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Match Breakdown
Hi All,

Would love it if someone could give me some pointers on this match I played a few days ago.


I felt rather frustrated at the end of it as was in a good position first half but couldnt capitalise and then felt like I got a bit of a rodgering by the dice in the second.

So, where did I go wrong?
First half I feel I should have left a safety back and second half I probably should have been a bit more patient when going for the score

Any pointers much appreciated
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Posted by pythrr on 2011-11-15 09:11:54
[1] you were playing Jesperius.
Posted by Wreckage on 2011-11-15 09:35:02
It's pretty clear what went wrong. In turn 2 of the second half you made a bad strategical decision and let your ballcarrier exposed to a block of a bullcentaure and when this happend the poor fella didn't even have back up and was all alone. And that cost you the game.
One bad turn. One bad decision. All it takes.
Posted by harvestmouse on 2011-11-15 11:01:43
Sounds to me that you didn't chat enough in your opponents turn. ITs good for making sure you dont waste your own time and also distracts them a bit. Every little advantage you can gain in this game where luck has such a huge impact has to be worth it surely. Moar off putting chat needed me thinks.
Posted by stej on 2011-11-15 18:34:25
Thanks for the inputs so far. I must say I was dissapointed not to get many cas as I too had a fair bit of claw. Not much pilling on but I just couldnt seem to get any players off the pitch.

I think the first half is more an annoyance as I was in a good position but didnt seem to get the break I needed.

Second half, I knew it was a risky move but I was concious of the Wiz and wanted to get an early score to try and get the win. Possibly the wrong decision in hindsight but he did have to pass 4 GFI's to get the 2d block so was a decent chance of a fail or a re roll burn.