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-Praag Grizzlies-
Roster [L] Praag Grizzlies

Praag Grizzlies were formed in the fervour of the darkest days in Praag's history. Bonds formed as men and women stood side by side, backs to the wall, defending the city they called home from the rampant Chaos scourge. The bravery and honour of the Praagians helped form links in those blighted times which remain strong to this day. The Grizzlies are testament to that, and in this time of relative peace around Praag, displays of courage still take place, although this time on the field.

The Grizzlies play on the area of barren ground to the North West of the city. In the shadow of the Old Palace, their ground, commonly referred to wryly as "The Bleakness" is unassuming and belies the passion and dedication that the Grizzlies have of the game.

Entering Praag by the Lynsk road, visitors should take a left at the Water Gate, skirting around the Magnus Gardens until they arrive at the Temple of Dahz. Here you can recieve light refreshment, as well as store your horses and baggage, before taking the short walk to the ground.

Most of the team is being composed of grizzled veterans from the Praag Defense Movement.

Season 6
General Manager: sonrises

Panzer Echol traded in for D7 1st + D7 4th (+STR,Strong Arm)
Gene Upshaw traded in exchange of n.16 (+STR,+AG,Block,Guard)
Chaz Green selected n.50 (Guard,Jump Up)
Andrew Donnal selected n.70 (Guard,Tackle)
Max Hall selected FA DEAD S.6
Jonathan Crompton selected FA TRADED S.6
Haruki Nakamura selected FA DEAD S.6
Don Hasselbeck selected FA
Lorenzo Washington selected FA
Jesse Holley selected FA
Gary Guyton selected FA

Season 5
General Manager: sonrises

Siffridus Draken traded in a blockbuster deal involving Zach Ertz (+STR,Dodge,MBlow)
Kawann Short selected n.11 (Block,Guard,Mighty Blow) DEAD S.5
Akeem Spence selected n.32 (Block,Pro)
Kenny Vaccaro traded in for n.75 & n.69 -D6- (+STR,Block,Mighty Blow) DEAD S.5
Jensen Foster along n.88 -D6- in exchange of n.47 (Mighty Blow,Jump Up) TRADED S.6
Caleb Sturgis selected n.100 (Fend,Kick) DEAD S.5
Robert Johnson traded in for n.80 -D6- + Unitas (Block,Guard,Leader,Acc,-AG) DEAD S.6
Sofia Varvankova traded in exchange of n.118 -D6- (Fend,Side Step) DEAD S.6
Konstantinos 'Laskas' Laskaridis traded in exchange of a n.116 -D6- (Dodge)
Ryan Cook selected FA DEAD S.6
Jeremy Zuttah selected FA RETIRES S.5

Season 4
General Manager: sonrises

Ed Stinson traded in for n.13 (+STR,Block)
Zach Ertz selected n.18 (+AG,Dodge) Traded out start s5 & back mid s5
James Darling traded in for n.74 (Mighty Blow,Guard) DEAD S.4
Jeff Rodenberger traded in for n.108 & n.136 (+MA,Block,Sprint)
Everett Dawkins selected n.118 (Fend,Side Step) DEAD S.6
Chet Adams traded in for a swap of future 4ths (Block) TRADED S.6
Johnathon Nelson traded in for Randy Bullocks (+MA,Block,Guard,-AG) RETIRES S.5
Busta Anderson traded in for n.112 -D5- (Mighty Blow) DEAD S.6
Garrett Gilkey traded in for n.122 -D5- (Guard) DEAD S.4
Breno Giacomini selected FA on waivers

Season 3
General Manager: sonrises

Mychal Kendricks selected n.13 (MightyBlow,PilingOn,JumpUp) DEAD S.3
Dominique Hamilton selected n.45 (Block,PilingOn) TRADED & DEAD S.4
Greg Zuerlein selected n.111 (+AV,Kick,HailMaryPass,ThickSkull) DEAD S.3
Mick "the Slugga" Kabluski traded in for n.117 (MightyBlow) TRADED S.5
Chucky Morris selected FA RETIRES S.3
Champ Bailey selected FA DEAD S.3
Joel Bitonio traded in for n.101 -D4- (+STR,+AV,-STR) RETIRES S.4
Chase Daniel selected FA DEAD S.4
Alex Kupper selected FA RETIRES S.6
Jerrod Johnson selected FA RETIRES S.6

