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 Issue 16 - May 26th 2515

News & Views

by Purplegoo
Welcome to the 16th GLN!
From Addiction to Appreciation – Throweck’s story
by Throweck
Throweck reflects on his FUMBBL journey
FUMBBL: Then and Now
by footballolb16
A view on how FUMBBL has changed over the years

by Stonetroll
A summary of the black art of positioning
The Game
by Stonetroll, happygrue & Purplegoo
Breaking down a showdown between two FUMBBL titans!
Coaches Couch
by PurpleChest
An insightful discussion about Magic Items and Dirty Tricks
How to Become a Lucker
by Kam
A FUMBBLer’s dream!
A Page from a Fouler's Playbook
by bghandras
bghandras explains how fouling can still be effective
Orc Tactical Guide
by Malmir
The WAAAAGH! is stronger than you!

Filling The Blackbox Grid
by BillBrasky
A story of grid filling from FUMBBL’s most active coach
Adventures in YouTubing
by sann0638
Interested in broadcasting BB? Look no further!
Der Etikett O Spektatin
by der Great Gobbo
Spectating, der Great Gobbo method
Creating a Bio from Scratch
by Kam
Enhance your fluff here!
For the Glory of the Old Ones (part 1)
by DrPoods
The ‘long read’. All you ever needed to know about one of the fluffiest teams going...
For the Glory of the Old Ones (part 2)
by DrPoods
For the Glory of the Old Ones (part 3)
by DrPoods
...the conclusion
Group/Tournament Reports

GRIND Greatest Players
by Seventyone
Seventyone takes a look at some of GRIND’s finest
The WIL Fringe
by spubbbba
A look behind the scenes at the White Isle’s Fringe division

Q+A with the Great Gobbo
by The Great Gobbo
Our resident Gobbo agony uncle holds court
by Kam
Lest we forget some fine players that graced our game
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