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Skaven & Orc Teams Painted
Hello o/

Betwixt feasting and roaming the Peak District hills I spent a chunk of the last few weeks painting up a couple of teams.

First up was a Orc team, using some Warhammer Ironjawz boys I picked up secondhand. I simply snipped off the weapons, and painted them up pretty quickly, it was good fun to do and they look the part. I'll use the Black Orcs I previously painted as Big 'Uns.

The Blitzers were undercoated White and I used a concoction of yellow paints, inks and mediums for that YELLOW armour. One of my targets at moment is to increase the contrast on my miniatures; hopefully these two teams display that.

I intend to paint up a mean looking 3rd party troll for this team.

The Skaven boxset was a Christmas gift, the models were very simple to push-fit together, though it meant alternative poses were not a realistic option ,so I just kept them as they came, anyhow for Underworld I'll only use half. I put quite a bit of time into painting this team trying to get them looking sharp, and I'm happy with how they turned out.

Cabal Vison blimp took some aerial footage

Bloodied blitzer

Warpstone infused thrower

[EDIT] Since first writing this blog I have painted up a sunburnt Rat Ogre, the classic Headsplitter model:

Thanks for taking a look, wishing you a good 2022 : )
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Posted by Scisco on 2022-01-10 20:43:31
Loooookin good :)
Posted by ben_awesome on 2022-01-10 23:56:07
very sexah.
Posted by PeteW on 2022-01-11 13:16:26
If you can remember that your Big Uns have move 5 then you are a better man than me. I would look at them and only see black orcs.

I once tried using zombies as thralls for my vampire team. I was halfway through the second half when I realised I'd been moving them 4 spaces each turn...
Posted by BeanBelly on 2022-01-11 14:39:06
yep.. that could well happen : )

I’ve painted more teams that I’ve played Table Top, and I ain’t painted that many teams! I’ll brush up on the rules before UKTC.

*I played as a kid, but that was with the board on the bedroom carpet - way too much excited shouting to ever be allowed to use the dining table.

Posted by sokeeffe on 2022-01-12 17:32:30
Quality work Bean!
Love the Skaven in blue.