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The FUMBBL Gamefinder is the primary way to find matches in the Ranked division. This page will explain how it functions.


The Gamefinder consists of three separate parts: A Team selection part, a match list part and a match offer part.

Team selection

The first page you land on when accessing the Gamefinder is the team selection page. The main part of this page is a list of all teams that are eligible to play a match. To be eligible to play, the team must be in the "Ready to play" state and not currently scheduled to play another team.

At the bottom of the page, there are a few controls which allow you to easily select all / no teams, change the scale for the team list and of course the button you click to move to the next part of the Gamefinder.

The team selection and scaling setting you choose here will persist so the next time you load the Gamefinder, your previous settings are preserved.

Match list

Once you are happy with the team selection and click the "Look for Games" button, you move over to the match list page. This page shows you a list of the currently possible matches that are available to the teams you selected. If there are no matches available for your teams, a spinner will be displayed with the word "Searching" prominently showing on the screen. The Gamefinder will automatically update this, and as soon as there is a valid match to show, it will appear on your screen.

The bottom part of the page has the controls, which allow you to change the scale of the match list (this is effectively the same setting as in the team selection page), and a way to easily go back to the team selection page.

Hovering your mouse pointer over a match, two buttons will appear. A green check mark and a red dash. Clicking the red dash button will tell the Gamefinder that you are not interested in that particular match and it will be removed from your list. The green check mark button will tell the Gamefinder that you are interested in the match and the green check mark will "stick" on the match in your list. Note that hovering over the match again, will show the controls again, allowing you to change your mind and decline a match even after you accepted it.

Once an opponent accepts a match which you have accepted (or if you accept one that your opponent already did accept), the Gamefinder will redirect you to the next part of the system, the match offer page.

For performance reasons, there are a few limitations to the match list. There is a limit for the number of matches that can show at any one time, meaning that if there are too many possible matches (and this could easily go into the hundreds), a subset of these will be shown. If this is the case and you decline a match, a match that was previously hidden will be shown instead.

In the match list, there is also a blue "i" button, allowing you to see a quick overview of the team in question. Clicking this will not take you away from the Gamefinder.

Match offer

Once a match has been accepted by both involved coaches, the match offer page will be shown to both coaches. This page shows only a single match, and acts as a confirmation screen for the match. You can decline the match and go back to the match list, or choose to start the match. Once both coaches have chosen to start the match, the teams are locked into the match and the game client is automatically launched for both coaches.

Last update: July 18, 2012