Season 2
General Manager: sonrises

Robert Griffin selected n.56 (Guard,Wrestle) RETIRES S.5
Andrew Datko selected n.90 (Block,Tackle) DEAD S.3
Dontae Johnson selected n.105 (Block,Dauntless) RETIRES S.3
Donnie Abraham selected FA TRADED S.4 & RETIRES S.5
Dan Wetherspoon selected FA TRADED & DEAD S.5

Season 1
General Manager: jdmickleburgh

Lee Roy Salmon Franchise Player (Block,Tackle,Piling On) DEAD S.4
Jace Amaro selected n.4 (+AG,Dodge)
Austin Seferian-Jenkins selected n.33 (Dodge,Side Step) RETIRES S.3
Dominique Easley selected n.51 (Block,Dodge,Tackle) RETIRES S.4
Jarvis Landry selected n.69 (Block,Nerves Of Steel,Diving Catch) DEAD S.1
Bashaud Breeland selected n.87 (Wrestle,Side Step) DEAD S.2
Marqueston Huff selected n.105 (Side Step) DEAD S.2
Emerson Boozer selected UDFA pick (Guard) RETIRES S.2
Joe Namath selected UDFA pick (Accurate) DEAD S.3
Johnny Unitas selected FA Traded out start mid s5 & back mid s6
Larry Grantham selected FA DEAD S.2
Dave Herman selected FA RETIRES S.4
John Schmitt selected FA RETIRES S.2
George Sauer, Jr. selected FA RETIRES S.1
Sandy Stephens selected FA on waivers
Bob Talamini selected FA DEAD S.3
Ralph Baker selected FA DEAD S.5

General Manager: sonrises

#441 Emsk Red Cardinals give: Johnny Unitas
#441 Praag Grizzlies give: 4th (Knights) + Jonathan Crompton

#411 Great Ogham Griffins give: 3rd (Wreckers)
#411 Praag Grizzlies give: 3rd (Gunners) + 4th (Bandits) + Chet Adams

#402 Broekwater Patriots give: Gene Upshaw
#402 Praag Grizzlies give: 2nd (Griffins) + Future 2nd (Eagles)

#401 Great Ogham Griffins give: 2nd + future 2nd (Eagles)
#401 Praag Grizzlies give: 1st

#388 Kislev White Wolves give: Panzer Echol
#388 Praag Grizzlies give: future 1st + future 4th

#387 Middenheim Classics give: future 1st + future 4th
#387 Praag Grizzlies give: Jensen Foster

#364 Kemperbad Knights give: future 1st + future 4th
#364 Praag Grizzlies give: Mick "the Slugga" Kabluski

#363 Remas Eagles give: 3rd (Gunners) + Zach Ertz
#363 Praag Grizzlies give: 1st (Patriots) + 2nd (Sluggers) + future 3rd

#359 Los Cabos Marauders give: Konstantinos 'Laskas' Laskaridis
#359 Praag Grizzlies give: 4th

#352 Emsk Red Cardinals give: Robert Johnson
#352 Praag Grizzlies give: 3rd + Johnny Unitas

#346 Carroburg Crimson Cascade give: Sofia Varvankova
#346 Praag Grizzlies give: 4th (Thunder)

#318 Templehof Thunder give: future 4th + Kenny Vaccaro
#318 Praag Grizzlies give: 3rd + future 3rd (Sluggers)

#317 Remas Eagles give: 3rd (Grizzlies) + Siffridus Draken
#317 Praag Grizzlies give: 2nd (Sluggers) + future 2nd + future 3rd (Rangers) + future 4th (Vikings) + Zach Ertz

#309 Averheim River Bandits give: future 4th
#309 Praag Grizzlies give: 4th (Universe)

#306 Bilbali Rangers give: future 3rd + Jensen Foster
#306 Praag Grizzlies give: 2nd (Bandits)

#305 Remas Eagles give: 2nd (Bandits)
#305 Praag Grizzlies give: 3rd + 3rd (Eagles)

