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SCBBL Week 4: Frostholm Dragons
"Good evening, sports fans! Tonight's main game was again marred by technical difficulties, but please don't hold that against the two teams involved- we think that our tech team might have been enjoying one too many Bloodweisers before the game."

"It won't happen again if I have anything to do with it- lousy gits."

"We can only hope, Bob. Moving on from the technical problems, we find out that the teams playing tonight are High Elves and Dwarves."

"That's one of the biggest rivalries there is."

"Indeed, and it gave us an absolute barn-burner of a match- I urge you to watch it on Blood Bowl Game Pass."

"You aren't going to give up shilling that thing any time soon, are you?"

"Not whilst they're picking up my dry-cleaning bill."

"Blood's a git to get out, I guess."

"You said it. The luckless Frostholm Dragons- fresh off scoring their first SCBBL touchdown last time out- were quite simply not up to task in the first half, shipping three touchdowns and scoring none of their own."

"That's a steep hill to climb back up, Jim."

"Indeed, and despite the best efforts of their Blitzer Grymwold Ironbeard it proved too hard a climb- they shipped two more touchdowns by game's end for a final scoreline of 5-1."

"That'd be some sort of SCBBL record, surely?"

"I'll have to consult with the Guild Of Statisticians, but I think you might be right."

"Prince Endricharoi must be fuming."

"Not necessarily- the touchdown the Dragons scored has lifted them off the bottom of the league, and the team they replaced are one of their remaining opponents."

"Well, I guess it's just like the old saying goes- the league's a marathon, not a sprint."

"Wise words, Bob. Wise words..."
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Posted by JohannVonDarkheim on 2023-12-02 21:34:22
"Good evening, sports fans! I trust you're all coping well this fine frosty night?"

"I'm not, Jim. It's so cold that I had to set fire to one of our technical team to stay warm!"

"Yes, about that- we apologise to any of the viewers at home whose enjoyment of the game between Witcham Wanderers and the Frostholm Dragons was interrupted by technical issues in the first half."

"Oh, was that me? Oops."

"Go and watch it on Blood Bowl Game Pass folks- it's well worth the ninety-nine gold crowns."

"Yep- you too can see Dwarves floundering around trying to pick up the ball."

"The Dragons' Runners WERE particularly woeful this time out, weren't they Bob?"

"I think a half-dead Snotling would have done a better job."

"Time is running out on the Dragons' Head Coach too, I fear- this 3-0 loss is his team's fifth in eight games."

"They're atop the casualty table though, Jim- surely that's at least a moral victory?"

"Only until the Morkami Dolphinz take the field again, Bob- after that it's anyone's title."

"One thing's for sure- I love seeing dead Elves, be they High, Wood, Dark or a combination of the above."

"Indeed, and before we get a complaint from the Network's Racial Harmony Department and get sent on sensitivity training again, I think that's that. Until next time, don't touch that dial!"