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Random Musings
Just some random musings on things that could be added which could add flavor to leagues etc.

Mng x N : So, currently players can get a single MNG injury. What if they could potentially get multiple games missed? Might be a tough decision in a league if your top star get crippled for 4 games say.

Increased Roster Size : Why are we limited ot a roster of 16? Why not allow a team to have 20 players say? I dont think you should be allowed to take more than 16 to a match but why not allow you to have essentially reserves. At the end of each match you would specify which 16 of your players would be playing next match. Combined with the above injury rules it could be good fun in a league.

Home team advantage : +1 Fame for home team? I dunno, maybe +1D6 to the fame roll.

Contracts : Firing a player cost you a bit of money relative to games played and skills earned. thinking being that a lot of people sack players when they get an injury but in a real world sport you would still have to pay them as they were under contract so maybe a severence fee might be required to free up space?

Injuries Relating to real time / real time bans : So instead of missing x games maybe make the player unavailable for x real days? Also, maybe make players who get spotted fouling by the ref get banned for x games on a roll of y+ etc. Could be interesting and maybe add a bit of subtlety into the fouling?

So, just some ideas. Any thoughts?
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Posted by PainState on 2010-09-23 20:00:01
So revise the old 2ED league rules and apply them to the CRB.
Posted by pythrr on 2010-09-23 20:12:09
what painstate said *2
Posted by stej on 2010-09-23 20:24:31
2ED a bit before my time so couldnt comment on that. Link to 2ED rules available at all?
Posted by avien on 2010-09-24 13:52:00
Rule changes don't sit well with most guys here, since they imagine it would have to be for the whole site. However I agree things like these could be fun to try in a league =)
Posted by Wreckage on 2010-09-27 00:32:31
it's not so much the people... i think it's just the site policy... and the site policy is necessary to keep all the different opinions in check. Nobody is supposed to complain... If you suggest more freedom in league play I guess thats possible but needs christer to work on it...he has tons of stuff to programm so the question is if these things are really somewhat important....

As for league play:
Home team advantage... needs a client implementation... almost meaningless for the dynamics... what's the point really to put work into that?

Contracts: Yes they cost money, but normally it's also possible to sell them. Just because you don't get money for retireing them, things aren't improved by now requesting money.

MnG... how exactly should that be implemented?

Real Time injuries: Based on what kriteria?

INcreased roster size: I d like to see such an option... although i doubt it would add much to the game....
we definatly need an option to reduce the size of teams to allow sevens leagues and such a like....

Overall, those requests are nice ideas but I doubt they help constructuvly..