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Halloween: Speed Painted Necro
All Hallows Eve and a full moon shone bright.. fearful howls rent the night as lycanthrope transformed into hideous Werewolves.
Amongst the tombs fetid and rotten corpses dragged themselves from the very earth. Ghouls drawn by the smell of decay gathered to feast. It was time..

..it was about time I painted the Necromantic Horror team I was gifted for Christmas. For a long while I'd been thinking how to capture the Halloween & Horror themes. The team features Werewolves so a Full-Moon scenario seemed apt.

I did not set out to Speed Paint this team - I started quite slowly making little conversions and part swaps - but once the zenithal primer was on the team looked promising and I realised I could finish it that same day. The squad took around 4 hours to paint, very much quicker than my usual neat-but-slow approach. Essentially it is just a wash of blue ink, and a dry-brush of pale yellow.

I re-positioned a Golem arm, throwing my inconsiderable talents into modelling a greenstuff armpit. The other Golem stumbles over a pumpkin ball with OSL lighting.

Wraiths are fun to play, and fun to paint. The washing-line joke is funny, but not quite so amusing twice. I glued one to a twig.

Ghouls had few options to re-position the models, fortunately the pumpkin helmet and splash of orange sets them apart.

Werewolves-on-one-foot.. oh dear. Its quite a dynamic sculpt but two in same pose is not great. I spent a while cutting both lower legs off one of them, and used a Wraith helmet as a knee pad in my rebuild.

Zombies - the finest linemen available. I swapped a few body parts, and scattered some leaves around. Try to imagine the sweet note of gently composting leaf mulch, mixed with the hideous stench of rotting flesh.

Zombie scarecrows - I had fun here putting one on a stake and creating a greenstuff cloak, lit up by a glowing pumpkin.
The team coach (a Rackham Confrontation mini) is ready to paint; I just need to think about how to approach that, such a brilliant sculpt deserves time and attention.

Thanks for taking a look : )

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Posted by Nobby_Nobbs on 2021-10-30 23:35:46
Buh... Wuh... Duh.. What!? Speedpainted? Dammit, those look better than my regular necro :) Lovely job!
Posted by Bloodfeast on 2021-10-30 23:44:03
Very Nice :)
Posted by DrClaes on 2021-10-31 18:34:46
Awesome and appropriate for the season!
Posted by BeanBelly on 2021-11-01 11:35:04
Thanks all : ) I definitely felt motivated to get this team done for the 31st!
Posted by The_Murker on 2021-11-01 18:19:58
Sweet. Nice technique.
Posted by Teturact on 2021-11-02 00:40:29
these are excellent! I really like your modeling upgrades makes your team much more dynamic.
Posted by LemonheadWallenstein on 2021-11-03 14:46:51
they look very nice! it would be nice to have a picture of all of them together!
Posted by BeanBelly on 2021-11-03 21:39:25
Thanks - I might give that a go. My phone struggles to focus on a group but I’ll give it a go and update the blog
Posted by FRSHMN on 2021-11-05 18:03:20
Thanks for sharing.
Posted by csk73 on 2021-11-09 19:26:27
wow! great modelling/converting and painting!