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2009-12-21 21:02:05
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2009-05-13 21:39:15
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2009-05-13 21:39:15
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My +AG players are CURSED
Especially if they are supposed to be AG3 and they get that magical AG4. They roll 1's on almost ALL Dodges, they fail at least half of all pickups, they drop quick passes, they Niggle on their next skill, they all around suck at everything. The only real use I ever get out of them is as a Receiver for an SPP for another player during turn 8 or 16.

It's not like I use them for particularly risky agility rolls. But you would THINK that when you need 1 Dodge and have no Dodge Skill on the team that the AG4 player is the go to guy for the very simple Dodge into ZERO Tackle Zones. But he almost always rolls a 1.

That puts him on the ground and that is where he seems to stay. Opponents always Foul him when they can. If only they knew he was the team CLOWN and not a real threat to do anything EVER. So I guess I do at least get to use him as foul bait and as a decoy.

It really makes me consider NEVER taking +AG on a skill roll because that same exact player with Block or Dirty Player will not tempt me to use him for his +AG. So he will not CONSTANTLY FAIL his agility rolls because he won't be making any of them.

My AG3 players seem to Dodge, Pickup, and Quick Pass just fine. So WHY do I take the +AG? The player FAILS EVERYTHING so they skill way too slowly and when they do they Niggle.

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Posted by Gromrilram on 2009-05-13 21:48:10
i think this is a code...


Posted by Synn on 2009-05-13 21:48:12
tl;dr have you considered supporting democrats?

Posted by shadow46x2 on 2009-05-13 21:50:13
i hear mangoes are delicious this time of year
Posted by ruoste on 2009-05-13 22:02:11
Spiro, anyone?
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2009-05-13 22:03:01
I would consider it if I could find 1 that wasn't a douchebag.
I actually know quite a few of them personally (unfortunately)including my city's Mayor, Deputy Mayor (he's actually OK in my book), my Congressman and his top Aide, my State's Attorney General, a few City Aldermen [4 of the 16 (I think it's 16)], they are all well educated idiots like most Democrat politicians.

They have a Diploma or 2 but they know NOTHING. They have plans that NEVER succeed, they are too idealistic and they believe NONSENSE.
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2009-05-13 22:05:16
Shadow... Your information is poor... give it another month.

Grom... SHH!!! Don't draw attention to the code...
Posted by shadow46x2 on 2009-05-13 22:07:19
well, i guess you can just hang your hat on supporting rush limbaugh then, catalyst, right?

Posted by Melmoth on 2009-05-13 22:47:00
Hm Start to convince nuffle with answering game offers maybe;-)
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2009-05-13 23:04:31
Shadow... Why don't you listen to Rush? He could teach you more about politics in about a month than you currently know.

Give him 6 weeks straight without missing a day. You can pretend you are a spy or something. That's only 15 hours a week. You can listen while you take your bong hits or pick your belly lint or whatever you long hairs do.

Shouldn't you KNOW what it is you are actually against. Because you currently do not. You have no REAL concept or what a Conservative actually is. You only know the Ghost Stories you have been brainwashed with. You can even call in to the show yourself and be proven wrong by the maestro.

He has the largest radio audience in the world for a reason. 6 weeks listening to Rush will teach you more than stroking Synns sack and all 50 of his degrees ever will.

I hereby CHALLENGE you to Evolve. But I am sure you are not man enough to accept that challenge. You wouldn't even play me in Blood Bowl when I challenged you... and I SUCK.
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2009-05-13 23:08:41
Melmoth... Quit offering me matches that SUCK and I will respond with YES. When you send me those OBVIOUS cherry picking attempts you have already answered yourself with a NO.
Posted by Melmoth on 2009-05-13 23:21:11
Same TS/TR isnt cherrypicking...But guess you dont like DPs;-)
Posted by Hogshine on 2009-05-13 23:21:32
Too much random capitalisation;dr
From now on, we're shortening it to tmrc;dr

I know nothing about American politics, but not answering game offers is just not cool, no matter how poor an offer you might think it is. Just take a second to write "no thanks", it's really not so hard. You could even write "NO thanks" or "no THANKS" or "NO THANKS", or use any other amount of capital letters. :)
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2009-05-13 23:58:29
It's not RANDOM... they are weighted words... I could Bold or Underline instead but I like my way better.
It takes way more than a second when I get countless BS offers that ALMOST NO ONE would actually accept and that I myself would never offer. I only take on cherries that challenge ME to a game. They should learn not to make that offer.