#282 Broekwater Patriots give: future 1st
#282 Praag Grizzlies give: 2nd + 2nd (Wolfskins)

#279 Templehof Thunder give: future 2nd
#279 Praag Grizzlies give: Dan Wetherspoon

#274 Erengrad Vikings give: future 4th
#274 Praag Grizzlies give: Donnie Abraham

#264 Carroburg Crimson Cascade give: 4th (Universe) + Johnathon Nelson
#264 Praag Grizzlies give: 4th (Manticores) + Randy Bullocks

#263 Monte Castello Wreckers give: Busta Anderson
#263 Praag Grizzlies give: 4th (Classics)

#257 Los Cabos Marauders give: Garrett Gilkey
#257 Praag Grizzlies give: 4th (Marauders)

#250 Talabheim Sluggers give: future 2nd + future 3rd + Randy Bullocks
#250 Praag Grizzlies give: 4th (Wolfskins) + Dominique Hamilton

#242 Carroburg Crimson Cascade give: future 4th (Manticores) + Chet Adams
#242 Praag Grizzlies give: future 4th

#215 Broekwater Patriots give: future 1st + future 2nd (Sluggers) + future 4th (Classics)
#215 Praag Grizzlies give: 1st (Cascade)

#214 Remas Eagles give: 1st
#214 Praag Grizzlies give: 2nd (Thunderbolts) + future 2nd (Vikings) + Future 3rd (Vikings)

#196 Remas Eagles give: future 3rd + James Darling
#196 Praag Grizzlies give: 3rd + 3rd (Griffins)

#195 Barboza Bruisers give: Ed Stinson
#195 Praag Grizzlies give: 1st

#185 Erengrad Vikings give: future 2nd + future 3rd
#185 Praag Grizzlies give: 2nd

#180 Middenheim Classics give: Jeff Rodenberger
#180 Praag Grizzlies give: 4th (Griffins) + 4th Comp

#166 Wolfenburg Wolfskins give: future 2nd + future 4th
#166 Praag Grizzlies give: 2nd (Knights)

#148 Los Cabos Marauders give: future 4th
#148 Praag Grizzlies give: 4th (Knights)

#146 Talabheim Sluggers give: Joel Bitonio
#146 Praag Grizzlies give: 4th (Scimitars)

#129 Wolfsbach Scimitars give: 4th (White Wolves) + future 4th
#129 Praag Grizzlies give: 3rd

#128 Altdorf Thunderbolts give: Mick "the Slugga" Kabluski
#128 Praag Grizzlies give: 4th (Cascade)

#122 Carroburg Crimson Cascade give: future 1st + 4th
#122 Praag Grizzlies give: 1st (Patriots)

#113 Akendorf Griffins give: future 3rd + future 4th
#113 Praag Grizzlies give: 3rd (49ers)

#107 Altdorf Thunderbolts give: future 2nd
#107 Praag Grizzlies give: 2nd (Gunners)

#95 Kemperbad Knights give: future 2nd + future 4th
#95 Praag Grizzlies give: 2nd (49ers)

General Manager: jdmickleburgh

#47 Kemperbad Knights give: 3rd
#47 Praag Grizzlies give: future 3rd (Gunners)

#40 Nuln Gunners give: future 2nd + 4th (Scimitars) + future 3rd
#40 Praag Grizzlies give: 2nd (Wreckers)

#33 Averheim River Bandits give: future 1st (Patriots)
#33 Praag Grizzlies give: 2nd + 4th + future 4th

#21 Remas Eagles give: 2nd (Wreckers)
#21 Praag Grizzlies give: 3rd + 3rd (49ers)

#17 San Luis 49ers give: 2nd + 3rd + future 2nd + future 3rd
#17 Praag Grizzlies give: 1st


S.5 SHC North: 3rd position (7-4-5) .563 Coach: sonrises
S.4 SHC North: 4th position (5-5-6) .469 Coach: sonrises
S.3 SHC North: 4th position (5-4-7) .438 Coach: sonrises
S.2 SHC North: 3rd position (5-4-5) .500 Coach: sonrises
S.1 SHC: 6th position (2-2-4) .375 Coach: jdmickleburgh

