doesn't drop off the list of blogs immediately.
Posted by pythrr on 2013-09-01 06:43:45
Posted by pythrr on 2013-09-01 07:00:53
Posted by Bobs on 2013-09-01 08:12:58
I agree with pythrr
Posted by Roland on 2013-09-01 08:14:07
12 players? Tv 1430? what happened to you? :D
Posted by Badoek on 2013-09-01 10:07:49
ST4/AG4 Blodging Guard? <3
Posted by fly on 2013-09-01 10:18:36
give him the retire player skill
Posted by Rabe on 2013-09-01 10:20:18
Take it!
Posted by easilyamused on 2013-09-01 10:26:08
Mobile, strong guard player? For me this wouldn't even be a question, take it!!!

Enough of being a big fish in a small(man) pond and take them back up to high TV.
Posted by Luohghcra on 2013-09-01 10:28:41
Take the +ag, and stop asking stupid questions.
Posted by OenarLod on 2013-09-01 10:40:56
Rated 6.
I was critical of your approach to the game, but now I'm happy you are moving to a different level. We always play to win, but I think experienced coaches should do that avoiding the major exploits the new rule set allow.
But I don't want to derail the blog comments, so... TAKE IT!
A mobile blodge guard is a must player on most teams, more so in those with medium speed/mobility.
GL with the team.
Posted by Arktoris on 2013-09-01 11:01:22
I'd take the 4ag
Posted by harvestmouse on 2013-09-01 11:04:11
He took the Guard hours ago.
Posted by Cloggy on 2013-09-01 11:29:59
And why not? It shaves 1 TV off the team, making it less likely he has to play against real opposition!
Posted by ThePeoplesChamp on 2013-09-01 11:38:46
oh dear, rated 1 for tragic.
Posted by Jeffro on 2013-09-01 16:04:23
I'd have taken the AG+.... regardless, I applaud your effort to move past beating up rookie teams.
Posted by harvestmouse on 2013-09-01 18:30:29
Average of 3.6...that means more people approve of what Smallman is doing than don't. That's pretty surprising.

What does that say? All the anti minmaxers have left? The majority of the site approve of playing this style in box?

Interesting and disappointing at the same time. Particularly as he took the min max option.

I have to wonder how long do I have left, before I rolled out the bed because the little one said, 'min maxing, min maxing'.
Posted by paulhicks on 2013-09-01 19:12:18
HM: i suspect people have rated it higher because small member seemed to be engaging with the community for a change and his team is currently at slightly less of a noob hunting level than normal. i think people are being over optimistic on reflection
Posted by paulhicks on 2013-09-01 19:13:19
*Smallman not "small member"
i swear this auto correct has a mind of its own
Posted by pythrr on 2013-09-01 19:18:32
lol @ PH.

people rate it high (ish) cos of the popcorn/car crash interest.

Posted by Roland on 2013-09-01 23:32:37
wow! chaos ogre and at TV 1560, what happened?
now I have to skill up my bounty hunters...
Posted by Rat_Salat on 2013-09-02 00:04:06
Happy to see you abandoning the 1100tv bracket man, good on you.

I would indeed welcome a 4str 4ag player on just about any team. Unfortunately, unless you are packing a crystal ball, I don't see how you know that guy will roll an 11 for his superstar skill?
Posted by harvestmouse on 2013-09-02 00:31:53
Yup, really odd. 1 of 2 things. 1. He likes his 3 killers or 2. He likes his ST4 blodger, but if that was the case, I'm sure he'd have given him ag4. Which makes it even more surprising that he's decided to run with them a bit now.

They're not a very well round squad though. 1 reroll, as an example. And the fact he's decided to play at a better TV now, shouldn't be commended IMO.

1. He's doing it for his own reasons, not peer pressure.
2. What he's done in the past can never be forgiven.

So, open season on his key players should be still open. Which is Jenga and Total. Kill those, kill his win %.
Posted by pythrr on 2013-09-02 00:35:35
yup. now he moves into the range of REAL killer teams, and he will eventually meet one. Then his lack of ST will see him get slaughtered. And there will be much rejoicing.
Posted by Beerox on 2013-09-02 01:12:30
Retire him like you did those 37 Marauders with Block.
Posted by uzkulak on 2013-09-02 02:51:56
When an abvser reaches ovt for rehabilitation, the commvnity shovld welcome him back, not pvsh him away - shame on yov all.

