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Nurgle is the Chaos god of death and destruction, personified by stagnation, entropy, disease and decay. His power is said to come from the mortal races' reaction to the inevitability of death and disease. The power in the acceptance of what is. He is the adversary of Tzeentch, who embodies not the acceptance of fate, but the hope and ambition to change it.

Nurgle is depicted as a large hulking figure covered in oozing sores and vivid marks of decay. His numerous Daemons all embody the same diseased aesthetic, from the powerful Great Unclean Ones to the gibbering hordes of tiny daemons known as Nurglings. Nurgle's rune, a stylised depiction of a fly that resembles three circles adjacent to one another, bears a strong resemblance to the international biological hazard symbol. It is Nurgle who creates and lets loose the decay and disease that plagues mortals.

Games due by 2200 Server Time on:
Round 1: 19th April
Round 2: 26th April
Round 3: 3rd May
Round 4: 10th May
Won Your Qualifier?
Remember to apply your team here by 10th May if you won your qualifier. Make sure your team is 'Ready To Play'. If you don't you WILL miss out.
A bonus MVP

Entry to the Wheel Of Chaos Finals

IF the WoC finals winner qualified from this group he will be able to choose one player to recieve Nurgle's special Gift. This is the mutation Disturbing Presence for 20TV.

There will be 2 qualifiers. One will decide the 'Champion' for that Group, and the other the 'Favoured'.

They will be drawn as follows:

For the first qualifier a D6 dice is rolled. On a 1 the qualifier has only 4 slots for teams, on a 2,3 or 4 the qualifier has 8 slots, and on a 5 or 6 it has 16 slots.

This first qualifier will be filled as fully as possible with the highest TW teams that have applied to that group. The winner of this Qualifiers will be declared 'Champion' and will qualify for only 1 random mutation if they win the Wheel Of Chaos finals.

The second qualifier in each group will be of 16 teams maximum. If less than that are available, all will be allocated places. If more than 16 have applied and qualify, the highest 16 by TW will get places. The winner of this qualifier will be declared 'Favoured' and be allowed 2 rolls for random mutations if they win the Wheel Of Chaos finals.

All Wheel Of Chaos Qualifiers and finals will feature the 'King of the Hill' draw format'
The Wheel Of Chaos is one of FUMBBL's Major Tournaments. All {B} teams are eligible to play.

If there is more than one team at the lowest level of TV needed to make up the number needed for any draw, they will be split by application time, with the first to apply going though into the tournament.

Coaches may apply with ONE team only, in total, to the 4 qualification groups. Coaches with multiple applications will have all their teams denied entry to the draw.
To Qualify for the Wheel Of Chaos you must win one of the 'Chosen' or 'Favoured' draws from one of the 4 qualifying groups.

you must also play no more than 3 games after winning the Qualifier you are placed in.

Any empty missing places in the final will be allocated by random draw to the losing finalists of the other qualifiers assuming they too have played no more than three games.
2510 (I) Champion
2510 (I) Favoured
2511 (II) Champion
2511 (II) Favoured
2512 (III) Champion
2512 (III) Favoured
2513 (IV) Champion
2513 (IV) Favoured
2514 (V) Champion
2514 (V) Favoured
2515 (VI) Champion
2515 (VI) Favoured

Current Champion

Team - Antarans
Coach - Tricktickler
Current Favoured

Team - Hall of Chaos
Coach - spinball