* Zach Ertz (Blitzer) is selected for S5 Pro Bowl
* Jace Amaro (Blitzer) is selected for S4 Pro Bowl
* Lee Roy Salmon (Ogre) is selected for S3 Pro Bowl
* Jace Amaro (Blitzer) is selected for S2 Pro Bowl
* Lee Roy Salmon (Ogre) is selected for S1 Pro Bowl

Lee Roy Salmon: Grizzly from s1 Game1 to s4 game10. Selected twice for the SHC ProBowl team.
*707 turns in 46 games. 15,37 Turns/Game
*46 games played out of 48 possible games.
*(14-14-18) W-D-L record. Winning Pct = .456
*34 casualties in 281 blocks and 0 fouls. 12,10% Hit Ratio
*6,11 Blocks and 0,74 Casualties per game. 39,75% Hit Usage

Position Player Stat Score
Jace Amaro Games Played 69
Jace Amaro Turns Played 984
Jace Amaro TDs 34
Jace Amaro Run Yds 922
Jace Amaro Completions 23
Jace Amaro Pass Yds 60
Jace Amaro Real SPP 145
Lee Roy Salmon Blocks 281
Lee Roy Salmon Casualties 34
Chet Adams/Johnny Unitas Fouls 6
Bob Talamini/Akeem Spence Interceptions 1

Position Player Stat Score Season
Jace Amaro Turns Played 246 S5
Jace Amaro TDs 10 S5
Jace Amaro Run Yds 291 S2
Joe Namath Completions 15 S1
Zach Ertz Pass Yds 34 S4
Zach Ertz/Jace Amaro Real SPP 40 S4/S2
Siffridus Draken Blocks 111 S5
Lee Roy Salmon Casualties 11 S1/S2
Joel Bitonio Fouls 4S3
Bob Talamini/Akeem Spence Interceptions 1S2/S5

