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2021-07-24 05:14:25
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2009-12-21 21:02:05
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2021-07-24 05:14:25
6 votes, rating 4.7
Just bought an Old World Team
Purchased GW's Middenheim Marauders and OLD WORLD team.
I think OLD WORLD is going to become my favorite roster in the game.

My 2 favorites have always been the Orcs and Humans.
And in a sense OLD WORLD is a bit of a cross between the 2 rosters. Even though it is actually Dwarves and Humans.
And yeah I guess it is actually a cross between Dwarves and Humans.
But... what I mean is...
It combines the great AV and STRENGTH skill access Orcs (and Dwarves) have.
With the good SPEED and starting Access to the Ball Handling Reroll skills Humans have.

If Managed right I think I will excell with this roster.
And those are the things I like so much about my 2 previously favorite rosters.
Maybe I will create 1 of the 1st Legendary OLD WORLD teams.

Beyond this I want to talk about the Miniatures.
They look cool enough. No complaints in any way there. There are 15 pretty cool miniatures.
1 Dwarf Blitzer. 1 Human Blitzer.
1 Dwarf Runner. 1 Human Thrower.
1 Troll Slayer. 1 Human Catcher.
3 Dwarf Linemen. 3 Human Linemen. 3 Halflings. Hmmmm.... What? 3 Dwarf Linemen??? 3 Halflings??? WHAT!?!?!?

Look at the rules for the OLD WORLD roster.
You can only have 2 Dwarf Linemen (or Blockers technically... but whatever).
And you can only have 2 Halflings but they put 3 of each in the box. 3!!! OF EACH!!! WHY???

On the cover of the BOX it only shows 2 Halflings and 2 Blockers.
It only shows 13 players. WEIRD!!!

Oh well. I'm sure I can still use them. I'll fold them into another team.
Maybe the Fling will join the Flings or Humans teams I have.
Maybe the Dorf will join the Dorf or CHaos Dorf teams I have.
Maybe I will turn them into some STAR PLAYER or another. 1 of the Flings would make a decent Puggy Baconbreath. idk.

I'm not complaining. I just thought this was STRANGE.
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Posted by C0ddlefish on 2021-07-24 11:12:59
Aren't the extra Dwarf/Halfling in the box just because whole package was thrown together from existing Dwarf/Human/Halfling Sprues?
Posted by BeanBelly on 2021-07-24 19:31:08
Great to hear you are stoked about playing Old World Alliance, have fun!
Puggy sounds a good idea, add some HUGE shoulder pads to your halfling and you have it : )

I've painted a pink Dwarf team, and I am mostly through painting a pink Imperial Nobility team, so I've the makings of a Table Top OWA team.
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2021-07-28 07:21:33
Haha!! COddlefish. That is funny. And probably TRUE.

Thanks BeanBelly. I don't usually do something like that.
I am more likely to mix and match Minis from Roster to Rotter to fill out my Teams.

I have spent nearly every waking moment of 3 of the past 3 days looking at Fantasy Football Miniatures and have almost convinced myself to spend about $100 on teams I do not NEED that I already have because I found stuff that looks COOL.

I have picked out a Slann Team, 2 Kroxigors, 3 Rat Ogres, 5 Treeman, a Minotaur, a fully loaded FULLY LOADED Chaos Alliance team, a Snow Troll, 2 Ulfwereners, a few Trolls, a Ogre team and lots of cool Undead/Necro game pieces (to flesh out the Undead and Necro team I already have) and MAYBE a Khemri team and 2 Chaos Dwarf, 2 Dwarf I definitely do not need.

I haven't pulled the trigger on any of them and I really need to cut down the list. I have already eliminated a very cool All Female Vampire Team and (uh) SCALED BACK (cough) from a 100 Euros Lizardmen team to maybe just getting the team from GW for $34 instead and MAYBE not buying ANY Elves except maybe some Star Players (I can't find ANY of mine and I had a piece dedicated to be ALL of them that I had already painted).

I have about a month to figure this out. Planning on buying them while the FAM is out of town on a trip to Florida in late August through Mid-September and then later while they go to California in late October.

But I MUST cut down the list immensely and postpone as much as I can to some other year. Or never. It is such a shame that I am not extremely wealthy. Then I could really do something for the Blood Bowl community other than TALK and COVET. The Talking is relatively Positive. The Coveting... pretty sure that is one of the 7 Deadly Sins. But the flesh is WEAK.