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This is my opinion on what fixes CRP.
1st posted in another BLOG. I stuck it here for feedback.

1) Claw can only be taken as a DOUBLE not a Normal skill roll.
This makes the skill a bit more rare, prices its TV more accurately, reduces spam, makes coaches CHOOSE between Dodge (or some other useful Agility Skill) and Claw... this aspect makes taking the Claw skill something that takes away something else that would help the Chaos teams like Dodge to get Claw.
Like it or not Claw and CLPOMB do serve a useful purpose in this game in bringing the carnage, cutting av9 teams to pieces, etc... But a CLPOMB player ought to be SPECIAL. Touched by Khorne himself to bring death and destruction. It shouldn't be something you can turn every single player into on your roster if that is your plan.
Plus... as an added bonus. MORE Tackle probably doing its job by cutting through those damn pesky Elves. The way so many CLPOMB teams IGNORE the #1 Elf killing skill and then have THE NERVE to complain Elves win too much. Get some freaking Tackle and cut down those Elves in half and watch them stop winning so much.

2) Piling On causes the player that is USING the Piling On skill to Pile On an opponent to make an AV roll. This means when you choose to Pile On your own player might break his own Armor... he might Stun himself or KO himself or even Kill himself while THROWING HIMSELF on someone wearing spikey armor on a STONE playing surface.
Making the choice to Pile On now becomes a STRATEGY that could have consequences and not some AUTOPILOT decision. You have to THINK about whether or not you should take the risk to remove that opponent. Obviously if it is some LEGEND you Pile On... some Rookie... meh... is it really worth it? Maybe it is.

3) Buff Sneaky Git... to give to +1 to Foul and allow it to STACK with Dirty Player... KEEP the aspects that make it harder to spot the foul made by a sneaky git. LAYING ON THE GROUND (whether you piled on or tripped GFIing) SHOULD NOT BE SAFE. This brings back the possibility of the +2 Foul... but makes it cost at least 40K and 16spps.
This buffs Flings, Goblins, Ogres, Lizards, Slann, Humans (more Catchers maybe), Elves etc and gives a few teams an extra chance to fight back that currently don't have many options. AND of course the CLPOMB teams could take it IF they want to use 1 of those precious DOUBLES.
I think Elves would take Sneaky Git over DP... and maybe pick up DP as a 2nd skill on a Fouler. Maybe Orcs and Pact would use Goblins for something other than TTM. Would Skaven use it on a GR? Zons? Norse? idk Did I forget anyone?

4) Change some of the player cost issues focusing mainly on the non-AG4 teams and non-CLPOMB teams. Some of those teams have players that cost too much for them to be competitive OR may need an extra starting skill at the current price. Although I guess would be OK if nothing changed here.

Otherwise I think CRP is great.
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Posted by Calcium on 2014-11-21 10:26:10
1. NO. Not a fan of bring back 'trait' doubles. As a sidenote, I don't know of any hardcore ClawPOMBers that ever complain of elfball....they just accept it and do theor thing.

2. NO. Make PO an injury only RR if you have to do anything to it, but this is a terrible suggestion imo.

3. YES. I like this idea, I suggested it myself in my post.

4. DUNNO. This would need to be carefully looked at....

Overall this post is a veiled 'anti ClawPOMB' post....1 out of four I'm afraid.....
Posted by fredoman on 2014-11-21 10:27:37
absolutely ok with you :)
Posted by Nyberg on 2014-11-21 10:56:16
So basicly you want LRB 4 (or 3?) back? When all mutations were doubles, dp was +2.

The BIG problem here is that you cant change a single skill to improve your game experience. If you want to change something, that GROUP of skills all need to be changed. If you make mutations to double access only, then you are screwing skaven teams over (if chaos cant take them on normal, then they shouldnt be able to take them at all). What about chaos pact and underworld? Should they be allowed to pick mutations as they want?

I dont see any problem at all with this CPR stuff, besides from peoples view on it. Get it right for yourself, work around it. When they introduced the new rulebook, the were alot of skills to prevent PO (who is the dangerous skill of all imo). Use it.

Posted by the_Sage on 2014-11-21 10:57:27
I prefer 'po for big guys only' and 'big guys immune to claw'. Suddenly ogres and big guy pact become the scary ones, as they should be.
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2014-11-21 11:18:54
No NYBERG. I want 1 mutation to be a double. I would absolutely LOVE to see MORE mutations used and not just the 1 mutation that is spammed over and over and over.

