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Win Percentage
Shambling Undead
Shambling Undead
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Big breasted Ball Busters Amazon 100k 8/0/1 1600k ±240  
  Braiiiiins Shambling Undead 15k 26/1/4 1620k    
  Dead and unskilled Shambling Undead 110k 27/3/10 1950k    
  Dead Royal Rooky Shambling Undead 250k 10/0/5 1730k ±430  
  Doggy Stylers Necromantic Horror 190k 17/0/6 1790k ±730  
  Green Moody Rumblers Orc 40k 13/1/4 1570k ±490  
  Green Rookie Beach Boys Orc 130k 5/0/1 1230k ±180  
  Green Rookie Crumblers Orc 140k 9/0/0 1400k ±210  
  Green Rookie Dominance Orc 70k 19/0/2 1850k ±680  
  Green Rookie Moody Boys Orc 90k 7/0/1 1240k ±190  
  Green Rookie Rumblers Orc 460k 14/0/2 1730k ±470  
  Hexors Chainsaw Massacre Goblin 20k 2/0/2 1040k ±160  
  Lady Rumblers Amazon 130k 7/1/0 1550k ±230  
  Loren Leapers Wood Elf 50k 34/2/12 2430k    
  Mean Matron Mothers Dark Elf 70k 33/9/14 1940k    
  Not Royal but Rookie Norse 70k 6/1/0 1400k ±210  
  Offenbacher Kickers Chaos Chosen 240k 39/10/19 1850k    
  Order of the Pick Human 110k 14/3/5 1740k ±680  
  PO Extermination Crusade Shambling Undead 320k 18/1/7 1680k ±790  
  Red Rock Reavers Orc 50k 57/5/24 2250k    
  Romantic Rookies Necromantic Horror 210k 13/1/3 1690k ±490  
  Rookish Brutal Greeen Orc 230k 8/1/2 1500k ±260  
  Rookish Deads Shambling Undead 90k 6/1/3 1320k ±200  
  Rookish Green Brutals Orc 90k 9/0/1 1560k ±230  
  Rookish Green hit 300 Orc 300k 8/0/0 1520k ±230  
  Rookish Orcish Rumblers Orc 130k 13/0/1 1750k ±400  
  Royal Rookie Elves Elven Union 180k 4/0/0 1170k ±180  
  Squishy Big Hats Chaos Dwarf 270k 14/2/2 1730k ±540  
  Tactical Toad Turmoil Slann 200k 10/2/2 1680k ±390  
  Trashtalkers Deluxe High Elf 50k 34/8/15 1870k    
  Ulthuans Starforce High Elf 110k 54/17/39 1920k    
  Wild Wicked Witches Dark Elf 50k 51/12/16 2040k    
  Wild Wicked Women Amazon 200k 12/3/0 1780k ±450  
  [R] RRR Filler Goblin 560k 0/0/0 440k ±40  
Stunty Leeg
  Cheaty little gitz Goblin Cheaters 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Corrupted Cooks Chaos Halfling 30k 1/0/2 900k    
  Exploding Cheaters Goblin Cheaters 115k 0/1/1 810k    
  Gonks Doomstone Honour Party Gnome 150k 5/0/2 1320k    
  Next one for Retirement Squig Herders 90k 4/4/2 1450k    
  1. BBC Korruption Chaos Chosen 690k 13/7/4 1850k    
  Bash this! Halfling 310k 5/0/0 1190k    
  Bonekreakaz Orc 140k 123/62/75 2180k    
  Khornes Kumpels Chaos Chosen 390k 6/5/1 1590k    
  Moonrays Army Nurgle 80k 10/4/2 1500k    
  Mordheim Fairiymanglers Human 60k 11/1/1 1640k    
  Naggaroth Dark Flashes Dark Elf 120k 132/48/47 2040k    
  Necrosis Inc Necromantic Horror 60k 6/1/2 1570k    
  OOTS - Team Evil Shambling Undead 140k 15/4/3 1770k    
  Pact of Darkness Chaos Renegades 170k 4/0/0 1220k    
  Pale suspicious Creatures Vampire 340k 5/3/1 1480k    
  Sissy Snakeheads Dark Elf 80k 5/2/0 1410k    
  [DFFL] Filler 1 Goblin 560k 0/0/0 440k    
  [DFFL] Heddernheim Harassments Chaos Chosen 390k 61/29/32 2140k    
  [DFFL] Heddernheim Harlequins High Elf 850k 58/18/20 1710k    
  [DFFL] Team Cheating Goblin 530k 11/16/11 1890k    
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  [NAFC] Green o Lettuce Orc 50k 4/0/2 1100k    
  [NAFC] Skull Crunchaz Orc 0 2/3/1 1100k    
  Rookieleapers Wood Elf 10k 2/0/1 1260k    
  Angry Cows Chaos Dwarf 130k 10/5/3 1780k    
  Fending Felines Wood Elf 0 3/2/0 1320k    
  Fragrant Topmodels Nurgle 210k 6/4/8 1270k    
  Green and Clawless Orc 60k 10/6/2 1480k    
  Green evil [B]ashers Orc 60k 3/2/1 1270k    
  Green Mean [B]ashers Orc 50k 8/1/5 1590k    
  Green Rookie Bumble[b]ees Orc 20k 1/0/1 1020k    
  Green Rookie Crum[b]lers Orc 130k 1/0/1 1060k    
  Green Rookie Huggy [B]ears Orc 140k 5/1/1 1410k    
  Green Rookie Rum[B]lers Orc 110k 10/0/3 1450k    
  Green Rookie [B]ashers Orc 50k 7/0/4 1330k    
  Green Spookie Rum[b]lers Orc 90k 5/0/1 1280k    
  Green squishy [B]ashers Orc 20k 7/1/2 1360k    
  Public [B]eating Shambling Undead 70k 31/6/15 1390k    
  Rule Anarchists Necromantic Horror 40k 6/0/2 1470k    
  [B] Green Rookie Rumblers Orc 90k 5/0/2 1350k    
FFB Test
  Khemris go Test Division Khemri Tomb Kings 80k 2/0/0 1110k    
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