People that complain about my STYLE...
You're all just JEALOUS that you couldn't blaze any trails in written internet communication. If you did it now you would only be COPYING ME. Deal with it... it isn't going to change.

I don't like Khemri teams with 6 Mighty Blows and 5 DP's vs my Pro Elf team... no I don't.

Posted by fly on 2009-05-14 05:34:25
+ag really works when the player already has doubles or rolls some next skillroll. maybe there's not only spiritual reasons some players are favored by nuffle, but also some political ones...
Posted by shadow46x2 on 2009-05-14 22:15:35
lol....shepherds have big flocks of sheep also...doesn't mean the propaganda they spew is accurate...

limbaugh is a knob, a hypocrite, and a liar, like most politicians, particularly ones on the right(o'reilly anyone?)...

the only reason why he has so many lemmi...er i mean listeners, is because he talks down to the IQ level of the sheep who follow him.....he panders to the lowest denominator....

that's not being a "maestro"...that's being a whore...but then again, i couldn't expect you righties to try and enlighten yourself by not regurgitating the propaganda, and think for yourselves...guess that'd be too much to ask ;)

and catalyst, feel free to challenge me to a fair match one day, instead of one grossly in your favor...maybe then you'll find i'm much more willing to play :)


ps...synn is the stoner..not me...i despise pot, but congrats on faleing yet again sir..
Posted by Melmoth on 2009-05-15 11:44:40
I dont have Khemri Team;-)
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2009-05-16 04:35:10
Shadow... No Pot... So I guess just belly lent for you then.

You PROVE that you don't know ANYTHING about Limbaugh by your response except exactly what propaganda you have been fed.
Seriously... LISTEN to his show... 6 weeks.
You will learn MORE in 6 weeks than you curently know.
Even if it is a substitute host keep listening. Man up.

Research the counter arguments to what he says. I do.
Prove him wrong. Prove he is misrepresenting the facts.
Prove is pandering to the lowest denominator.
The FACT is it is EXACTLY the opposite of this.

His audience is the most well informed political audience their is in America... it has been proven over and over in independent media polls. The FACT is it is HE that is being misrepresented and lied about by your side.

And WHY is that? Because your side NEEDS the public to be as uninformed and misinformed as it can possibly be to stay in power. That is why they have spent the last 100+ years trying to dominate Education and the Media. So they can dumb us down.

I have heard your sides propaganda CONSTANTLY everywhere I go from birth to just 2 minutes ago on television. And because I know EXACTLY how your crippled mentality works I can easily run circles around you and yours in political debate.

But YOU don't know what my side is thinking, planning, saying, or doing. All you know is what YOUR SIDE tells YOU to think. THEY LIE TO YOU EVERYDAY and YOU BELIEVE IT.

I feel sorry for people like you trapped in a false sense of reality because you refuse to open your minds politically. You are a SLAVE to the Democrat Party. They OWN YOU and they always will because you refuse to even find out what the alternative is. You just know it must be EVIL. That is propaganda and demagougery.

And... Shepards spew propagand to their Sheep... I thought they just buggered them... like the Democrats do to their own voters at every chance they get. The examples are endless.

Like the black school children in DC (and elsewhere) that Bush's policies helped to get out of failing DC public schools and into rich private schools at no cost to them. These kids and their families BEGGED to Obama through correspondence not to reverse the Bush policy and force them back into their public schools. But Obama buggered those kids futures and made a speeh about how he was saving them.

And... a match grossly in my favor... because I had 10 or more TR/TS on you... aren't you at least a 5 times more experienced coach... that match was in your favor.

I challenge you... 6 weeks... 6 weeks...
Learn more than currently know in 6 weeks.
Posted by Hogshine on 2009-05-16 21:05:44
I know nothing about American politics, but I do know that misuse of their/there makes me chuckle :)

Also, challenging down TS consistently just because you feel you're a worse coach isn't fair imo. I accept matchups based on the team far more than the coach, but I know there are people who do otherwise. It shouldn't be my team playing your team, I like the teams to be relatively equal, and me as a coach playing you as a coach. But meh, there are plenty of viewpoints on this, I wouldn't like to say which is right ;)
Posted by Catalyst32 on 2009-05-16 22:02:58
Yeah... I know what you mean about grammar and spelling mistakes. I am especially embarassed because I have been a copy editor for several major newspapers and I should have done better. You would be surprised at the mistakes of some 'so called' Major writers before it hits the press (and some after).

But this format won't allow you to edit and I tend to type out my ideas without looking at the fine details out of habit as well. I'm used to having an editor go over most of my work too. Sometimes that editor is me if it isn't being published in anything important.