Season 6
Regular Season:
Mid-season Power Rankings have been published. Let's start with ARC Rankings. We are rated...#1! Wow! A bit too high probably. We guess, this has more to do with Coach & Jeffrey short stories than the real team power compared to the other teams in the league. Arcayn writes "Coach sonrises and his staff in Praag have amassed a huge team. Lots of STR in the Northern lands these days. And he seems to have done so very strategically, while many of the other SHC powerhouses are down (Erengrad, Wolfenburg MCW, Brionne, Kemperbad....) Major Kudos to Coach sonrises. Now go out there and prove me right!"
Additionally, Mickey Crabtree publishes his own Power Rankins. We are ranked #5.
Overall, team is making huge progress, both in the standings and media recognition. Let's see how far we get...
Mid-season break and grizzlies lead SHC North division and ties for 2nd position in the Conference standings. An impressive (6-3-0) .833 hints that playoff should be at reach.
However, injuries have taken a toll on the team. Super Star Jace Amaro suffers a serious concussion (-av) against CCC. Star Blitzer Panzer Echol gets his knee smashed (-n) against Foxes or promising QB Laskas goes down with a smashed ankle (-ma) in that infamous game against CCC. Adding to this, Grizzlies see veterans role players Robert Johnson, Busta Anderson and Sofia Varvankova die on the pitch. To finish off with this dreadful list, LOS fodder Max Hall, Ryan Cook and Jerrod Johnson are killed or forced into retirement.
Grizz management stick to current core roster and decides to have a quiet mid-season trade window. Only one trade to bring back former Grizz Johnny Unitas back to Praag.
We get to the SoS break with a (2-0-0) record. Team and coach felt a bit rusty in the season opener. Guard squad played a bit out of position. Coach made some adjustments for next game and team performed much better. Good start of the season.
Draft & Preseason:
Season previews are out. Let's check what the press have to say about the Grizzlies.
Let's start with ARC Rankings. Greens are ranked 10th overall! wow!. Arcayn writes "Coach sonrises has assembled a pretty amazing team. The main problem is that he plays in a division with some of the best coaches in the league. So while he and his team may be top 10 in the league, I don’t think they finish any better than 3rd in their division, but that could still be good enough for a wildcard."
Let's continue with SHC Divsions predicted by Robbert Graaf & Mickey Crabtree. Grizzlies are considered...the favourites to take SHC North! wow again!. This duo writes "Grizzlies have built a powerful team during the last seasons, and with improving results. This is their year. They win it. Also because both Wolfskins and Vikings have declining rosters."
Finnally, the 17 coaches panel poll results were released during this draft. Coach Sonrises is rated 17th out of 32 coaches. This is a big improvement from last time when a 12 coaches panel poll was launched in season 4 and coach was rated 26th.
Very positives reviews all around but...we are not that optimistic. We know the team weaknesses (Health and Punch) and these make us far more prudent in our analysis of the upcoming season. In addition, the League has grown to its max TW level ever...so, tough times ahead we predict.
Team keeps growing in key areas. Big signings in str4 Blitzer Panzer Echol from the White Wolves and vampire Lineman Gene Upshaw from the Patriots. After all this trading, only 2 draft picks left, a mid 2nd and an early 3rd. They are used to fill the multiple GUARD loses the Greens had last season by selecting Chaz Green & Andrew Donnal. The downs of this draft & Trade window? Losing PO, Jump up Blitzer Jensen Foster and team a bit too low in killing skills.
Season 5
Regular Season:
A very good (4-2-1) in the 2nd half of the season lead us to a final .563 (7-4-5) record -best record in this franchise young history-. Mid-season signings bring much needed quality to the roster. Grizzlies final push falls a bit short to make the playoffs.
However, team pays a high toll throughout this final push for Playoffs. Guard squad is shrunk to minimum levels after losses of Kawann Short, Johnathon Nelson and Robert Griffin. Draft & Trade will need to make up for this among other things...no brainer.
Robbert Graaf predicts who makes playoff in SHC. Week 13-14. Here what he says about Grizzlies. "But what about the Jeanne D'Arc of the league. The beloved Grizzlies, always fighting the odds. They are in the hunt, and before the season I hailed them as a dark horse for the playoff. And a darkhorse they are! They have upgraded the team in midseason window, but I fear it will not be enough. They will miss the playoff with a close margin. Vikings, Sluggers and Gunners are the final 3 games for Grizzlies. They will make 1,5 or 2 wins and it will not be enough."
Let's check ARC Mid-season review:"17. Praag Grizzlies: The Grizz (+6) front office made quite a few moves at the mid-season window. Acquiring arguably one of the best all around players in the league in Zach Ertz (3 Comps, 4 TDs, 7 CAS) should make a good team even better. Currently just 4 points back from the Wild Card. Can this team make the playoff push?"
Trade window closes before the start of season 5.3 and Grizzlies shock the market by trading back home Grizzlies fan favourite Zach Ertz.
Coaching staff is really happy after the signing of season one veteran Robert Johnson too. He is expected to lead the Guard corps and replace Griffin who's been forced into retirement due to multiple perm injuries.
Intriguing prospect, Konstantinos 'Laskas' Laskaridis from Los Cabos, has the potential to develope into a special player...if he makes it and survive LOS duties while learning the right skills.
Finnally, from CCC comes the first female to join the Grizzlies ranks...Sofia Varvankova. LOS specialist with expert positioning to negate one turn attempts.
On the way out, Grizzlies trade Unitas to Cardinals in the Johnson deal and Mick "The Slugga" Kabluski to Knights in the highest transfer fee received by the greens in their short history.
Overall, exciting signings this midseason where Grizzlies managment has assembled together the best team ever in this franchise history. Let's see how it unfolds...
Grizzlies get to midseason with a .444 (3-2-4) record. A bit dissapointing to be honest. Uninspired coaching against White Wolves and Knights, plain bad coaching agaisnt Vikings and nuffled against Manticores and Marauders equals to a not good first half of the season. Although underperforming, team feels like is closing the gap against the big powerhouses. The greens are still a step down though but ... closing in. Let's see if this trend confirms in the second half of the season.
