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Necromantic Horror
Necromantic Horror
Win Percentage
Chaos Chosen
Super Star
Chaos Chosen
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Nurgle's N00bs Nurgle's Rotters 0 5/0/1 1230k    
  Private Girls School Amazon 0 6/1/2 1460k    
  suck it and see Vampire 10k 6/3/1 1380k    
Transfer division
  .Pants Orc 80k 9/1/9 1710k    
  Baby Babble Chaos 50k 23/11/26 1860k    
  Ewww Stinky Rats Skaven 80k 16/7/9 1850k    
  Forest Folk Wood Elf 0 14/9/15 1870k    
  License to Kill Dark Elf 20k 17/8/22 1940k    
  Sing Song Girls Amazon 110k 23/2/14 1780k    
  Some Of All Fears Necromantic 145k 34/5/35 1870k    
  Sons of Nurgle Nurgle's Rotters 70k 23/0/18 1850k    
  Unbroken Bones Khemri 10k 12/6/15 1600k    
  Undead (2003) Undead 90k 20/11/21 2050k    
  You Brutes Chaos 70k 5/2/0 1700k    
Transfer division 2
  80s Toon Villains Dark Elf 100k 8/2/7 1970k    
  Beer Goggle Babes Amazon 40k 6/6/10 1730k    
  Blackgang Pirates Norse 10k 16/5/16 1850k    
  Clergy of Chaos Chaos 140k 7/2/3 1680k    
  Crowd Participation Necromantic 125k 6/1/6 1410k    
  Dead Drunks Undead 200k 23/8/15 2030k    
  Double Oh! Bond Girls Amazon 20k 7/4/1 1580k    
  Guild Of Fans And Disciples Human 70k 6/0/7 1790k    
  Jewel in the Crown Dark Elf 10k 15/3/7 1910k    
  Light and Dark Dark Elf 50k 26/10/22 2330k    
  Linos on the Lash Human 105k 22/3/4 2100k    
  Major Players Necromantic 110k 38/17/33 1900k    
  Manchester Undead Fumbbl Club Undead 80k 11/4/5 1650k    
  Nagash Army Press Gang Necromantic 10k 12/7/10 1900k    
  New Found Knowledge Khemri 0 13/6/11 1500k    
  Punch Bowl Necromantic 0 21/3/20 1490k    
  Purple Wunz Go Fasta Orc 0 4/2/4 1500k    
  Seasons Greetings Skaven 10k 1/0/0 1030k    
  Stewards of Gondor Human 190k 22/8/16 2560k    
  Total Muppets Norse 20k 16/2/17 1970k    
  Tuesday Night 5s Skaven 45k 10/3/3 1430k    
  Wolverhampton Wonderdead Necromantic 190k 40/12/31 2210k    
  Women that Wine Amazon 25k 20/6/18 1740k    
  World Cup Bones Khemri 0 11/0/4 1740k    
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