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SCBBL Week 2- Frostholm Dragons
"In another game marred by our technical staff's inability to find their own backsides with an atlas-"

"For which many of them are now splatters on their technical desk! Of course I've switched it off and on again you gits, do I look stupid?"

"Ahem... the Frostholm Dragons were narrowly defeated one-nil by the Darkwood Chiropractors."

"Sorry about that Jim, but I just get so MAD when it comes to technology!"

"It's a shame that the game feed was interrupted- fans who caught the second half were treated to a spectacular display including fumbles, killings and that rare thing- a Dwarf handing off the ball and another one catching it!"

"So much blood on the pitch by the end of the match- it looked like the Blood Bowl Round-Up technical desk!"

"Quite. On that note, the Dragons are now 0-3. Can they break their duck? Will Prince Endricharoi ever see sense and let his team go back to proper Dwarven ways? Will I ever stop asking questions?"

"I don't know, Jim, but I do know there's only one way to find out the answers."

"What's the, Bob?"

"Simple-don't touch that dial!"

"See you next time, sports fans!"
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Posted by JohannVonDarkheim on 2023-11-17 23:44:57
"A second game of the day-"

"Thankfully NOT interrupted by those gits in the technical department."

"-for the Frostholm Dragons sees them FINALLY register points in the SCBBL."

"Who were they against? The Altdorf School For The Blind?"

"No, Bob- they were against the Snot Valley Urchins."

"Ugh, those gits? Tell me there were at least kills in the double figures?"

"Strangely not, Bob."

"BOOO! What were the fans supposed to do, cheer themselves?"

"No, Bob- it was actually a very entertaining game filled with dodging Dwarves and savage Snotlings and I urge anyone with a Blood Bowl Gamepass- only ninety-nine Gold Crowns a month- to check it out on our replay feature."

"Are those guys paying you to shill for them, Jim?"

"I couldn't POSSIBLY comment, Bob..."

"You really are a git, Jim..."
Posted by CalgarPunchBuns on 2023-11-18 01:53:47
I will be making use of my Blood Bowl Gamepass to review the action