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SCBBL Season 2, Week 4: Sludge River Shamblers
"Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?"

"Are you asking me or the viewers at home, Jim?"

"Ah, there we are. Apologies to all you sports fans out there who've been wondering where we've been- this was caused by a rather nasty case of incompetence among our production staff. Thankfully, Bob has taken over the role of Chief Editor-"

"By hitting a few heads together, hurrr hurrr hurrr."

"-and we appear to have got rid of the gremlins, so without further ado it's time once again to welcome you to the greatest game in the world- Blood Bowl! As always I'm your host Jim Johnson..."

"...and I hate gremlins."

"Everyone does, Bob. When last you saw us we had left the Sludge River Shamblers rueing the day they had ever met the High Elf team of Tippy Toes..."

"...so naturally, what did they do? They then went out and played a second game against Elves, only this time they were of the spindly and scantily-clad type instead of the spindly and heavily-armoured type."

"...quite. It was another humbling defeat for the Nurgle worshippers, who went down by a score of four touchdowns to none."

"They just couldn't get to grips with the Wood Elves, despite all those tentacles."

"What was to be done? Well, that brings us back to today, when they took on Der Krankenheim Krunchers..."

"...who they CERTAINLY got to grips with, much to my delight."

"My bloodthirsty colleague isn't joking- by the time that the match was over, there was so much of the red stuff splattered on the pitch you'd think my weekly wine delivery had been spilled."

"But you don't drink wine, Jim?"

"...moving on, the final result might have been a one-all draw but it was certainly not a boring game- I urge you to check it out on Blood Bowl Game Pass."

"Despite spending much of the game entranced by a butterfly, the Shamblers' Rotspawn Smogmaw was voted their Most Valuable Player for a second time this season, which certainly puts him in the front seat to be voted their candidate of SCBBL MVP at season's end."

"Stranger things have happened, Jim."

"Indeed they have- and we have fifteen more games to see if anything stranger still happens! Don't touch that dial, folks- we'll be right back!"
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