Posted by Dunenzed on 2013-09-02 03:33:05
HM: Peer pressure and a resolve to oppose it may have caused him to carry on the way he did for longer than he would have otherwise. We'll never know one way or another, but given that he has played a few games with other teams of his recently I'd say he's bored with the TV1100 game - possibly has been for some time, the attention he's been getting might be all that kept it interesting.

Past actions don't have to be forgiven to acknowledge and support a return toward more natural TV levels. Heck I still maintain that playing with cpombers in the box is playing on easy mode. His team continues to be part of the broader lack of imagination with mutation access team builds that is so boring its offensive.

But if the site owner and admin team aren't running him out of here with a full on site ban - I don't see why mob rule should try to do so.
Posted by smallman on 2013-09-02 04:04:10
Didn't take me long to decide to turn down the +AG. Sure would make him more versatile, but he is going to be way more annoying having the full set of skills I have planned for him. My team is the best at hurting people, so need to keep that focus. Just need tentacles on him and my troll to hold on to players while I smash them now :)

HM 1. Correct, peer pressure has zero effect on me, not even in real life. Never even tried a cigarette.
2. Not that I care about forgiveness, but only did minmax due to a very rude player giving me non stop grief for doing minmax when I wasn't. And it has taken me this long to get 3 killers skilled enough and stay healthy to be worthwhile breaking out of minmax zone.

It is slightly regretable that 2 or 3 players had to have their first fumbbl game vs such a brutal team.

Win% is my main focus. Feel free to focus on damaging my superstars but I'll warn you that if I take enough damage again I might be sitting in minmax zone again for a while :)
Posted by pythrr on 2013-09-02 08:08:04
Posted by paulhicks on 2013-09-02 09:27:09
smallman you cant claim peer pressure has 0% effect on you then one line later claim the couple of hundred games of system abuse you knowingly carried out were the result of a mean comment from one coach. its inconsistent and ludicrous.
you shouldn't care what the community thinks of you. imo what you should care about is the fact that there is another human being on the other end of the connection.
if all a person wants to do is play easy, stacked, "click this button to win" games and make a squishy noise then the cyanide client has single player mode and i'm sure it must be in the $1 bargain bin by now.
its a two player social game. even if you are using the "hated" skill builds its still perfectly possible to win, crush teams but still both coaches have fun.
all that being said if you genuinely have decided to make the change then good luck to you.
Posted by harvestmouse on 2013-09-02 09:31:12
"but only did minmax due to a very rude player giving me non stop grief for doing minmax when I wasn't. And it has taken me this long to get 3 killers skilled enough and stay healthy to be worthwhile breaking out of minmax zone."

Your reasoning contradicts itself. However if you are saying 'I played in a style for 6 months because somebody was nasty to me' Yeah that's pretty sad if real, but not really believable.

As I've said before, ignore his killers (and his warning), and focus on crippling his ST4 star player and the leader. They'll hurt him more.
Posted by Badoek on 2013-09-02 13:15:17
It's all just one big marketing campaign if you ask me.

Get your "THIS IS SMALLMAN!" or "cpomb or die" t-shirt at www.smallmanmarketing.org real soon for only $40/piece.

Let's see what the amount of spectators will be now smallkosp is on its way to the high TV range.

Posted by Dan-Da-Man on 2013-09-02 13:31:33

This bit in his reply made me laugh so hard

"My team is the best at hurting people"


Its not hard when your min/max so hard and playing rookie teams!
Posted by Dan-Da-Man on 2013-09-02 13:37:46
Oh i remember talking to a spec the other day and he claimed you have been boasting making 5 new coaches to quit FUMBBL is this true?
Posted by smallman on 2013-09-02 14:34:24
Dan, no the rumor you are trying to start is not true. Paul and HM can just reread my post to get your answers.
Posted by paulhicks on 2013-09-02 14:51:43
i didn't ask a question :)
Posted by harvestmouse on 2013-09-02 19:09:47
We did and came to the same conclusion (I was typing my reply before PH posted). It doesn't matter anyway, there is no defence for you position.

Posted by pythrr on 2013-09-02 23:55:49
yes, it is true. we all heard him say it on game
Posted by smallman on 2013-09-03 02:23:34
if it were true and you had a screenshot, I'd make your day and retire from Fumbbl
Posted by pythrr on 2013-09-03 02:27:52
i will post the screenshot once I have finished editing it