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Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  New Things All The Way Vampire 30k 0/0/0 970k ±100  
  145_ExcellentEldar Slann 100k 0/0/1 950k    
  Me Go Faster Orc 210k 6/1/1 1560k    
League teams for National College Blood Bowl II
  Ball State Crimson Birds Human 600k 22/28/17 1680k    
  Butler MaleCowDogs Slann 0 2/2/4 1220k    
League teams for Secret League Americas
  Only Rugby Backs Skink 90k 4/6/10 1380k    
League teams for Secret League Open
  [SLO] Ways We Move Elemental - Water 50k 4/4/7 1490k    
  Fav 40k Units Dust Goblin 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Languages of the World Snakemen 80k 2/0/1 1120k    
  Wow the Dirt is Brown Elemental - Earth 80k 0/1/1 930k    
  Classic TV Chaos Renegade 130k 1/4/5 1290k ±190  
  Classic Video Games Ogre 0 4/4/6 1480k ±370  
  Flesh Gamers Necromantic Horror 130k 9/7/9 1810k ±810  
  Gods Are With Us Chaos Chosen 100k 11/4/13 1610k ±820  
  Ladies in the Movies Amazon 60k 9/1/3 1360k ±290  
  Movie Stars My Era High Elf 150k 8/8/12 1780k ±910  
  Mr Slann A Lot Slann 210k 58/36/59 2250k    
  My Guilty Pleasure Goblin 170k 2/3/13 1180k ±370  
  Reptilian Babies Chaos Renegade 130k 18/12/24 1680k    
  Retro Predators Lizardmen 110k 1/1/1 1030k ±150  
  So You Wanna Step Up Slann 190k 22/18/26 2310k    
  Classic Baseball Wood Elf 80k 5/2/5 1550k    
  Classic Basketball Norse 110k 3/0/6 1090k    
  Classic Classical Chaos Dwarf 60k 5/4/6 1390k    
  Classic Football 2 Slann 120k 6/4/7 1460k    
  Classic Old Ladies Skaven 120k 3/1/4 1270k    
  Classic Rockers Human 60k 3/4/7 1400k    
  Classic Rugby Underworld Denizens 140k 2/2/7 1310k    
  Retro Fashion Dark Elf 0 1/0/1 1090k    
  Slamming Da Bass Orc 130k 7/4/6 1620k    
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Member SinceMay 22, 2017
LocationUnited States
Matches Played926
Match Record275/236/415
Tournament Wins
TBD Bowl - NCBB Season 36
Trollslayer.com Seven Zero Bowl - NCBB Season 35
Bar Brawl XLVI - Hi
Bar Brawl XLIV - Hi
Planter's Goober Bowl - NCBB Season 33