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2020-06-16 13:17:34
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2016-06-05 21:11:31
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2016-01-12 10:29:29
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2015-09-27 16:55:14
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2014-08-07 12:34:11
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2013-11-22 11:03:00
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2013-01-29 22:56:02
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2012-12-17 00:00:25
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2012-11-20 10:43:16
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2020-06-16 13:17:34
33 votes, rating 5.5
The benefit of keeping it together
Here is a little story that happened the other day that kind of makes me look good, and also has a bit of a message, so please indulge me. ;-) I was playing the final match with my Chaos Dwarves in the Box Trophy, and I got scheduled against an Emerging Star coach with Norse. I even had the higher TV. So it was one of those dreadful match-ups that you reeeally expect to win and will be hugely frustrating if you lose.

It starts with a Blitz against and KO on a Bull (Apo used). First 2 turns I lose 2 Blockers and a Hobbo, turn 3 I get only pushes on a crucial Blitz, coming under huge positional pressure. Now, this is the moment where I could have easily lost my... humour. In these moments I always try to think back to the time when I was the Emerging Star and how I hated it when Super Stars or Legends wouldn't lose gracefully. I mean I knew that all things being equal they would beat me, did they think I didn't know that? Yet statistically sometimes even the best coach loses. Why wouldn't they let me enjoy my 5 minutes of fame? (In fairness to my opponent in this particular match, I don't think there was such a huge gap in coaching level.)

So I swallow my frustration and keep my humour, and guess what, my ball carrier survives 5 block dice and two bombs, the Norse start leaving the pitch and I go on to win the match. My opponent and me both had a fun time and good chat, and now I look really gracious, whereas had I lost it earlier I would just look like a dork. So next time you go into one of those dreadful matches that you reeeally expect to win, and it doesn't go well initially, and you're struggling to keep it together, remember: You don't want to look like a dork if you win. ;-)
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Posted by Alzhaid on 2020-06-16 17:05:43
Congrats on keeping it together and on that boat in your profile! :-D
Posted by Rbthma on 2020-06-16 17:48:41
Winning with dignity and losing with grace, tough sometimes in BB but good sportsmanship to try and do :)
Posted by fidius on 2020-06-16 18:36:59
I've definitely noticed that when you bear the Super Star or Legend tag opponents are much more polite and respectful. When opponents perceive you as weaker and you beat them, they tend to lose their... humour as you say. This is as much reason for me to pursue CR as any -- so I can enjoy more games. Maybe I should start doing that.
Posted by Verminardo on 2020-06-16 18:45:37
@Alzhaid: Haha wish that was MY boat. xD
Posted by Arktoris on 2020-06-16 19:03:16
Those who never try...they are sure to fail.

Posted by PaddyMick on 2020-06-16 21:56:53
Good for you buddy. Next step is to actively cheer when one of your players is removed.
Posted by Verminardo on 2020-06-16 22:23:42
@Arktoris: The heart's the righteous wind that comes to fill the sail.^^
Posted by Chivite on 2020-06-16 22:55:21
well put Verminardo.
Blood bowl is a game of odds, and odds are that sometimes shit happens regardless of the opponent.
But at the end of the day, the opponent is also a person trying to have fun and it is always less fun when people whine or loose their... humour
Posted by Arktoris on 2020-06-17 04:54:50
Hail from America!
Posted by Rags on 2020-06-17 12:05:28
No offence, but for me this story illustrates an unbecoming sense of entitlement to win.

Kudos for supressing the urge, but not being a jerk to a coach getting the better of the match, even though you feel superior to them overall, is not really much to pat yourself on the back about.
Posted by Verminardo on 2020-06-17 12:29:13
Yeah entitlement is a good word, if you feel *entitled* to win you've taken it to far. I'm certainly ambitious and in certain constellations I will feel I *should* normally win it, but any sense of entitlement is certainly unbecoming.
Posted by Purplegoo on 2020-06-17 12:36:25
I really like the description of a certain type of tennis player that they just keep getting the ball back and making you play one more shot. I think that works for Blood Bowl; you have control over how you approach things, even if you don’t have control over everything about a match. Rather than tilting and / or making no effort, always challenge yourself to make the other guy make one more decision or one more roll. Even if it’s an easy one to make, you never know.

Or some such rubbish. I likely don’t know what I’m talking about. ;)
Posted by Verminardo on 2020-06-17 14:06:31
As a bit of a clarification to Rags, in case that wasn't entirely clear, it wasn't so much the 10 points or so of CR difference that made me say I really expected to win the match, it was having 1550k Chaos Dwarves, all muscle, no bloat, against 1490k TV Norse.
Posted by ArrestedDevelopment on 2020-06-17 17:51:25
You still shouldn't "expect" to win... especially vs norse who occupy a point in bloodbowl somewhat akin to the roulette table in a casino!
Posted by Rags on 2020-06-18 12:53:37
Agree with ArrestedDevelopment. You might expect to win, but you've got to make it happen!

But my point was about the mentality - if it doesn't happen, you should be praising your opponent's bold achievement, not raging against them as an undeserving lesser being who's thwarted your plans by a fluke. Leave that mindset to Dr Doom, Krang, and the other supervillains of the universe.
Posted by Rags on 2020-06-18 17:39:45
The multiverse, I should say- Karang is from Dimension X - sorry