After week 4 game, we get hold of DIE FAUSCHLAG NACHRICTEN and we get a nice game review in the Monday Morning Blitz! article signed by Bigf. Bigf writes: "We saw a pack of rampaging Grizzlies come South down to Carroburg. These angry bears from Praag, sacked the CCC ball carier in the first half and ground out a perfect drive to set up then up for receiving in the second half. Despite their best efforts (a RIP and MNG) the CCC couldn’t stop the score in the second half, though a last turn TD was a consolation. Grizzlies now 2/1/1 and looking a playoff contender".
We get to the first break with a (1-1-0) record. Team has been playing quite well. New signings Spence and Vaccaro have clicked with the team very fast. Bad news? One dead and two niggles in 2 games...unlucky. Week 2 ARC Rankings are released and team rises 3 spots to #23... "The Grizz come out of the first batch with no losses. Respectable results but on a 4th place schedule. Let's see what the Bears can do once they play stiffer competition".
Let's check out Press comments on Grizzlies after week 2. To start off, we get a very positive mention in the interview with coach SpecialOne published by DIE FAUSCHLAG NACHRICTEN. Coach SpecialOne goes "I would point to the Grizzlies as a dark horse in SHC. they have an excellent coach. Very good trader, and plays some solid ball.". Additionally, Carroburg Tageszeitung publishes its annual Assesing SHC North after week 2. Günther Schiele writes “For third place in the division, we are somewhat sad to say that we believe Grizzlies will beat our Crimson heroes once again. They have improved their squad considerably, and combine veterans like Amaro and Kabluski with new eager players like Siffridus Draken from the Eagles and Kawann Short from the draft. Half the team has mighty blow, and almost everyone has Block, so they will surely make an impact on the opponents. The coach has improved his skills as well, and plays a well developed positional game.”
Draft & Preseason:
Pre-season reviews are out and we get #26 in ARC Rankings...After the fortune we spent in offseason! :P. Coach sonrises head my be on stake if these Rankings get it right. Arcayn writes:
"I can only imagine coach sonrises reaction when he reads these rankings. I can imagine that he thinks his Grizzlies deserve to be much higher on this list. I, however, feel that following the "Quik-Flix" method of Roster Management will be as successful as it was in Remas last season. 8 MB might look nice on the roster, but it will not win you many games. The Cubs have gained some bite, but have no one to help Amaro with the ball handling duties".
DLE Active coaches winning % Rankings are plublished later this very same day. Coach sonrises stands #17 out of 27 coaches qualifying.
Grizzlies spending this offseason has been the highest in this franchise young history. Season 4 top performer Zach Ertz is traded along multiple picks in a Blockbuster deal that brings Eagles Super Blitzer, Siffridus Draken, to Praag. Besides this, long time target, Kenny Vaccaro, is finnally leaving Templehof to join Grizzlies and former Rangers Jensen Foster will cover the departure of local talent Dan Wetherspoon.
During DraftDay, team manages to keep two 1st rounders and take on board Top Lino Kawann Short and a rare pro prospect in Ogre Akeem Spence. Late 3rd rounder Caleb Sturgis rounds up the team and take LOS duties.
Overall, management has gathered the best team ever wearing the green shirt.... but teams around the league look like they have improved a lot too.... so, we will see!
Season 4
Regular Season:
Mediocre 2nd half of the season with a .357 (2-1-4) record to end regular season at .469 (5-5-6). We were quite unlucky in some particular games this second half. We think we deserved better results vs Vikings and Classics...and we received a big dicing against CCC. Sadly, franchise player Lee Roy Salmon dies in that cursed game vs CCC.
Overall, team meet basic expectations and main core of players keep growing. Let's see how we can improve the team during Draft & Trade...
Mid season break and team gets there with a .566 record (3-4-2). Grizzlies are performing a bit over expectations. Great win against dopped Rangers and only loses from games against powerhouses Greenskins and Wolfskins. On the down side, Stinson injury after a gfi, very unlucky.
Managment take mid season trade window opportunity to trade for cheap but pretty useful players. Grizz bring in GUARDS Johnathon Nelson, Garrett Gilkey and MIGHTY hitter Busta Anderson. Moreover, Grizz traded away Hamilton and Abraham as they were not fitting new scheme and in doing so Grizz were able to grab some very useful draft 6 capital in exchange.
Grizzlies are not ready yet to really compete against the powerhouse teams in DLE. Grizzlies belong to the mid pack right now...
First 2 season games before the divisional break and 2 wins! Good! However, season doesn't look promising. We had the best team on the field in these 2 games and we managed to pull 2 wins but team is still trying to get used to new playbook and team mates. We made some bad mistakes in both games but nuffle forgave us this time. From now on, most teams will be stronger than ours...some even ridiculously stronger! Let's try to survive...
On a less dramatic note, Grizzlies had a good review in the Carroburg Tageszeitung. Reporter Günther, who in the past was quite critic with the Grizzlies, shows a more sympathetic approach to the Grizzlies project. He writes in this Assessing the SHC North article "Grizzlies had close to a 0.500 rating last season, and they have made the best draft improvement of all the teams in the division, slightly better than the Vikings, so they have a good team, only slightly lower rated than the Crimson Cascade. They have better star players, though, in pro bowl players Jace Amaro and Lee Roy Salmon, and they have convinced so far, with victories against the Sharks and the Bruisers. They are consistently underrated as well, so maybe, is this the season where they will actually show the finger to all self-professed experts and take out their full potential?”
Grizzlies Schedule has been released and...wow! this is gonna be a tough season! We have to play 3 games against 2 MegaKiller teams (Wolfskins and Patriots). Another 5 games against teams with multiple +STR/+AG on their rosters. And the remaining 8 games against teams as good as the Grizz. Let's hope our core players manage to survive...
Pre-Season Press Round up: Grizzlies get #26 in JR Power Rankings. #27 in ARC Power rankings. Arcayn writes "Grizzlies are thin. They lack depth. They lack enough statistical enhancements to be true ballers or true killers. I am not sure the team has a real direction at this point. And that is particularly bad in the division they live in". Coach sonrises is rated 26th coach in 12 panel poll. Grizzlies are rated 26th team in the same poll.
Conclusion: Praag is too far up north and too small a market to have good reviews from the mainstream media...hehehe

