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2011-11-03 19:07:05
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What is EDT?
Some opponents are suggesting we play games at certain hours during EDT? What time zone is that? Why aren't we using Blood Bowl Time? Does EDT = BBT?

Does the site have an option with the scheduling time to let each user see their own time zone when the game is offered? If so how do I set that? If not why not? That would be an awesome idea which is why I believe it probably already exists and I just don't know about it.
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Posted by ahalfling on 2011-11-03 19:09:54
Eastern Daylight Time = the Eastern US. So four hours before British time etc.

It's confusing this week because (I think) most/all of Europe has already turned their clocks back for the winter, whereas that doesn't happen in America until this Sunday the 6th. So that's why a lot of people are thrown off on BBtime.
Posted by BrianVanLe on 2011-11-03 19:26:06
EDT is -5 to GMT.
Posted by Colin on 2011-11-03 20:21:12
I thought that timezone was EST. Evidently, I'm wrong.
Posted by ahalfling on 2011-11-03 20:23:37
EST is Eastern Standard (i.e. non-Daylight) time.
Posted by Cavetroll on 2011-11-03 20:38:01
yeah, what they said below. It gets confusing because America made the decision around 6 years ago to start Daylight Savings Time earlier and let it last longer. Personally, I hate it and wish they would go back to the world standard, but there you have it.
Posted by Cavetroll on 2011-11-03 20:39:35
Another problem is that EST is 6 hours behind BBT. Which means that there is often confusion when a person wants to schedule a game that would be before midnight EST but after midnight BBT. Especially when they just throw a day of the week out and not an actual date.
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2011-11-03 21:24:59
OK. So does EST = EDT or not? I live in EST, Eastern Standard Time, and have never seen it referred to as EDT, Eastern Daylight Time.

Is this the Daylight Savings time thing someone mentioned causing an additional issue?
Posted by uuni on 2011-11-03 21:35:13
@Catalyst: It is used in the same places during different periods.

During summer it is EDT (Daylight saving time) and during winter it is EST (Standard time). Both time zones have always their own offset from Greenwich Mean Time.

US changes its summer -> winter timezone changes at different time than Europe, and currently Russia has ceased to change daylight saving time altogether. This may indeed cause confusion in people.

Part of the problem is that BBtime is not constant timezone as timezones are, but instead is either Central European Standard Time (winter, now) or Central European Daylight Saving Time (summer, couple of weeks ago).
Posted by DonTomaso on 2011-11-03 23:54:01
You could also say that Fumbbl time is CET - central european time and that normally is GMT +1.
Posted by Nightbird on 2011-11-04 00:00:41
CET, GMT, EDT, EST...ahhhhhhhh!
BTW I'm currently CDT but will soon be CST!
Posted by Rabe on 2011-11-04 00:17:21
Almost correct... bbtime is either CET (during the winter) or CEST (Central European Summer Time). :-D

I'm sooo happy I live right on bbtime... but I still google and work through the different time zones when my opponent is confused. Have learned quite a lot that way, but sadly can't remember it a few days later. ;-)
Posted by Christer on 2011-11-04 00:53:06
There is a schedule feature on the site which does take time zones into account. On the scheduled match, you should be able to click the little clock icon to get to the feature.
Posted by lizvis on 2011-11-04 01:15:18
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2011-11-04 03:32:18
Thanks everybody except for lizvis. I can actually say that I learned something today about time zones. I didn't know that several countries have different daylight savings times. But I did know that some countries have their own Time Zone that is either 30 minutes ahead or behind everybody elses.

Now that I know this using the clock feature for scheduling games will be easier. Most of my time on FUMBBL I have not needed to be so specific about scheduling games because I could be online so often and my work schedule was so crazy. My work schedule is still crazy but it is much more time sensitive now. I have many more exact times that I must be at various places instead of a job where I just go in to work and work until I finish the job or am I too tired to work anymore.

Most of you have been very helpful.