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AV8 is worse in CRP
1st - I made this the title to draw interest because obviously 2 6-sided dice roll 9+ now as often as they always did.

2nd - I am not complaining about my dice. I think they have been fair in most games (and of course Nuffle took over a few of them as per usual).

3rd - I absolutely love the new client and I am not trying to make it seem like the new client is worse in anyway.

The real reason I have made this blog entry is because it has seemed to me that I experience broken armor (of AV8) more in the FFB client than I did in the Ski Junkie Client.

This could just be random chance or just poor luck in my experiences. But I was wondering if anyone else had been thinking the same thing.

Could it be that the Random Number Generators each client uses brings a different series of results that tends to make this true? What are your thoughts?

If AV8 is worse in the new client I will adjust my strategies accordingly to reflect that rather than complain.
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Posted by clarkin on 2011-01-27 00:28:26
Posted by studmandudebro on 2011-01-27 00:47:24
yo talk tooo spiro
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2011-01-27 05:19:39
So far no one is sensing this shift in the balance of dice?

I would hope both RNG's are legitimately "R" just not convinced yet either way.
Posted by Ancre on 2011-01-27 17:12:23
Maybe the apothecary rule changes gives you this impression ? With more apoth failure you have a higher on-pitch injury ratio which may lead to think your players suffer more in FFB than in Skijunkie's client.

For me it's the contrary so far - my high elves seems to be more resilient than before. But maybe that's just because I'm not scared of dragging my team's FF too low with too many losses and ruining my team forever :)

or I steal your dices. That can be an explanation too ...
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2011-01-28 06:32:36
That is it... you are stealing my dice.
BTW dice is the same singular and plural in English just a tip.

OK... good to see I am just not having much luck with the AV8 players. It would really suck for me if it was a difference because I love to play Humans and am really interested the new Dark Elves roster. Also some people have suggested to me that based on my style I should play High Elves and I am trying that too. Lots of AV8.

Though it hasn't been the apoth that is bugging me. I have just had too many Stuns, KO's, and CAS. More than usual I think.
Posted by James_Probert on 2011-01-29 22:03:21
dice is the plural.

die is the singular.

however, everyone (incorrectly) uses dice as both plural and singular.
Posted by Were_M_Eye on 2011-06-24 11:30:18
plural also dices: a small cubical piece (as of food)
Posted by Timlagor on 2011-06-24 18:20:14
There are a lot more claws about which may well be relevant.

Pretty sure "dices" is only valid as a verb (dies is a valid plural for some meanings however)

Posted by Were_M_Eye on 2011-06-24 20:31:08
Pretty sure Timlagor fail in reading. Or maybe a "cubical piece (as of food)" is verb in his language.