Draft & Preseason:
Grizz Management have been quite active trading for players before Draft and seems to be quite happy with the outcome: James Darling, Ed Stinson and Jeff Rodenberger will join the team. Three picks were left for Draft day...and team went for Blitzer Zach Ertz at #18 and LOS specialist Everett Dawkins at #111. Finnally Grizzlies traded for more LOS specialists and brought in Chet Adams.
Overall, a good draft for Grizzlies who manage to keep 11 picks for Draft 5 together with 6 new faces for season 4. Guard ranks have been improved, first +STR4 player in Grizz history makes the team, a future replacement for Amaro has been found and fast catchers added to the team too. It is clearly an improvement but DLE teams are growing as fast or even faster than Grizz squad and it doesn't look like the team is ready for play-off yet. Divisional rivals are very strong and Grizz scheduele has been rated 17th toughest in the league. Title contenders rosters are far more developed than ours...fielding lots of +stats and real game changers players.
There is some room for hope though...if we manage to come victorious from first games and key players survive...team may grow and develope to an interesting level quite quick as many players are close to skill up...we will see.

Season 3
Regular Season:
A (4-0-3) to end the season. No much more to add to previous entries. Team is not ready to compete yet but it is making progress in the right direction.
It is mid-season break and the team is not doing well (1-4-4). The main problem is the lack of +STR players. All contenders play 2-4 of those and we have none. This is something we MUST adress next draft. In addition, we are still missing enough Guard players although we could develope one of our blitzers. Add up lack of +STR and shortness of Guard...outcome: we have no chance to really compete vs most teams in DLE. One critic to coach sonrises performance this season is his lack of knowledge on one-turn tactics. Coach sonrises has overlooked the art of one-turning for his whole career...but in DLE, this knowledge is a MUST have. Coach sonrises seems to be improving in his one-turn tactics. Finnally, we are ranked #28 in the DLE Power Rankings Season3. JR writes "These guys will bounce back, but it’s just not their year. They have the right skills, but they’re not in the right places"...well, No comment ;)
Carroburg Tageszeitung's reporter, Günther, is quite critic whith Grizz performance in this A look at Season 3 for SHC North article...quite arrogant & cocky i must say, kind of looking down on us...well, season is long and who laughs the last...
2 games and 2 losses to start. Team can't take any hits and we play both games outnumbered from the very start...(-27 and -26 turns played in those games plus two perm injuries). Funny thing is that the ones staying on the pitch are the low armour players! Unbelievable!
Draft & Preseason:
We could finnally adress the lack of killers with the signing of two PO players and extra MB. However, we couldn't find the right PO+Tackle prospect we were hoping for.
Team is still missing key basic skills and this upcoming season 3 looks like is going to be brutal! We expect plenty of blood and casualties, at least, during the first half of the season. Teams are really bloated for the season opener.
In an attempt to anticipate the consequences of this development in DLE, Grizzlies managment decided to trade most of Draft 3 rights for Draft 4 rights. Grizzlies have 11 picks for Draft 4 night...if our assumption on DLE season 3 bloody trend confirms...these 11 picks could give us an edge for season 4...we will see.
Season 2
Regular Season:
Wild season for the Grizzlies. Very difficult start with a (1-2-3) record. However, the team was playing much better than what final scores suggested. Team was causing turnovers but couldn't convert them into TDs due to all kinds of unfortunate plays. Moreover, if facing one turners...well...they just unstoppable... if stalling for the win...a hero sidestepper appears and takes 12 blocks unscratched to save his team...and so on and on and on.
Overall, Grizzlies finish season with a feeling that with a bit of luck they could have improved final (5-4-5) record and make it to Play-off...
Draft & Preseason:
Team is not built to coach sonrises' liking. First assessment and it is clear that the team is lacking "Hitters". Not a single player in the roster could be considered a true hitter. Additionally, there is a lack of GUARD and TACKLE skills too. Draft was regarded as crucial to fix the mess but...surprise! 1st round rights had been traded!! We only had 2 middle/late 2nd round picks available to adress the situation. Grizz managment did thier best to bring some Guard and Tackle skills to the mix...but we could not get enough of those skills and the killer was still missing. Season didn't look promising at all.

