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Unranked Division (OBSOLETE)

This division has been closed and removed. See news post below. http://fumbbl.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=1530.


The Unranked division basically functions identically to ranked with looser restrictions. You can play whomever you want without regard to the effect it will have on the Ranking formula, for example.

Historically, Unranked division was originally the Tournament division, but its role has changed somewhat. The old T division used to be strictly for teams participating in groups and tournaments, with "pickup" games not encouraged. Now it is for everyone who wants to play for fun, rather than ranking. It makes for a perfect environment to test out odd team designs, practice your skills (with a new team or in general) or just playing within a select group of friends. The function of the old Tournament division is now provided by the League division (except that pick-up games are not discouraged).


Changing Division

Teams may move from the Ranked division to the Unranked division (but not the other way) for a limited time.

Playing the same opponents frequently

If you want to play games among a close group of friends, create teams in the [U] division. Unranked is perfect for just such a purpose. You can simply play whomever you want, whenever you want. However, back to back games vs the same team / coach are not allowed in this division. If you would like to play repeated consecutive games against the same coach/team, you should create your teams in the Academy or League divisions.

The +/- 40 STR Rule

The +/- STR rule is not enforced in Unranked. You are still expected to play reasonably competitive matches in open play, however. The reason it is not enforced is because of the way some tourneys are set up, rather than an actual endorsement of unfair games.

Finding a game

If you are in the #fumbblunranked IRC channel and you want to play a game with one of your Unranked teams, make sure your chat name is the same as your FUMBBL coach name ( type /nick yourcoachname ) and then type bb lfg to display your teams in the channel. You can also open the Gamefinder page, and list your teams there - seek out likely-looking opponents on IRC.


For Ranking purposes, K=0 in this division. In other words, it is not ranked at all, hence the catchy name.

Last update: August 7, 2009