And NO I don't want DP to be +2. I CLEARLY said I want Sneaky Git to be +1 and to be able to STACK IT with a +1 DP.

Did you even READ what I wrote?
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2014-11-21 11:27:34
Sage... I don't mind your changes. But I think mine are better.

I MIGHT be going TOO FAR with my #3. But something along those lines is going in the right direction. Maybe they should only have to roll their own AV 50% of the time or 66% or the time and not every time. Or maybe they break their own AV if the roll a 1 on a d6. idk It should be playtested.

I think your suggestion takes Piling On out of the game too much.
I don't think protecting Big Guys does enough to limit Claw.
But I DO think you can justify it through the fluff I have seen associated with that rule change suggestions.
Posted by JimmyFantastic on 2014-11-21 11:28:34
And then I will CAPITALIZE random WORDS because I think it makes them seem IMPORTANT.
Posted by drunkagent on 2014-11-21 11:37:57
Claw should be on a double all other mutations freely available. Fluff wise call it a gift from the blood god that only the chosen are gifted with.
Posted by Nyberg on 2014-11-21 11:39:12
As I said, you cant have 1 mutation as double, it's not working that way. Either all is it, or no one is it. Try to change your approach towards the "issue" instead. Play woodelves, use dodge and fend. Then killer teams is just a huge TV BLOAT. Gawd. Did you even play back in the days when chaos teams had a player with: Block, tackle, claw (-2 on armor), razor sharp claws (+2 on injury), multiple block and pilling on? He was so deadly you cant even imagine. This is nothing.

But you know what? You still won. And you know even more? You still do if you play your team right.

And claw only works against big guys? That's a load of bullshit. Then it's basicly useless. No big guy is worth blocking only becuase you have claw. lol. Good one.

And no, i didnt read it all. I just assumed it was the same all over again. Which it kinda is.
Posted by BillBrasky on 2014-11-21 11:42:41
I like whiskey...
Posted by Calcium on 2014-11-21 12:30:15
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2014-11-21 19:15:05
Nyberg... If you took the time to look you would know I played back in the day. So far back in the day that I played LRB2 and was on FUMBBL during LRB4.
As for your solutions to the issue. THOSE ARE NOT SOLUTIONS TO THE ISSUE OF WHAT IS WRONG WITH CRP. For F's sake Nyberg. This ruleset has issues that need to be addressed. You are acting like a fool in this blog. Acting as if I have no right to even DISCUSS on MY BLOG.
Just dealing with it by trying to trying to "change your approach" is what I and anyone else playing here is doing every freaking day. Every time we play a game or choose a skill or develop a mew strategy to use against it we are dealing with this issue. THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT A non-ISSUE. CLPOMB is flat out BROKEN.
For you to by such a Troll and come to MY BLOG to make such baseless comments WITHOUT READING WHAT I WROTE 1st. That makes you a jerk. This blog isn't just the same old crap about CRaP that you imagined when you didn't read it. This blog is about what WAS said in THIS blog.
Having what I actually said get ripped is 1 thing. I put it out there looking for feedback on what I said. You rush in to make some jerk comment that had nothing to do with what I said. That makes you the a-hole.

BUT... MORE IMPORTANTLY... It absolutely CAN and should work this way that 1 Mutation (the 1 powerful one) should be a Double and the rest of the mutations (the mostly crap ones with limited use) should be available on a Normal roll. I'd even willingly give you 2 of the weaker mutations on a Double and 1 on a Normal.

To FIX this ruleset something has to be done about the combo. Revamping the whole ruleset again would be stupid. Tweaking CRP just a little would be good. These are my solutions, my opinion. Your solutions... just bend over and start your own cookie cutter team that anybody could use and play more boring, crappy versions of this game RATHER than try to make this game MUCH BETTER. Sorry... that attitude is the LAMEST approach to DISCUSSION which is what a BLOG is for... DISCUSSION.

JimmyFsHimself... underlining, bolding, italicizing and capitalizing are all ways to add emphasis to words. Only 1 of those options is available here. I used it. My blog. Get over it.

Brasky... I like whiskey too.
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2014-11-25 19:58:51
Another discussion lost to the Trolls that get to run the show around here.