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Progression: Standard
# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1 Akeem Spence1Ogre5529Block, Pro, Break Tackle, Guard, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate 2800113658100k (100+0k) 
2 Jace Amaro1Blitzer7347Block, Tackle, Dodge, Leap, Side Step, Mighty Blow-av6621340113160170k (170+0k) 
3 Panzer Echol2Blitzer7438Block, Mighty Blow, Strong Armn11010612090k (90+0k) 
4 Siffridus Draken3Blitzer7438Block, Dodge, Guard, Mighty Blow, Piling Onm2800016662140k (0k) 
5 Zach Ertz4Blitzer7348Block, Tackle, Dodge, Guard, Mighty Blow 195803035130k (130+0k) 
6 Jeff Rodenberger1Catcher9237Block, Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Sure Feet 4461200357130k (130+0k) 
7 Chaz Green1Lineman6338Jump Up, Guard 1200010260k (60+0k) 
8 Johnny Unitas2Thrower6337Block, Sure Hands, Tackle, Guard, Pass 3000021070k (70+0k) 
9 Andrew Donnal8Lineman6337Tackle, Guard-av1100000050k (50+0k) 
10Gary Guyton2Lineman6338  00000000k (0+0k) 
11 Gene Upshaw3Lineman6447Block, Tackle, Guard 113200114160k (160+0k) 
12 Konstantinos 'Laskas' Laska...1Thrower5438Block, Sure Hands, Dodge, Pass-ma181203328100k (100+0k) 
13 Lorenzo Washington4Lineman6338  10000000k (0+0k) 
14Jesse Holley7Lineman6338  10000000k (0+0k) 
15 Don Hasselbeck5Lineman6338  30000000k (0+0k) 
16 Ed Stinson6Lineman6437Block, Fend, Tacklen, -av4002011343110k (110+0k) 
15 players (+1 player missing next game)  
Coach:sonrises Re-Rolls (100k):3  
Race:Praag Grizzlies Fan Factor:12  
Team Value:1490k Assistant Coaches:0  
Treasury:10350000 Cheerleaders:0  
Tournament Weight:1630k Apothecary:Yes  

Games Played:67 (29/18/20) |TD Diff:11 (92 - 81) |Cas Diff:-35 (84/50/21 - 113/55/22)
Last Opponent: -Wolfenburg Wolfskins-